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The Schwabian Agenda is a new series from Sheep Farm, in this first 3 presentations we will be looking at the World Economic Forum & their Young Global Leaders. We have called this first Part Sleepers.

Sleepers Pt1 will cover the History of the Young Global Leaders and go into some details about the individuals involved and where they end up.

Baaa 🙂


  1. Hello Guys, great you are investigating this one. Did you see the Amazingpolly expose of the Global Shapers group?

  2. Surely the boastful admission of Schwaub at the University is

    solid proof of global political conspiracy and the actual election

    system doesn’t count for anything !

    Is there no way this could be investigated as a crime against

    society as you have definitely proved to my mind .

    Amazing effort by the way .

    Also the politicians that should have been elected must know they

    have been cheated but would be well aware of the WEF .

    Bernie Saunders springs to mind .

  3. One reason why the WEF choose young leaders any 38 as it’s a masonic number using Gematria.

    Pandemic = 38 (English Reduction)
    Energy = 38 (Eng. Reduction)
    Death = 38 (Eng. Ordinal)
    Murder = 38 (Reverse Reduction)
    Killing = 38 (Eng. Reduction)

  4. Lads

    Very similar to Common Purpose in the UK (but on a global scale). CP’s motto is ‘leading beyond authority’. I don’t know if CP’s leaders are connected to the WEF but the mantra’s are very similar.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you Gentlemen,
    Your specific mention of Prof. Richard Werner raises an interesting point. Werner has appeared on “Doctors For Covid Ethics” Interdisciplinary Symposiums I & III, facilitated by UK Column. He has also been interviewed by Taylor Hudak (Richard Werner Interview – Covid Measures And The Central Controls Over The Economy) which can be found on TLAV. Although the all too familiar accusation of “controlled opposition, controlled opposition, …!” might emanate from those who self-identify as “Truthers”, I am not so convinced in this instance.
    It is possible that his paper on the creation of money, widely acknowledged to have conclusively proved that money in the retail financial system (that used by thee & me – regular folk), as opposed to that used in wholesale finance system (money used by governments) is created out of nothing, might well have put paid to his future as a WEF FGL. Or his proof might have forced a re-evaluation of his own position & trajectory.

  6. Thanks Dom and Chris, excellent stuff……….. another crackerjack episode of Flockers. Bloodline priveliges all the way and a sprinkling of plebs on top, to make it look good. I agree all roads these days do seem to lead to “the promised land”. And the theatre goes on…………….
    Funny how Schwab and Kissinger both have the Bond villain accent…..about as staged as Boris’s haircut.
    Alison McDowell presents quite a few chess pieces that would fit well into the info you present.
    A must for watching in these times to finally put to rest the illusion of germ theory :
    And a good discussion about Nonsense #2 :
    Look forward to the next one, keep em comin they’re ace

    P.S. Tony and Ant………………..And he turns up dead 12 days later

  7. Hello,
    Would it be possible to offer the podcasts for download?
    I mostly listen while walking or working outdoors and prefer to have phone on airplane mode most of the time.

  8. This is the year of the tiger , Vogue editor Edward Enninful married flim maker Alec Maxwell on the 20/2/2022 at Longleat house , on the estate is a safari park mostly know for its big cats , the guests all wore black or white , so like me do you think something weird has gone on there ? l am thinking did they sacrifice a Tiger? for one of there rituals , it is the year of the tiger after all , the usual hollywood subjects turned up along with the beckham’s , something just seems off . look at the date sorry if it is off subject all seems really odd , maybe some one can fill in the blanks or it could be my mad mind playing tricks on me lol.

  9. Thanks for the podcast, very interesting.
    You mentioned, that relatives of Merkel were in the Hitler youth, and being German myself, I wanted to point out, that my relatives whom were children during the war were sent to join the Hitler Jugend, or soldiers for the Reich, and that neither was a choice at the time, according to them. All ‘men’ older than 15 had to serve as soldiers, if not occupied in other capacities, and received the same brainwashing as the young ones plus the other trainings ofc. The children younger than 15 or female were forced to join the Hitler Jugend, undergo the brainwashing or their family would have been prosecuted (off to the camp). For example, my grandmother and her siblings from Berlin were even brought to another county, Thüringen, for a bit over a year, to receive said brainwashing.. away from the bombings of the city and the starvation, which might have made my great-grandmother think it is saver for them as well but not really a choice. That does not make them Nazis pre- or post-war if at all, as they hated it but were scared and hungry.
    Similar to us, alive at a time with limited choices just trying to survive.

    However, shit-burbling Merkel was at the Bildeburg meeting with her buddy Helmut Kohl 2005 before she became Canceler and her relatives were probably real Nazis as she has dodgy connections and associates, all coincidences ofc lol

    Additionally, you guys mentioned the obsession of bureaucracy, which Germany prides itself with up until today, was highly important to the Reich my other grandmother told me. She worked in the City hall (Rathaus) as secretary during the war, and every time the bomb alarm went off, she had to secure the documents in the bunker before she was allowed to go there herself, the documents were more important than the people.
    Another example of the importance of their documents is probably the fact that they hid them so well, that some documents were only discovered in the 80s and 90s when extending the subway system in Berlin, those documents were walled in, several floors underground in a maze of tunnels. Unfortunately, the Government did not tell, what was written on those documents, must ‘ve been important to hide them like that but who knows.

    Much love and be well! keep up the fantastic podcasts 🙂

    1. Great points, LE

      No doubt like now the mass majority of Germans were brainwashed into joining groups like Hitler Youth, I like you though have a feeling Merkle’s parents were part of it through ideology.

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