In MSC#7 we’re discussing the current fuel bollox, Singapore migrant workers, Greta Does Black Goo, SpaceX Wellies, Rewriting of history, Comments from viewers, Schwab, and much more


  1. You beautiful brothers are just the best!! I’ve always felt that if you can make someone laugh, you connect directly to their soul! You two do this effortlessly!! Keep up the amazing work!!! So funny!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more these two guys are the only ones I want to listen. Amazing work and brill humour. Makes me laugh out loud😘

  2. Great chat guys, missed the ribena definition from Chris!
    For information I caught a cold! Very old fashioned and I didn’t die LoL.
    No-one wants to wish their life away but wish I could fast forward to February and comeback again to see what happens to the jibby jabbed divocs…
    At the risk of being a scratched record, wish I could order my sheep farm T-shirt.
    Is Seb’s tune on you-tube? Can we get it monetised?
    Cheers guys

  3. The art industry is a sham and very murky, I recommend reading the 2 books by Eric Hebborn (or at least the first one, drawn to trouble).

    He was a hugely talented artist but he ended up creating loads of fakes and sold them to galleries and through acutions, his downfall was when he created a piece by a living artist and the artist said he hadn’t done it.

    Some of his stuff (a lot) is supposedly still in museums.

    He was eventually murdered. Really interesting story.

  4. Fuk a rats arse/Jesus christ!
    Watch your videos religiously as an atheist
    I need you to Watch a guy called Alan Wilson.
    I found him on the Bernician gluetube
    If what he is saying is true well,royalty dinosaurs comets Romans and JC and the invasion of uk is the biggest lie we have ever been told
    Keep it up guys

  5. Yes I would love you to let us know in detail how you got well. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and so am very interested. Also I am wondering about contacting Jenny because what she said about treating chronic fatigue.

    Aside; the Freud in the Madeleine case is Clement Freud, a very creepy man.

  6. tartarian or phonecian buildings.. they were all over the world.. and still some left today..that were converted into churches, goverment buildings, train stations, hospitals or post offices.. the romans like 1800’s San fransico .. inherited the buildings that were already there…. mudfloods, tartaria, gold rush of san francisco, the world trade fairs of the late 1700’s… the 1800’s and into the 1900’s… all meant to have been built in 6 months with the most amazing massive building one could imagine, only to be torn down, or burnt to the ground 6 months later…. none of it makes any sense ….

  7. maps of the 1500’s show them city’s all over the world.. and big cities at that witb towers and buildings with domes.. all with antiqitech to harvest power from the ethor

  8. Hello Lads,
    Those of us who are “awake” probably know pretty much where this thing is going, don’t we?
    The Great Reset.
    New World order.
    Smart Cities.
    Eating mealworms and duckweed, and recycling our waste back to feed the mealworms and duckweed.
    Homo Sapien 2 point 0.
    Global population of less than 500,000,000, comprising of “The Elites” and us, their slaves.
    Towns and villages depopulated and destroyed, creating vast wilderness’s.
    Jungles and forests regrown, with native animals inhabiting them, including large carnivores.
    And on and on etc…………………
    Yeah we know all this so what’s my point?
    Well my point is that you probably don’t like this New World Order much, and you think that the Globalist are just an arrogant bunch of arseholes for even admitting what the future holds for us: you imagine them grinning cynically in a Bill Gates sort of way, as they roll out their plans for us, don’t you?
    Except that it isn’t for us.

    What about if we do not form any part of this New World Order at all; if the Great Reset is the Elites taking over the world for themselves alone. And that every one of us is marked for extermination.
    The 500 million is for them to repopulate the world with, from their own stock, and the slaves will not be A.I. controlled people, but robots, drones and especially bred transhumans: each one specific to the work it’s created to do.
    This would explain why we are been told what the future holds for us, it’s a smokescreen: because, like everything else they say, it’s a lie.

  9. This was another great listen on a Sunday night. I know a few people who have been double jabbed but one in particular now feels totally duped and has said he won’t be having any rooster. It is taking time but I do believe, bit by bit, people are starting to question things.
    Brilliant humour as always chaps, especially Dom’s Rizla remark….classic.
    Thanx DnC.

  10. Dom & Chris

    You read out a couple of my messages, I just wanted to try and explain my meaning.

    I did not explain my statement of ‘everything is God vs satan’ very well. I think it made you believe it was divisive like red vs blue? God vs Satan is not a physical conflict, unlike fascism verses communism etc. satan controls the Earth and so everyone is open to corruption/temptation by satan, in these ‘red vs blue’ conflicts both sides work for satan with the end goal of creating misery, control and death away from the understanding of God.

    God vs satan is a spiritual war, a war for our salvation, a war to help us choose to do right through free will even when tempted by satan. satan hates man because God chose to create man in his image in flesh and blood (we are not spiritual beings) (research mkoften and see where new age spirituality was used to corrupt). One day God promises we will be spiritual beings able to do amazing things, but only if we prove we can be trusted never to fall to evil again. satan and his demons are spiritual beings and can never repent, so in these end times they will unleash all the misery and deception they can to rob us of our chance of salvation.

    ‘We’ are responsible for evil being in control of the Earth because Adan & Eve chose satan through free will. You talk about all religion being corrupt this is a great deception created by satan ‘ah don’t bother reading the bible or praying to God because it is all evil and creates wars’. Only satan through corrupt man creates wars. Read the ten commandments, these are Gods laws for us, would there be any evil if we just followed the commandments?

    8 Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9 And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”
    10 Then Jesus said to him, [b]“Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”
    Matthew 4:8-10

    This shows us that satan controls the Earth because he offers all Earths treasures to Jesus if bows down to him. It also shows us as Jesus as flesh and blood and was open to temptation. This is why at the end we will stand before Jesus for judgement because only he understands the temptation of flesh and blood.

    The second point I wanted to clarify was about lego master builders. Any new model that is designed officially is created by a group of people, the best of whom become ‘master builders’ this group accepted into the freemasonry guilds able to apply for membership.

    PS If you can watch the first ten minutes of The Adams Family 2 all about Chimera and DNA hybrids.

    God Bless

  11. Love these chinwags, you guys are as entertaining as enlightening. Keep up the good work lads. Keep these as regular as possible for us 🙂

  12. Hi guys

    Just if you doing anything on Russell Brand this maybe worth a watch. My opinion for what it’s worth is he’s probably a gatekeeper/controlled opposition but to be fair to him maybe he has turned his life around and flipped/jumped the fence after realising what is going on. I had this video shared with me as he’d been plugging an anti-Covid censorship journalism group I’m involved in and I thought he was ok after that, but not so sure now!

    Keep smiling and keep making us laugh by the way 🙂


    1. I think he’s worth watching just to get perspective and see what people are spouting. He does seem to provide the counter mainstream narrative at the minute but just wait for when he’s needed. Bit like Donald Trump the useful twat.

      I watched the video before a d it’s great at opening people’s eyes to him,but then when theyve got you hook line and sinker they throw in the double spear technique and you become an alien invasion believer. These guys are full of shit and ruined a great video.

  13. People will wake up as soon as the financial consequences of their Government’s fraud and corruption begin to filter through.
    None of this bullshit was free, it is all borrowed at interest based upon future tax income.

  14. Lucian Freud had a house next to the resort where Madeline McCann went missing. Modern Art is a funnel for dirty money and trafficking…

  15. Filters do not remove Chloramine, which is the deadly new method of dosing Water in some places, Aberdeen for example. People keeping fish used to offgas the Chlorine that is no longer possible….

  16. They use hydrofluoric acid which is a deadly substance, I once used to use it to etch Titanium for metallurgical analysis. This is the shit they dump into the water to “Fluoridate” it. It kills nerves as it rots the flesh, it is nasty stuff.
    The majority of it is supplied from China and is untested, what has been tested contains traces of Mercury and Cadmium.
    Do not let these fuckers poison the well!!!

    1. That’s not true John, yes HF is pretty nasty stuff, even relatively dilute if you get on your skin you must get a calcium gel on quickly otherwise it could be curtains. But also water can kill! It’s the dose that kills. Fluoride is added to a level of 1ppm in drinking water so as you are claiming at that concentration it is not accutely toxic, far from it. HF could come from China, but it could also come from British Fluorspar in Derbyshire. If there’s traces of cadmium in the HF they will be diluted to ultra trace levels in drinking water, cadmium does occur naturally. The real issue is that fluoride has absolutely no medical benefit to teeth if consumed. Fluoride is proven topically for teeth which is why toothpaste works well, fluoride dissolves and binds to calcium so good at removing placque. But daily ingestion of low fluoride has impacts on the nervous system over time and even worse for the developing child. Theres no place for it in drinking water it makes zero sense medically and likely impacts child development which is criminal. Next they will be adding lithium.

    2. Fluoride binds to aluminium enabling the aluminium to be taken through the blood brain barrier deep into the brain. There is also medical research that shows fluoride damages animal kidneys even at very low levels. Something to consider is fluoride is sometimes added to bottled water.

      ‘Fluoride has been banned in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, West Germany (now unified), Italy, Belgium, Austria, France, and The Netherlands.’

      ‘A 52-week study of the factors that enhance or inhibit the bioavailability of aluminum and its effects on the nervous system was published in 1998 in the Journal of Brain Research. According to the report, the equivalent of fluoridated drinking water in terms of elemental fluorine levels had an impact on brain tissue similar to the pathological changes found in humans with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.’

      Interactions between fluorine (as F-) and aluminum (as Al3+) have recently attracted much attention following reports of their possible involvement in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). An inverse correlation has been demonstrated between the incidence and severity of AD and the level of fluorine indrinking water.1-4 Aluminum has long since been mplicated in the etiopathology of AD, and neurotoxicity studies have confirmed that it inhibitsacetylcholine transferase and dihydropteridine reductase activities, depleting the central nervous system (CNS) of tyrosine and several neurotransmitters.By binding with nucleic acids, aluminum interferes with intracellular protein metabolism.5-7

      Interesting to me is the connection between fluoride production and the owner of the Chateaux Des Amerois: Mothers of Darkness Castle, Patrick Solvay. Chris & Dom You could do a dive on the Solvay family, they own a rather a large fluoride company in Belgium.

      ‘Fluoride tablets, fluoride drops and fluoride chewing gum, for decades promoted as the crown jewels of dentistry, are going to be taken off the market because they are poisonous and pose a great risk for physical and psychological health. This has been decided by the Federal Minister of Public Health Magda Aelvoet. As soon as the royal decision is published in the government’s “Staatsblad”, the prohibition will become valid. Thus Belgium becomes the first country in the world to prohibit fluoride supplements.’

      1. Oh and this, could it be connected?

        ‘The UK’s prestigious Keele University is suddenly shutting down the work of world-renowned aluminium expert, Christopher Exley, Ph.D. Keele is aggressively blocking donations for aluminium research and suppressing any science that exposes the toxic side of the vaccine industry.’

      2. Solvay were pioneers in chemistry, the Solvay process (sodium carbonate production) was first licenced for use by Brunner Mond in Cheshire I believe at Lostock Gralam. Still operating today under Tata Chemicals. The solvay process is now used worldwide. As a process chemist that large scale industrial process is unbelievable feat of chemistry and engineering. Without industrial scale production of sodium carbonate there’s many things that might not exist so readily and cheaply today, such as glass and many others. The Solvays may be nefarious bastards who knows, but just because they invented things doesn’t mean the intention was to offload the by-products on society, though that’s ultimately what may have happened through negligence. Would be worth a dig.

  17. Parasites are one of the major leading causes of disease (aside from the chemical toxins added to water and processed foods). Black Walnut cohosh taken regularly and also if you have dogs, worm yourselves at the same time you worm your dogs, same pills. You’ll feel better for it, guaranteed 🙂

  18. The guy that runs the Full Love Jamaican restaurant in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines, said to eat the seeds from the papaya, as they are anti-parasitic.

  19. electric cars of the 1900’s. 1000+ miles on one charge apparently.. … tesla cars. be lucky if you get 300 miles on one charge. can’t say if it’s true about electric cars from the 1900’s it was in a newspaper article I came across while on my research on the old world… wouldnt be surprised if they did do that milage tho……. they could of took power from the earth/ ethor.. who knows…. what gets me tho is an astrophysocist didnt know we can harvest power from the earth and the ethor..

  20. Hi. I work in Health shop . We are getting a lot of people in who have been double whammed and they are looking for a reversal of the vaccine. Do you boy’s know if there is anything out there that can help them?

    1. The comic ‘press’ here in Switzerland were streniously “debunking” the so called myth
      that green tea neutralizes the arm spears, so that might be worth looking into.
      Apparently in Russia the people are trying this.

  21. Hi again everyone 🙂
    I just want you all to know that I love you all so much and I will never ever stop fighting for you all whoever you are or whatever you have done, not ever. If you feel helpless at times, then just remember that love is the most powerful weapon, always has been and always will be 🙂
    Just keep doing what you are all doing and everything will be ok trust me 🙂 x

  22. One day, if possible, I would absolutely love to be a guest on one of your shows 🙂 I don’t have all the answers, but I do have an abundance of love. We have all been on different journeys but with the same destination I feel 🙂 I think this is the right time to share as much love with each other as possible. I know it’s so easy to focus on the darkness around us and I’m constantly being dragged back towards that awful energy as we all are, but that’s where we gain our strength and love from, we just need to know and share how their tactics work and then laugh them off with beautiful love and humour! 🙂 x

  23. Thanks again day off pottering around listening to you guys Perfect. Regarding parasites watch old episodes of Monster inside Me all about miss diagnosed parasasitic illnesses I love this program I’m sure you will too 😊

  24. Another engaging bit of mint, thank you.

    As my name indicates, I have ties to Wales and low and behold the Welsh National Assembly has voted – by a margin of one (28 for / 27 against) in favour of vaccine passports.

    Not a good precedent that.

    All parties were opposed, except for Labour. Again, that might not bode well if we have a Starman government down the line (he has been groomed by TPTB).

    It turns out that one Tory could not get his Zoom up (!) in time to vote. If he had then a tie would have meant the proposal would have been defeated. A convenient technical glitch.

    I had hoped that the only similarities between the antipodeans and Wales was lamb and rugby. Now it is drip by drop tyranny.

    1. Interesting as your link discussed ozonation of water, which is a disinfection process and also helps to precipitate manganese but thgge issue with ozonation is the formation of bromate from the bromides in the water, which can cause cancers. Many bottled mineral water plants take their source water from borehole ground waters a d I know Coca-Cola in Morpeth treat their borehole water with ozone, they must regularly test for bromate. These processes of cleaning up water always have some issues and who knows the real extent of the problem ??

  25. Hello lads,

    For you information we dont get our “minerals” from tap or bottled water! You would have to drink barrels and barrels of the stuff if you wanted to get anywhere near your “specific” daily needs. You get minerals from your foods mostly your greens! Distilled water is not called “dead” it’s called water! Water in its natural form. It’s more alive at the point of distillation than when its saturated with inorganic compounds. Its a mild solvent in the sense it will draw inorganic impurities. Maybe you should do a show on minerals and the bollocks that precedes them.?

    1. Hi Dash

      Thanks for the great info and I agree with you, the only problem with distilled is from a hydration point of view hence why we put essential minerals back in. Without these essential minerals absorption is decreased as I’m sure you’re aware.

      Food is the real source but soil depletion, pesticides, chemtrails and industrial farming have depleted nutrient values to such a degree, they are about 50% of what they were in the 30s. (don’t quote me on the % but its low).

      And yes it would be a good show regards minerals and all essential nutrients too.

      Cheers 🙂

  26. Hello Dom and Chris,
    Really enjoy your work, always thought provoking and interesting, keep them coming…
    I am considering distilling water the tap water, can you recommend the best product for re-mineralising the water?

  27. Chris and Dom.
    You mentioned that everything was growing wild. Well surprise surprise, that is a movement. It’s called Rewilding and is complete nonsense. One of the lead proponents is George Monbiot a Guardian journalist who coincidentally is also in Extinction Rebellion. Here’s a link.

    Anyone who’s worked with nature as me and my wife have since our 20’s growing food without pesticides, know that this rewilding movement is unworkable but it is part of the damaging nonsense as you call it.

  28. I’m going slowly through your videos these days just to keep myself from being an internet addict, and maybe you already did the section of the next video on parasites, but yes would love to hear the info. A couple years ago I was drinking so much bubbly water I thought I had worms, and then after the doc told me it was just gas I couldn’t help but start thinking about worms and “what if” scenarios. I still drink bubbly water but with less gas because my gut can’t handle coke or anything else pretty much. The Viennese are very proud of their water supply system and some are shocked that I boil. I’m worried about doing the distilling thing because if I had to switch back and the water gets even worse (loads of chem trails in the sky lately who knows what they’re doing to the water) I’m worried my body won’t handle the shock, kind of like eating GMO foods on accident. We discovered the cheese on the cheap pizzas from Lidl and Hofer is made in a lab, no wonder I can’t handle it. But I figure, if I get a few GMO foods and flouride, then it’ll be better in the long run than going 100 per cent bio and then having to switch into full toxic.

  29. Dom or Chris.
    I’m buying a water distiller.
    Can either of you please recommend what mineral drops ie brand that you use you add back to the distilled water.
    Thanks chaps.

  30. Zachariah Sitchin was a high up freemason, Arthur c Clark too.
    You can find a pic online of Sitchin at his lodge wearing his apron.

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