Sheep Farm 46 Mint Sauce Chronicles #12 Baa Humbug – Operation Cauldron

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In this episode we cover a lot of subjects, including; YuriTube community strikes, NASA’s Solar Probe, Dr David Martin, Jacques Attali, Porton Down and Operation Cauldron, which was basically hundreds of different Biological Weapons experiments carried out on the unsuspecting UK, US and Canadian populations from 1940-1979.

Baa Humbug 🙂

Books to read

Clouds of Secrecy by Leonard A Cole
Secret Science by Ulf Schmidt
Dr Mary’s Monkey by Edward T Haslam
Watch on SFS YouTube Channel
Anthrax War CBC Dr David Kelly & Biological Warfare (2009)

Jacques Attali –
Zinc cadmium sulfide secretly sprayed over the UK in 1954 could the same happen again?


MIND-BLOWING! Dr David Martin Exposes the ‘The Great Reset and COVID19 Vaccines’ Agenda


  1. Regarding sepsis, I have a theory about it. I’m an ex-nurse and I returned to the NHS in 1997 after working in another area for 5yrs. During the time I was absent, the glass mercury thermometers had been replaced by ‘in the ear’ electronic thermometers. I was very wary of them as they rarely give the same reading twice in a row on the same patient. My senior colleagues would only parrot the line that they had been proven to be more accurate than mercury, so I surmise that some kind of information campaign had been run on the nurses.

    I believe that many nurses may have been wooed by the simplicity, speed and the shelving of personal responsibility to obtain an accurate body temperature reading. The Mercury thermometer required cleaning after every use, it also forced you to wait for at least two minutes with each patient with a thermometer in their mouth.

    I witnessed nurses using various techniques/non-techniques at taking the temperature in the ear, frequently barely inserting the thermometer and many nurses did not point the probe towards The tympanic membrane which is how I did it however I was never taught that. I’ve had my own temperature taken at the GP surgery with the GP not even touching the internal parts of my ear with the thermometer, that time it transpired it was because he had no disposable thermometer covers, but was happy to take a reading from a machine which allowed him to shirk his responsibility for providing an accurate temperature. I have been in the GP surgery with a high temperature on several occasions, and every time they have failed to detect it.

    As an aside, One time the GP went to take my temperature and did not put a new cover on the probe so I stopped him before he did it and asked him to put a clean cover on. He asked me whether I trusted him and I said I would rather he put a new probe on, then it took him about 10 minutes to find where they were so I doubt very much that he was changing the probe covers.

    About six years ago I noticed posters in GP surgeries telling people to look for the signs of sepsis. This was the point where I put two and two together. They are once again trying to put the blame on the stupid patients when they have been failing to detect pyrexias (high body temperature) for years.

  2. I love you two, you have not only got everything right you have also lightened the content and made me lol so many times, my husband actually came to see why I was laughing so much! If only the world were full of people like I believe you both to be we’d all be in a better place now!!!

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