WEF SCHWABIAN AGENDA Yuval Harari – The Hacking of Humanity


  1. This guy is one level above psychopath. I thought Fauci was bad! Looking forward to the Russell Brand video.

  2. Well isn’t this guy a lovely chap , this great convergence these eugenics loving technocrats are so desperately chasing is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced , and that ain’t no exaggeration or hyperbole .

  3. If you want someone to talk to on the Russel B dive my services are always available buddy! 😃, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen for years now that old Russel is very subtly spinning the globalist narrative all wrapped up in his fancy multi syllabled words.

    Keep up the good work , baaaaaaaaa x

    1. He has over 5m on EweTube !

      I’m deep into some other WEF research but will defo keep in mind when I start Brand

  4. Love your work boys. Brand has been a Dodge character for years. There is a great research video going about on brand new tube which makes him look like a bit of a pedo. Worth a look. Brand new tube. Funny that name baaa..

  5. Greetings from Poland. Guys, please never stop doing the good job you do. I know Russel brand is a controlled opposition. I believe there is a team of people working behind him. I still like to listen to his shows. They are also good for those who don’t have a clue how world is constructed. That can reach him first and then go further down the rabbit hole. R.Brand speaks the way he doesn’t get banned from yt so I understand his approach to those subjects.

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