In this episode in the first hour we discuss general things, in the second hour and a half we talk about parasites.

Herb we used are Mimosa Pudica (capsules) we found this very helpful, we still use it now. We also used Black Walnut, Wormwood, Clove.

The brand we are Cellcore Biosciences Para 1
We have also used Cellcore Biosciences Para 2 containing (Vidanga, Neem, Triphala, Clove, Holarrhena)
Another Mimosa Pudica Seed 120 Capsules by Microbe Formulas (eBay)
We have only used these brands so can only recommend these as delivering quality.


  1. Got a nice bottle of Isla Negra, Merlot on the go…having a big glass for you Chris and a slurp for you Dom.
    Gonna settle down for the evening and enjoy the latest Mint Sauce.
    Thanx DnC. You guys fookin rock!

  2. Metaverse / digital twin . Alison McDowell is all over this subject , it caught my eye that story . Alison McDowells work and perspective seems to have a lot of truth to me , Incredible research but monumentally depressing

  3. Was eagerly awaiting for this! Laying in bed with a hot water bottle after having bad guts all day with IBS, now pretty sure i got parasites, definitely sure i’ve got an itchy arse!! Thanks for all you do lads, great upload as always. Rise Above!

      1. What’s wrong with hydroxychloroquine; aside from it’s a bugger spell and even harder to get hold of πŸ™‚

    1. Do you drink kefir and I mean really it’s best to make your own
      And do you make sour kraut?

  4. Great Stuff again Boys, well done & just a side note me & my Missus out of 9 Grand Kids between us 4 have Autism, very sad & worrying especially for our kids who have to take care of them. God Bless you both & all on here. Love Steve x.

  5. Great show lads look up Geordie rose talking to an audience I think it’s D Wave or cern he’s associated to but he talks about what they are trying to bring through are like lovecrafts great old ones.

  6. Ace episode as ever guys. I heard on crow 777 the other day about apple pectin. Apparently also takes out radiation and heavy metals. An apple a day and all that!

      1. Hi Dom. Your a star in the making and so is Bro! How do you make your own? Will you do a blood episode soon. That’s how I became awakened to everything.

  7. Hi, recently found you and am wishing I had found you a lot earlier. I listen to a lot of stuff, but you guys are really nailing it, thanks for diving deep and presenting it all like you do.
    Just want to comment on magnesium stearate that is used as a filler in tablets, you can easily find out why its used. I don’t take pharma crap, but if I take only 1 tablet of a nutritional or herbal supplement a day, within a week I feel so sick that I cannot eat and have even lost weight, It was after this happening a couple of times before I realised that it was the magnesium sterate in it. I only take capsules now with out any fillers. I never had this problem with a magnesium supplement, like magnesium citrate.
    Also the cleanse your talking about with the apple juice and epsom salts is for liver and gall bladder cleanse, to remove the stones that collect there. That was what was in the sieve. These stones if they got too big and moved out on their own could get stuck and thats why people end up in agony and are told they need to have their gall bladder out. Just shows how backward our idea of medical ‘care’ is.
    Thanks guys

    1. Yes, the Epsom salts cleanse was for liver/Bladder, but it was also part of the parasite cleanse, because it opened up the tubes in the liver/G.Bladder. Great info

  8. Thank you Parasites are my favourite subject any recommendations for good brands of Mimosa Amandha Vollmer does great work on parasite cleanses I use MSM crystals Have you watched monster inside me yet covers most parasite related conditions that are miss diagnosed for something else a bit dated but worth a watch 😊

  9. Hi Dom & Chris,

    I can’t find the link to the ‘Sheep Farm’ tune. Please could you send me a link to it. Another great video by the way.

    Many thanks,


  10. the age of the test leads to eugenics – you can imagine the conversation – for the greater good get sterilised to prevent your children suffering, have that abortion etc. They will probably come up with a test that says some people are more genetically disposed to pass on the divoc than others so they need to be sterilised and get abortions if they refuse – for the greater good

  11. Great stuff boys as usual, Dom, would you know if the Mimosa Pudica is safe for dogs, I have a friend whose dog has been unwell for some time but the vet keeps giving steroids. I can’t find proper information on this on the state controlled web…

  12. 100% agree. I’m 48.. with fibro and osteo and my body feels like its 90 years old.. being physical in any way like sports or working a demanding job. I was a flagger(patio’s, driveways) and a dry stone waller.. or even sex, my body just can’t take it… and i spend a couple of days in bed like rigour mortice has set in.. cant move, joints locked up… but not swollen.. the only bone that dosent crack is my skull. as its nothing to crack against. the rest tho.. thats a diffrent story…

    1. Scott, maybe you should fly over to the UK and see Dom in Halifax before it’s mandatory to take the jab to fly. What’ve you got to lose?

  13. Informative and entertaining as ever. Love your sense of humour, it really helps to take on board this heavy info. Also great to hear yorkshire accents regularly after being away for so long.

  14. 1hour 26mins through and makes me think,
    Sounds like they are trying to use subliminal messaging to make it known what is going on…. So when it all comes out the people will be desensitised to the information and they wont be bothered! Well some of the people, more and more are waking up

  15. I make a point of worming myself when I worm my dogs. I take the same tablets, cured recent lung wheezing at night!
    Borax takes care of ALL other parasites and cures my arthritis whenever it flares (this time of year)! I make my own tablets using gelatine capsules, three over five days one capsule every other day cures my arthritis for a year.
    If you have heart disease take 5-10g vitamin C daily and Proline amino acid.
    Peace and love!

  16. Iodine, Lugolls oil WILL stop tooth decay in its racks if you use it in your water pick. A few drops a few times a week. This is true.

  17. Sorry, but ANYONE with downstairs problems should avoid Cholinic irrigation and take Petroleum D5!!!!

  18. Dom and Chris, thanks for all the work and diligence you guys are putting forth, you are helping a lot of people.
    I am sure you receive tons of suggestions for future guests and here is one more.
    Dr Judy Mikovits. You may be very familiar with her books ( Plague and Plague of Corruption ), interviews and lectures or you may not. In my humble opinion, Judy Mikovits is one of the most passionate, clinical, smart and caring human out here telling the truth. A brilliant and open mind with a career of experience spanning the corruption of science behind AIDS, Lyme disease, Influenza, so-called viral diseases, covid and parasites. It would be awesome to have you guys have her on for a marathon interview. Unfortunately we lost Dr. Kary Mullis just before this shitshow started, but fortunately we still have Dr. Mikovits with us. I appreciate you guys are swamped, but i think an episode of Sheepfarm with Judy Mikovits would be pure gold.
    Link to one of her recent interviews below.
    Thank you, gabe from donegal

    1. Hi Gabe

      Yes she would, I have watched her and a lot of others. Behind the scenes, we are just finalising the new private hosting servers, so we can move away from YT and on to our own platform.

      Once this is done I will be contact a number of people to do podcasts with.



  19. Cheers Dom. Looking forward to the censor free SF. And thanks again for all you guys are doing. The darker it gets the brighter we must shine.

  20. Interesting idea about they have the secret of everlasting life and that’s why they’re doing it now.

    My thoughts were a bit different but could be merged I suppose, and every time I try and comment on the MSM it gets taken down, maybe it’s a coincidence, but my thought were – maybe A.I. and robotics are at the point now where they can replace people with machines and that’s why it’s happening.

    I mean, if you think about it they needed people a) to do the work, and b) to be consumers, so they could produce the goods and have people to sell them to, in order to raise enough money to control everything.

    But once you hit that point, and the machines can replace the low level jobs, then the middle level jobs, then most people are no longer needed, they are consuming without contributing (as they see it)

    If you really think about it why do most jobs exist? – to provide people with goods or services. If there are many less people then there need to be many less jobs, the admin people, mechanics, insurance clerks, shop workers, clothes producers, food producers – anything – they become surplus to requirements.

    I think Schwab gave it away when he said not everyone could be a robot polisher – in other words we are lower than the robots.

    It is kind of ironic, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Douglas Social Credit?

    Major Douglas came up with a system back in the 20’s where he argued that machines were supposed to make our lives better, but as they kept taking jobs they made our lives worse, and he came up with an economic theory that was (in essence) a universal income, but to allow freedom rather than slavery.

    Before WW2 this was a massive movement with tens of thousands (if not more) of followers, meeting, publishing magzines, growing food at allotments, etc, after WW2 it was deemed anti-semetic and was banned from academia.

    Very interesting, it’s like the same thing but on the opposite side of the spectrum. If you’re interested in it I can put you in touch with a Professor who specialises in it, she’s really switched on but is probably in her 70’s or so now.

  21. How do wor Chris and Dom..

    I’m a long time listener and love all of your work and shows.. for ages now everytime you briefly mention something about numerology or gematria and numbers I always think to myself “Oh I bet they would like to see a couple of my blog posts” but I then always talk myself out of it as I’m not the most sociable of people at the best of times and always struggle to get any of my findings out to the masses as it were so just think ahhhh I’ll leave it all of the time..

    but as I’ve just got around to listening to this and your podcast with Elana Freeland and there was another few times that the thought of either of you might like some of it or your wife might Dom after you said she likes the numbers.. and in this you touched on the film Alien and how you want to cover that soon with Ridley Scott and Ian Holm also mentioned.. then I thought it would be rude of me not to finally get off of my lazy arse and chuck you these couple of links.. hoping that you can have abit of a scan down both of my posts that I’ll share and maybe you’ll be inclined to try to jot down one or two or a few of the nicer syncs and links that either jump out at you or that might be relevant to or lead you towards some of the sort of stuff that as the type of things I cover and how I do so are very rarely ever covered if at all by even most of the gematria type of guys.. let alone out in the real world and media ever.. I know that all of the gematria is always there but purposely leave it all out of these 2 posts anyway as you’ll see I like to dig up and find all of the Saturn / Satan worship but in the overly occulted practice of actual time and dates and duration of time worship that they love to weave their mass programming out on.. where as all normies and even the majority of us that are awake mainly only ever really think about and celebrate spans of time in and on years and the day of the year that say a bday or anniversary might come around.. well “they” just love to build our news and reality to an extent on all of the different spans of time.. I cover ALOT and alot of it can probably be glossed over and scrolled past without you needing to see or maybe even be interested in as especially in the 1st one I do keep getting dragged back to sports abit too much.. the 1st one does also have some important things in that need seeing before you jump into the 2nd one though..

    and TBH I still really need to do a part 3 follow up to these 2.. I have all of the notes and info down but I’m not too great at getting it all online.. much like me trying to share these with you I always end up putting it off.. but the part 3 if I ever get it done will cover Sean Connerys death aswell as the deaths of a load of famous stars in masks as 2020 was the year of the mask and on Halloween we also had the death of a rapper called MF Doom who always wore a mask hot on the heels of Chad Boseman famous for wearing the mask of Black Panther and perhaps more importantly I also got my 1st ever date prediction of a death correct in my Alien blog but it wasn’t any of the cast that I was guessing it would be and it was one if the director dudes who worked on every single film that the Alien ever appeared in who coped it.. aswell as 2 more super famous mainly for their Sci-fi masked characters of the dude who played Darth Vader and the dude who was Boba Fett both getting their clogs popped all squeezed in by the end of the year.. ANYWAY.. I’ve digressed here haven’t I.. πŸ˜‚

    Hope you find some time to have a scroll through.. I know you must be busy because you’re both always talking about this book and that book needs reading and it all takes time doesn’t it.. but also want to say a huge thanks and keep up the great work as I love having all of these sorts of things to listen to and learn from and you’re both really enjoyable to listen to and doing really well.. hope you find something from mine you like or might use or share one day or perhaps who knows maybe one of yous will feel the need to start looking up and into some of these sort of date duration things in some of the other topics and things you see and find to look into in future or from the past.. as it’s always there to be dug up and found..

    This is part one and is long..

    Part 2 is alot shorter..

    Enjoy.. πŸ˜‰

  22. If you can, get Dr Natasha Campbell McBride on. She made the gut-brain connection and created the GAPS diet. She’s really good and implemented her ideas into my life. She might have something to say about parasites. She’s done a few podcasts and interviews. Personally I think she’s great.

  23. Interestingly, those who eat raw pork (many do here in Germany) and those who keep cats, can have (often do have) parasites on the brain. About half of Germans do apparently! I’m not sure this explains things relating to the large number of nutcases in the Berlin parliament – but the need to find a supply of Ivermectin definitely increases. Anyone know who and how?

  24. Thank you Dom and Chris, I’ve already sent you an email, brilliant mint sauce. Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to thank all who comment too, the information is much appreciated. To Chris’s post on numbers, I have recently for some reason become far more aware of numbers generally. Numerology to be honest has never been something I took much interest in until now. My fathers aunt wrote a book on this many many years ago but I don’t have a copy. I have started to read on your site, mind blowing and so much work. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for saying Jeannie.. I really need to try to do that part 3 now after I’ve only just stumbled upon how Sir Ian Holm was also in a 1977 version of the man with the iron mask but even tho I looked up the 1998 version to see if anyone had popped their clogs in 2020 it didn’t list that there was a 1977 version and even more bizarrely the film itself is nowhere to be seen on Holm’s list of films so was easy for me to miss first time around.. I do always say though that you can’t really trust wicca-pedio and it’s 1984 style of rewriting of history at the few clicks of a few buttons from inside the ministry of truth.. I’ll get it all done one day I hope so check back again in a few months.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  25. Have you come across the concept of the zion chip (parasite)
    along with the guy Richie film Revolver.

  26. Hi guys, I’ve found myself going through some of your older videos in recent weeks after finishing work, especially your Meet The Flockers presentations, after initially seeing one on Hugo Talks.

    Please check the link below as the info may be extremely helpful for many folks. I myself have not had the Covid-19 death shot and never will. Dom’s “Divoc-91” & “Convid” are always funny to hear, but how’s this for an anagram of someone you simply can’t avoid – A GRIM PERSON – I’ll give you a clue, he’s a moron and grim.

  27. I had a scan years ago for a hernia. I was in agony within seconds after they injected the β€˜dye’ for about 5 minutes.

    1. Thanks Matt! Now I get it. I was confused every time they mentioned that. Breakdancing – nervous reaction to the vee ay ex.

  28. Funny I commented just before I watched this on the other video about eternal life, and boom, you both hit the nail on the head again. The elusive elixir of life, like that Disney movie where the girl has a choice to drink from a spring and live forever. You both are coming closer and closer to the ultimate reality, intelligent design theory, call it what you want, spiritual realm moving into the physical. Satan, does he exist? And if so, then does that mean God exists? And if the answer is yes, what then? I take a more emotional approach to life, so it’s interesting to see your analytical approach to it all.

    We have two bits of evidence about the Somebody (behind the Moral Law). One is the universe He has made. If we used that as our only clue, then I think we should have to conclude that He was a great artist (for the universe is a very beautiful place), but also that He is quite merciless and no friend to man (for the universe is a very dangerous and terrifying place). The other bit of evidence is that Moral Law which He has put into our minds. And this is a better bit of evidence than the other, because it is inside information. You find out more about God from the Moral Law than from the universe in general just as you find out more about a man by listening to his conversation than by looking at a house he has built. -C.S. Lewis

  29. Can any of you knowledgeable guys point never information that casts doubt on whether dinasours really existed. Impossible to find on UTube.


  30. Do you know how you get a patient number to order those tablets you mention under the parasite video?

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