Sheep Farm 35 | Rise Above & Inner Guardians | Band of Brothers Podcast

In SF35 Double L,(Rise Above) and Master Lee,(Inner Guardians) join us for a chat. We’ve called this one Band of Brothers, because throughout this nonsense some of the shining lights have been synchronicity , the acceleration of learning and the meeting of positive energies. When the guys invited us onto Rise Above Chris said to me, ‘I don’t know what it is but there is something, a reason why we need to go and meet these guys’. We both have the upmost respect for, Double L, Andy PG, Omah Beats, Majix, Word Nerd, & Master Lee.

Band of Brothers;

From this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remembered; We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers.


  1. I like how you mentioned that Jimmy Savile was brought in to save Charles’ and Diana’s marriage.

    I think that Charles is probably so dim and disconnected from normal society, that maybe he overheard someone mention ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, and immediately imagined this could be applied to his marriage too.

    1. Jimmy savilles cottage up in Glencoe has been bought recently by another Scottish billionaire who just like the others up here claims to have started with nothing working out of a garage / shop/ selling cakes at school etc . As if anyone can piss up my back and tell me its raining The highland clearances are going on again.. the tragedy of Anders Holch Povlsen ( a client of my son in law as he has acquired great swaithes of land in the highlands). losing his children in Sri Lanka( i warned my own not to travel there as planned as I knew something big was coming but they still went but got safely back the week before this happened to Anders) His plan is to rewild the Highlands with wolves and lynx etc. I wondered to myself who organised that killing given Scottish mercenaries were involved in trying to assassinate Estobar..( Killing Estobar film score composed by my own GPs hubby) No shit to learn from my SIL that Bentley Associates have bought thousands of acres too recently and plan to do the same. Fired all their game keepers. Its all very murky eh?

      1. cheers will be sharing this link with my colleagues for their opinion. I’m trying to ask questions as my latest way to try and wake people up rather than spoonfeeding them info they sometimes point blank refuse to look at.

      2. Great podcasts guys, just found you, going through your back catalogue, when you get time check out albert pikes 3 world war predictions, compare the 3rd world war to what is happening now!!! Intriguing stuff, keep up the good work, much appreciated!!

        1. This dude (and i have yet to find out who he really is), has put together a five hour video, that if you can get past your objection to persevering with him spewing it all out, you will find is well researched. It covers Pike amongst many others.

          Dom and Christian, thank you.

  2. Another GEM signed up to Rise Up but got a bit put off by my awful internet just checking in and out of Occult chat immediately unsubscribed will now re subscribe if they’ll have me. Such a shame there on You Tube all their videos are banned any suggestions where I could watch. Talking of esoteric language has any one noticed Mark Devlin anogram for DEVIL it’s not just me right You guys are awesome 😊

    1. I am sure that Mark Devlin has noticed the odd synchronicity with his name, but he is truly one of the shining lights of our times, trying to expose satanic influences in the music industry. I heard an interview with his father the other day, and their family name could well be something like “Devine” because his father was adopted, and is not sure of his origins. Anyway he, like these men we are listening to, give me such hope for the future. There truly are some good people in our midst. This knowledge helps to counterbalance the evil one starts to see everywhere after a while. If you are able to pray, or to release good intentions into the universe, now is the time to do it! All the best.

      1. Thanks for sharing this article. My God! It seems we will soon be hearing all about the Marburg virus. These bastards (the Cabal) just keep upping the ante.

  3. brainwashing. along with bribary and blackmail at the same time… the pay per jibbyjab(fatter pay check)., lie to the people or lose your Dr’s license, be discredited, name tarnished.. because they did or didn’t obey orders…

  4. Great podcast guys lovin your stuff was introduced thru Hugo talks and have caught up and watched all ya stuff and can’t wait for new material keep it up rekon ya will grow big that’s if the internet stays on 😂would be great if ya did another one with what makes you ill so good makes ya think about about the nonsense we’ve told over so many years cheers

    1. Hi Mat

      Thanks for the comment, when we get our private servers (hopefully this week finally) we will definitely be talking to Dawn & David again.

      Dom 🙂

      1. Ah cool cheers for the reply yea that be great just a quick one I thought you would like to know I used to live opposite the common cold centre in Salisbury I know you’ve researched it loads we moved there just when it closed down well weird place I think they stopped as they were devolving the area but there used to be another one near Christchurch in Dorset but tried looking it up but no info that I could find it was excactly the same set up but again now there’s housing cheers Dom👍

  5. Chris and Dom and Lance and the rise above crew a great listen cheers guys. ll being accused of being a cult leader lol, a good lad but has nothing on jim jones. These monsters if not all of them but a lot of them are satanic, no question in my mind. Ted Heath remember him ?, the crime minister of our land, a satanic pedo no question. Guys you should look into Joan Coleman and the r.a.i.n.s. list. Had seen Wilfred Wong giving a couple of interviews and he seemed legit but who knows, know a bit about what happened last year and I think, no I would say 100% these people were framed, if I heard right he got 15 years ?. will have to look into that. The thing is I thought Wilfred was a true soul and believable but the two people that he gave the interviews to I would not trust as far as I could throw them.

  6. 35 years in healthcare, admittedly part time when my kids were young , but I only came across 1 case of a young man dying of undiagnosed heart disease.

      1. Tracey

        You are right of course, I wonder how long games/P.E. in school would have lasted if children had been dying from ‘undiagnosed’ heart conditions regularly.

  7. Great show lads,
    Lee, any way I can find out more about anything going on in the Golden triangle? The reason I ask is that I’m heading up that way next week.

  8. Ricky is the father, not the head master. I’ve just looked on the website Kate is still the head mistress… The children said he was the high priest so that’s maybe where the confusion is coming from. The mother did a runner to Russia. It’s sickening to think he’s got the children are in his care.

      1. I know it’s awful. I’m just saying the school (Christ church) still has the same head mistress. Ricky is the father and the high priest not the head master. It wasn’t the mother that went to prison, she ran off, it was activist Sabine Mcneill that was inprisoned.

  9. Re: Squid Game. Near the end of Series One, Player 001, the old man, states that the game is dead pool betting. ‘You bet on horses, we bet on people.’

    This strikes me as ‘revelation of the method.’
    Over the years we have heard stories of human hunting parties, bets being laid on numbers of casualties in military exercises, ‘terror’ attacks etc, with varying degrees of credibility.

    Dead pools used to be a ‘fun’ thing to run on the Indianapolis 500 etc. Dead pools on celebrity deaths are on websites. It’s not too crazy.

    Now. The Serious Bit.

    However a legal and historically very popular investment system is called a ‘tontine.’ The Tontine Hotel in Northallerton was funded by a tontine, as was the first Freemason’s Hall in London.

    Mainly it was used as a pension fund scheme. The concept is simple. A group of people put a sum into a joint account, they each receive an annuity and as each stakeholder, in the fullness of time dies, the capital is kept in the fund and the yearly payouts go up to those left.

    So, how grand! The ones who die young don’t need it and the ones who live the longest have funds to have a more and more comfortable retirement.

    In the case of funding a building or maintaining an art collection the building or art acts as a memorial to the dead investor but owned by the living, until presumingly it all ends up with the last man standing.

    Already we see what could go wrong.

    And by the end of the 19th century it was becoming very obvious that tontine pension schemes for workers in large businesses were being ‘gamed’ by owners insuring the lives of child workers or their workers’ children. And generally speaking everyone could see it was a bit crooked.

    Anyway, they are back in fashion. The Tontine Trust has a lovely website showing their product and has won many awards. But there are others.

    Now. Imagine that we are all entered into a huge international tontine life insurance policy by our governments/the big banks/whatever is in charge?

    Because the aim of a tontine can never really be to give everyone a good retirement, can it?

    And a tontine gets rid of inherited wealth.

    Nobody really knows how ‘we’ as units of production are invested or insured but wouldn’t some kind of tontine scheme make sense?

    And if for some reason a large number of us died off in a short space of time, would that mean a pay out?

    Why else would they want to chip us and track us? You’d want to trace and track your investment wouldn’t you? You’d want to keep risk on your investment within your control, wouldn’t you?

    This leads to what Lance was saying about us being cows on a big farm run by an algorithm. And a lot of what all of you were saying.

    Tontines and how they work can be explained a lot better by people cleverer than me and if you look into this and you think I am talking nonsense, well, I hope I am. It’s just a theory. It’s all just a simple google, wikipedia search. I’m not a city trader or a secret red headed stepchild Rothschild.

    Anyway. For a bit of fun Tin Foil Hat time. A tontine scheme was the plot of a 1996 The Simpsons episode. Grampa and Mr Burns were the last men alive in a tontine controlling an art collection looted by the Nazis! Mr Burns tries to kill Grampa to get his hands on the loot but is busted by the State Department just in time and the art is given back to the owners!

    Thanks as always. Baa!

    1. Tontine – Investor Rollerball very interesting.

      The squeeze of inheritance money has been going on for a while hasn’t it, and definitely cranked up now. Kill off the old 20years before time and boom, house wins every time.

      1. Thanks! Here’s an incredibly dry read about the Tontines Royale, state run tontines used to fund wars.
        Tontines, public finance and revolution in France and England 1688 – 1789
        by DR Weir
        You can read it online, free at pikkety as a PDF. or

        I would post a link but I’m too thick to do it on a phone.

        Another thing I found out but I will have to read more about was tontines new rise in popularity being pioneered by Fintech firms. This is not technology from Finland as I first thought but algorithm and data gathering based financial management.
        Sorry Finland.
        All the best x baa

        1. It’s getting worse. Lance was spot on about us being cows on a big ranch run by an algorithm.

          I’ve just watched ‘Alison McDowell, Social Finance in Israel’ on (Richard D Hall’s website.)

          It’s four hours long but in a nutshell, our digital identities are going to be entered into a blockchain. These identities will be owned by investors through NGO’s providing all aspects of our health, social care, employment and so on in a seemingly benevolent but actually enslaving way.

          So, not only will the social credit system be there to keep us all under control it will make the investors money.

          That is the whole point of all this nonsense. We knew it was social control of some sort but it really is as simple as a return to the slave trade.

          We will be gamed, traded, shorted and so on just like any other commodity. She stopped short of saying liquidated but you could tell it was on the interviewer’s mind.

          It is a slave trade, tontine, squid game from hell. We will get tokens for good work, healthy behaviour etc but our quality of life and it’s expectancy will not really be in our hands. They decide who lives and dies, when and how.

          You’ll be pleased to know it’s already happening in Israel, Estonia, Rhode Island and other parts of the USA under pilot schemes with ex prisoners, single mums with drug problems, and with pregnant women in Tanzania.

          Ladies in Tanzania who attended their ante natal appointments and gave birth to a healthy baby had their child entered into the scheme as a reward. The level of consent involved is unclear.

          Make no mistake. Every human being will be a chip played in the lottery of life by the few playing God.

          So. Marvellous. How far we’ve come. It wasn’t lost on me that the charmer that is the head honcho in the Rhode Island plantation, (sorry! family welfare pathway!) originally made his money in cotton.

          It is a good presentation because she takes you through the nuts and bolts of how it works. I have heard Dayz of Noah tell me exactly the same thing but he was so kind and spiritual about it that it didn’t sink in.

          She gives you the screaming ab dabs by the time she’s finished.

          Lovely lady, but she’s all charts, hard facts and names of all the usual suspects.

          Now you might say, ‘What’s the difference? ‘Twas ever thus. It’s just on a computer now.’ But what if this is just the beginning? We’ve already seen one child policies. These entities are eugenicists.

          Oh, that’s more than enough for now! I started doing a parasite cleanse today on top of everything. Good grief. All the best to everyone down on the Farm x Baa!

    2. Great stuff ! I always wondered how the pension scheme worked. Never heard the word tontine before. Thanks for that. Baa!

  10. Great show again, I think I was smiling for nearly 2 hours there and plenty of laughs too. Will definitely be following Inner Guardians and Rise Above. Keep up the fantastic work and don’t stop having a laugh with the podcast, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I am a journalist trying to raise awareness from within and am finding it a challenge. To help protect my mental health from the craziness, I’ve ditched my smart phone slave device and completely tuned out of MSM news and even alternative/independent news but there’s no way I’m getting rid of you guys 🙂

    Loved the comment from Master Lee about don’t pay the arch manipulators any attention or worry about them, and just focus on what we ourselves are doing. Four grandmasters of banter and debate there, a top top episode 🙂

  11. Nice one guys as always !!
    As we have said so many times before they tried to pull this B.S back in 2009 and 12. Back then people where at least a little more awake and questioned things, back then the good old ‘Not so Smart Phone’ was not prevalent, for sure there is something in that!
    Agenda 21 didn’t fall into place as it was planned hence the re-branded Agenda 21/30. You even saw plastic celebs speaking out about the Gov wanting to force jab their children in the States, now many parents as we see are just willingly throwing them into the pit of fire and we will see more and more health problems with the young.

    I am still blown away watching people just go along with this and actually defend what is going on. Recently a woman we know came to visit, ex university lecturer, been all over the world with work. This woman had no idea about anything that ‘WE’ see going on and the likes of what we discus here! Everything came from mainstream BBC TV in the UK, an intelligent person who refused to even take a look at some basic information we had sent her and, told us we should not buy into alternative info as we will be painting ourselves into a corner, amazing!

    Then I hit her face to face with my four main but simple to understand points from the Agenda 21, De-Pop to the the W.E.F. She had no idea about any of this, looked actually shocked! Both of her kids in their late 20’s double jabbed ! The color literally drained from her face, perhaps she will turn off TV and take a little brows around and soak up some alt information now.

  12. Ey up lads. Just listening drivbibg to work, half way through. Fun and informative as always, lovbe to see Chris attempt a cucumber swab 😂

    If you’ve not seen bond and dont want spoilers don’t read below.

    Went to watch bond at the weekend, onlyt
    because I was interested in trying to read the plot and see how it fits to what I know now. The baddy is basically a eugenicist, bond dies to save humanity from nano bot CRISPR (sorry if I spoilt the plot).

    Would love your opinion and take on the plot and are they trying to say something?

  13. Hi boys. Great research i watch all the videos. I was saying on screw tube comments if you want to know which side of the fence Trumps on, apart from the obvious having a son in law like kushner whos family own a building 666 5th Street manhatten , kushner looks like a clone of Damien Omen from The Omen…you need to research Lucern Technologies, the Abraham Accord coin which was presented by Trump in 2018 with his son in law looking on… Look at the embossed symbols on that ( with Saturn featured at the top ) and who was in the room and tell me he is on the patriots side..erm…no..! Every thing thats on that coin has been rolled out.. hope that gives you food for thought..Great stuff lads! By the way

  14. I posted another comment re the satanic stuff going on up here in Scotland. Its rife. Given the Knights templar first arrived and settled in Temple…( where many influential people gather regularly for a ritual in the ruins of that old graveyard with skull & Bones gravestones… parked outside were the top of the range cars like Mercedes, BMW’s Range Rovers and even a Rolls. People who live around there are very strange according to an ex postman…..the Knights templar travelled here to Midlothian before Roslin Chapel was built ( Devinci code fame) and the Scottish Rite was started from here. Now, in 2018, the owner of Hawthornden Castle ( heiress of the Heinz empire lady Drue heinz…died age 103) a visit from Billy boy gates followed. That castle and roslin Chapel are all within walking distance of that institute and underground tunnels are off limits to visitors. The castle is used as a ” writers retreat” but you have to be someone like Ian Rankin to get a stay there. The latest writer was also funded to travel to Antarctica ( which is not a surprise by the way either) He stayed there and landed his private helicopter in our Rugby field and at the Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh. I’ve seen him here driving around in a basic estate care. At the time I thought …no that can’t be who I think it is…but bloody hell he gave me the creeps as he drive past me… He donated many millions and a brand new building to the Roslin institute ( Dolly the sheep) and donated millions for studies in Human & Animal research at other nearby institutions as well as millions towards the University of Edinburgh.. Also there’s an old insane asylum where someone else i know caught ppl he recognised in the remnants of that building . One was his local bank manager and another a principle at Heriot Watt University..all chanting around red candles at 4am in the morning. In 1976, an ex patient burned the building almost to the ground. Since then it has been abandoned. But very recently there has been a new application for planning permission to restore this place just like the Anthony Crowley cottage in the Highlands..Scotland is really is very active for the Satanic. All within a good doggie walk away from me. Creepy as hell.

  15. Billy boy gates stayed at Hawthornden Castle and I had seen him ( but didn’t know it was him only that he looked like him.) a regular there during 2018/19. Drove out the back farm road in a normal looking green estate car..trying to blend in with the locals so he could go to tesco express haha! How i wish I knew what I know now back then..A pity that

    1. Hi there, Katrina. Wow. Now that is a LOT to take in.
      The Abraham Accord stuff did not surprise me so much. At around the time of the Las Vegas ‘event’ there was a lot of talk about Saudi, the upstart heir, Palantir, Sophia the robot, Trump moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…then it all went quiet again.
      The nonsense conquered all.

      The more eye opening things were what you were saying about Scotland.
      Leave that with me for a bit to look into further. Just for starters, I have just found out there is such a thing called the Writers and Artists Antartica Association (or similar) anyway it is funded by the National Science Foundation, which has an international wing as well.

      Now, I know the creative type do like to suffer for their art, but months away in a barren wilderness eating MRE’s? But what do I know? Could be a secret paradise.

      Thanks for messing with my mind in the nicest possible way, and all the best to you and your dog. Always good to be with canine security when poking about on the stranger side x

      1. Awe thankyou for your kind comments. I made a few errors.. Alistair Crowley is his name by the way. Boleskine House near Loch ness is to be ” fully stored to become a place for meditation and relaxation” after being granted planning permission by the highland council. There are over 30,000 Masons in Scotland.
        More than anywhere in the UK. He was also a 33rd degree Mason. His connections with Royals and Cecil Rowe. Rumour has it his daughter was George Bush seniors wife. The resemblance 8s uncanny by the way. I’ve been trying to persuade my friend Heather to go a nice big walkie with my doggie and me as your right it would be far less suspicious if I’m seen out at 4 in the morning. I’ve looked into the history of the Chapel and the castle itself. My friend Mark’s aunt used to clean for Drue Heinz..she said there were a lot of goings on there and that Heinz was nothing like her public persona. A bit of bitch witch was her words! That ruin at Temple is definitely eerie even during the is Roslin country park where another insane asylum ( all boarded up now) is in ruins. The one when my friend caught the ritual going in is in Loanhead. There’s more Masons by the square inch up here than anywhere else just in my street alone by the way although I don’t suspect they are all at 33rd degree level. Incidently paganism is the most popular ” religion” in Scotland.

        1. Thanks for your info on the stuff about the writers free ticket to Antarctica. I agree, there’s definitely something very strange going on there by the way. Wonder if these ” writers” get to meet the ” aliens” just like all the Presidents do? Oh I forgot, its just a conspiracy! Haha..must polish up my tin foil hat!

      2. Awe thankyou for your kind comments. I made a few errors.. Alistair Crowley is his name by the way. Boleskine House near Loch ness is to be ” fully stored to become a place for meditation and relaxation” after being granted planning permission by the highland council. There are over 30,000 Masons in Scotland.
        More than anywhere in the UK. He was also a 33rd degree Mason. His connections with Royals and Cecil Rhodes ( another 33rd degree mason) . Rumour has it his daughter was George Bush seniors wife. The resemblance 8s uncanny by the way. I’ve been trying to persuade my friend Heather to go a nice big walkie with my doggie and me as your right it would be far less suspicious if I’m seen out at 4 in the morning. I’ve looked into the history of the Chapel and the castle itself. My friend Mark’s aunt used to clean for Drue Heinz..she said there were a lot of goings on there and that Heinz was nothing like her public persona. A bit of bitch witch was her words! That ruin at Temple is definitely eerie even during the is Roslin country park where another insane asylum ( all boarded up now) is in ruins. The one when my friend caught the ritual going in is in Loanhead. There’s more Masons by the square inch up here than anywhere else just in my street alone by the way although I don’t suspect they are all at 33rd degree level. Incidently paganism is the most popular ” religion” in Scotland.

        1. One of the writers at the ” writers retreat” Hawthornden Castle Katie Hail who got to travel to Antarctica . Her book. ” My Name is Monster” …given what they are planning for us, her ” fiction” is very interesting and links to the “monstor” surviving in order to repopulate the planet..when everywhere else on the earth has been destroyed..

        2. Chris and Camille Bently – who are known in California for their patronage of the arts and support for animal rights – are the new owners of the property which includes moors used for grouse shooting and deer stalking, an 18MW wind farm and two historic houses.

      3. The whistleblowing US marines who speak of the hexagonal underground facility with a strange hyrogliphic language ( Not egyptian) written in gold on the walls of black stone not seen anywhere else. A huge black sun embossed into the foyer floor…? and then there’s Captain Byrd who claimed he was held captive by these beings after entering this green space with palm trees etc underground ( he ended up in an insane asylum on his return from Antarctica..
        Loads of questions about that place.. but yeah exactly why the need to go visit a place at the end of the earth to write a book.. does that book by the last author who visited there My name is Monstor give us a clue what they have planned? Global reset ?

  16. The genetic modification of humans i believe has been going on for thousands of years if you research the ancient history. The book of Genesis of The Bible is a clue. Where it talks about the Nephilim taking( raping) human woman and breeding with them .Isis was a babylonian queen and genes…search these columns which represent the phallic symbols of Nymrod her lover who was chopped up and put in the Uphrates river. She ordered the bits to be found but only 12 pieces of him were found minus his penis.. so these columns like the one outside The white house in Washington and every other major city. Nimrod was discovered in Iraq war and was handed over by Archaeologists in Baghdad his mummy was taken to the US ( Denver I think ) by order of Clinton..No doubt they will be using stem cells to recreate Nymrod, who some believe is the true anti christ.

  17. I think Master Lee was talking about too is how the essence of people starts when your born and its changed or crushed by what happens to you or how were moulded by our upbringing which develops our personalities …My stepdad in the 1950s was abused at a private boarding school in Stornoway He ran away to tell his parents but they didn’t believe him and sent him back after locking him in the attic for 3 days with no food or water His father was a headmaster of another school in Berkshire….Finally he ran away joined the Navy..but he turned into a psychopath who terrorised and battered us and my mum ( he was charged with attempted murder which made the headlines in 1969) i saved her life. She took him back and our hell continued..and she turned to drink and then she ended up as evil as him continuing to terrorise me and eventually my sisters… Getting back to master Lee he spoke about that bully in the playground. I did exactly the same after being threatened by a girl who everyone was so frightened off and so after a year of being terrified of her she and I came face to face. She asked me to kick her. I refused. She then hit me.. But like Lee I somehow let loose on her and in the end she begged me to stop. I was shocked at how i could bring myself to the bullies level. Most bullies have a very dark trauma I believe.. As someone who has run away from bullies all my life and always felt as if I was the outside looking in ( for my own protection) I got to know my guiding light is God, understanding the ethar and our intuition. That sense of knowing whats hidden, tapping into the essence of people of messages and of psychopathic narcissistic liars. Baaa!

  18. Thanks Chris and Dom. This is the my first exposure to Rise Above and Inner Guardians – I will go and find them… I have noticed that we dissenters are capable of listening to more than an MSM soundbite. All the channels I watch require a degree of commitment, due to their length. It doesn’t feel like an effort at all. I often don’t want these podcasts etc to end! The problem with those who still watch the BBC et al is that they have been ‘trained’ and now have the attention span of a gnat. This has been a deliberate strategy… I have never worshipped in the Church of Apple. I had a second-hand obsolete ‘Smart’ phone but never used it for anything other than calls and texts. The trouble is, it had built in Apps and GPS which used to mysteriously switch itself on. Now I have an old Nokia. I travel around a lot on public transport (more than most) and I am staggered by the number of people in masks, head down, glued to their phones: Zombie Apocalypse indeed! The worst are those who walk along the street looking at their screens. I like to see how long it takes before they notice that I am in their path. The constant bombardment of propaganda via these devices in keeping the sheeple in check. We need to ditch these instruments of tyranny immediately, EN MASSE!

    1. That’s a great comment, I have passed it on the the Rise Above chaps too with this comment of my own

      I think we’re reaching people and connecting their information together in some kind of truth loop, people who are already ‘awake’ but have been dormant and are now rising up to the challenge of a lifetime, regardless of age, social class or race.
      Baaaaa 🙂

      1. Nice one Dom! I agree. I look forward to the next Sheep Farm deep dive and of course, the Mint Sauce Chronicles.

  19. there is an old video footage of Halifax I grew 1800’s…. and it all looks staged. like they were all put there for the film
    . tiz weird… but old Halifax don’t look that much diffrent from today’s halifax

  20. Work by, Poul Larsen


    Freemasonry refers to building or constructing. Freemasonry is about constructing elements in society intended for control over populations. Masons build mind control programs involving religion, politics, philosophy, and entertainment. A Masonic program is called a temple and many temples house idols like religious leaders, teachers, politicians, and entertainers. Masonic-Conscious temples are constructed through geometric vibrations. Words and sounds generate vibrations and vibrations have mathematical properties. Most music and movie producers are trained in masonry. A person who follows a Masonic program is absorbing these vibrations into their mind. The temple in anatomy refers to the sides of the temporal lobe. When a person dreams or uses their imaginations the thoughts get densified into visuals in their temporal lobes. When people communicate, learn, and absorb information normally there is little natural architecture that clogs, blocks, or trances the mind. Masonic temples are built on deceit and designed to create interferences. Freemasons specialize in building their deceptions with structural integrity. They are also using electronics to enhance these vibrations. Freemasons and other occultic organizations use masonic codes like numbers, symbols, and phrases to communicate information with each other. Groups like the Rosicrucian Order and Hermetic Order are similar but emphasize more on chemical manipulation of the human psyche and physiology. Jesuits are masonic. The Royal Institute and Royal Society are scientific secret societies in the UK and they have masonic and occultic origins. If they can design a lie with mathematical precision then they consider the lie to be truth. Most people in society that have high level influences in politics, media, education, entertainment, and religion are trained in a form of masonry.

    Freemasonry has ancient origins and various forms were used in all the ancient civilizations and empires. Ancient Freemasonry primarily originated in ancient Egypt and this is why Freemasons use pyramids in their symbols. Modernized Freemasonry was developed through various groups including the Roman Catholic Church, Order of Malta, Knights Templar, Royal Knighthoods and Stonemason Guilds. Various secret societies use the same corrupt knowledge and techniques as Freemasonry does. The Order of Malta is a masonic organization that uses a Grand Master and degrees of initiations just like Freemasonry. Royal knighthoods are masonic orders. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the oldest knighthood on the planet originating on the island of Malta and was authorized by the Pope of Rome. The Library of Alexandria was developed by the Greco-Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty and was used to collect and monopolize knowledge and scripts in the ancient world. They used force and pay offs to gather written knowledge and then Julius Caesar moved the scripts before intentionally burning down the library. This was a strategic plot carried out by the imperial bloodlines to covertly monopolize information and cover up their secrets. During the Crusades the Knights Templar discovered some of this left over Kabbalistic-Masonic knowledge through the Order of Al-Hashashin also called the Assassins. The Assassins obtained their knowledge from Solomon’s Temple. Rome shut down the Knights Templar to try and stop their competitors before they got too big. The Knights Templar were later reformatted into the Order of the Garter, Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George and Order of Montesa.

    The knowledge of Freemasonry is about deception and mind control. There are various Masonic divisions and groups and it’s all intermixed today. Kabbalah is also a form of masonry and sorcery and it too is generally a dumbed down version compared to the occult knowledge that the royal and noble families possess. Grand Masters have the most knowledge and grant teachings through initiations or degrees. To the non sociopathic members initiations are mostly ceremonial however those who prove their criminality and psychopathy are granted their real teachings. The purpose of Freemasonry is mind control. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the head of all Freemasonic orders which does not include Masonic type organizations like the Order of Malta, Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and Order of the Garter. Prince Edward the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England with Prince William as a hidden back up along with former Grand Master Marquess Spencer Compton.

    Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons. Most Grand Masters are also members of the military. Freemasons are a militarized group. The Scottish Peers specialize in Freemasonry with Prince Charles of Wales and Duke of Rothesay Scotland as the true head of the Scottish Rite. Prince Andrew the Duke of York runs the York Rite. Prince Filippo Rospigliosi the Earl of Newburgh Scotland is a top Freemason more trained than Prince Charles and is an and agent of Rome. Scottish Rite Freemasonry controls the Grand Orient of Italy headquartered in Rome with Grand Master Stefano Bisi as a mediator between the British Crown’s Freemasonry and the Vatican which work together.

    The Stuart, Sinclair or St. Clair, Hamilton, Campbell, Macdonald, Orr-Ewing, and Bruce clans are high level Scottish nobility and involved with managing the Grand Lodge of Scotland. William St Clair of Roslin was the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Viscount John Archibald Sinclair of Thurso is a top member of the Sinclair clan and a politician in the UK. Nigel Sinclair is a Knight of the British Empire and Hollywood producer. Baron Godfrey Macdonald is the head of the Macdonald clan and his father was a former Scottish Grand Master Mason. The Stuart family of England, Scotland, and Ireland oversee Freemasonry for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Several Stuarts have been Knights of Malta. Randolph Stewart of Galloway was a former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. In the 18th century James Stuart of Moray was the Scottish Grand Master. Douglas Grey is the current Grand Master in of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Baron Randal Plunkett of Dunsany is a high level Freemason. The Abercorn and FitzGerald families have been Grand Masters in Ireland and are headed up today by James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn and Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster. Joseph Morrow is the head of the Lyon Court in Scotland and a former Grand Master. Archibald Donald Orr-Ewing, 6th Baronet was a Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and both his father and grandfathers were also Grand Masters. His son is Alastair Frederick Archibald Orr-Ewing. Andrew Bruce of Elgin was a former Grand Master and his sons are Charles Edward Bruce, Adam Bruce, and Alexander Bruce. Merlin Hay of Erroll is Lord High Constable of Scotland which is a top authority among Scottish nobility. Freemasons are foreign agents and a cult of Luciferians working for the royal and noble families. There are thousands of masonic lodges in the United States which need to be shut down.

    1. Thanks for all that info it really is so important we have all the stuff that’s been hidden from us. So many gaps have been filled for me i only wish everyone would take as much time to research like Dom and Chris.

  21. Great show lads
    Has there been any research done regarding the top schools during the nonsense?
    Did they make the pupils wear face coverings and are they planning on jib jabbing them like the rest of the country?
    Just a thought

  22. Nice round table discussion y’all had there. Have to laugh at the term ‘piss fest’ or ‘pissing’ or I don’t quite know how to use the phrase, but it’s so United Kingdom, could barely understand the Irish guys I met years ago at times. I used to think a piss fest was where guys all go to the bathroom at the same time lol.

    I just read the Book of Jasher and (if you believe it to be historically accurate) it says when the men built the base for the tower of Babylon it took days to travel across. It must have been massive. It’s generally agreed among Christians that the Nephilim had demonic roots and taught humans how to build buildings in the past, including the pyramids. Some believe the city of Atlantis had very high level technology that had to be destroyed in the flood. All this technology is just a shadow of what God has in store for the next life for those who put their trust in Him, incl. the “living forever” factor that the satanists so elusively search for by taking babies’ lives and harvesting their energy. At some point, those who take all the jabs will have this immortal factor, because Rev. mentions that in the end “men will seek death but not find it.” I think personally, if ppl don’t die from the jab, they’ll take on these other-than-human characteristics for a time, but eventually it will make ppl sick from radiation poisoning. But in the end, our life on this earth isn’t worth saving compared to what we will receive in the afterlife. If we live in the times of the book of Revelation, the saying that everything will get better (alles wird gut) simply isn’t true, not in physical terms. We are looking at the destruction of the earth, as Greta loves to remind us, and no amount of protests or skipping school will change that.

    That thing about pigs being genetically modified gave me the creeps. Absolutely freaky if it’s true.

    Quick comment on cults. Since I grew up in Texas in a religious area and also lived in South Korea for 2 years (where they value compliance and group think), I can see how easy it is to slip into a cult and not even realize it. It’s not a big jump, so to speak, but a simple step into a group that feels loving and accepting, a place to belong, and not many people want to be outsiders. When you grow up in an abusive household, it’s very easy to justify the red flags that pop up. That’s why finding these truther groups online is so exhilarating, because we don’t feel like outsiders to each other, but we belong somehow.

  23. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

  24. Missed this one – somehow. Excellent as usual. I also felt that there was a shift in the universe – but even before 2012. One example of this was when I went on a business trip to Davos. I guess around 2010. I hadn’t even heard of Schwab and the WEF then. I stayed just one night and slept terribly. Nightmares all night. I sensed a great evil. I’ll never forget it.

  25. Here in Bahrain, I visited a major hospital for a foot injury, late 2020. The UK trained orthopedic surgeon told me that the only person that believed in the CV scam was the virologist

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