Norman Dodd – Tax Exempt Foundations, Interviewed by G Edward Griffin (1982)


Norman Dodd – Tax exempt foundations – Manipulating politics and culture


  1. Thanks for sharing this video. What an incredible story, absolutely amazing to think that it goes this far back – further than many of us might have thought or suspected. Norman Dodd sounds like a tired soul, but remarkably switched on. I wasn’t born when this interview was made

  2. I find it strange, I attempted to post this video, with my own commentary (I live in Canada). on another website, and before I was a able to post the comment, a 404 warning popped up and my comment was deleted
    Such dangerous information, we have bee lied to and history is nothing more than something in the minds of men that want nothing more than to control the masses.

    And now we have so much more, controlling the masses with psychology, EM disruptions of the human body field and much more

    Thanks for your insight and the website. much appreciated, and love your humor and banter.

  3. Very interesting Dom. Looking forward to your next podcast on Justin Castro….

    On a side note….have you ever listened to an interview from the 90s with lady called Kay Griggs? She exposes the deep dark nefarious world of the US navy and their special operations or wet-ops. All this info was told to her by her ex husband (who was apart of this clique) on his drunken nights of spilling the beans…
    It’s a long one at just over 7 hours but there is some very tasty bits of info she exposes!
    I believe she was also the granddaughter of Admiral Byrd. Pt 1 of 4 here



    1. Yeah Very interesting, I’ll have a watch of this lady.

      Trudeau will probably be in at least 3 parts if not 4 by the way

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