The whole world is living under a cloud of fear. This is being driven by dark satanic forces, energy parasites who drain us of our most precious resource. The whole program we are subjected to is on a scale that’s difficult to imagine. Why would these apparently benevolent people really want to harm or even kill us? Because underneath it all they are also controlled by a higher power pushing them to make decisions that will wipe billions of humans from the map.


      1. Hi Dom, you and your brother are doing excellent! Thank you. I’m just wondering if you would mind giving me the details of your clinic? I live in West Yorkshire and would love to book in.

  1. Well done guys you are amazing. I appreciate all your hard work. Much love and hugs from Perth Western Australia. Cheers and all the best to you and your family. Yours sincerely Julie ❤️

  2. My ex is in hospital after suffering a stroke, he told me he had his second jab…. I get told off for making the connection.

  3. I am a retired mental health nurse but I am also studying Ageless Wisdom Teachings for last 20 years. Everything in this world has a duality black/white good/evil day/night and no-one can escape that as it is the way things are set up on this planet. We are far more than our physical bodies and in fact we have an emotional body and a mental body as well as a soul. Many suffering from severe mental health problems (hearing voices) have gaps in their auric field (often through the over use of drugs) which allows other entities to come through and attack them psychically. I myself have had psychic attacks in the past so I know how devastating it can be. The astral or emotional plane (which dominates in us all during sleep) has myriad levels and depending on how the person thinks of themselves so for example if they are depressed/angry etc. so too will the same level of beings be attracted to them like magnets. Fear itself creates a negative magnet. Like attracts like. The last thing anyone hearing voices needs are drugs to suppress symptoms as this just leads to more confusion and fearfulness. They need to urgently and actively and with help and support improve their overall health physically mentally and emotionally to move out of the level of the astral plane where these darker entities exists so they can no longer capture and hold them hostage. Many of these folk too are suffering from obsession and are vulnerable to dark entities taking them over. Higher levels of the astral plane can bring entities of a great deal of Light and Love so it is crucial to get them out of the denser and darker levels in order to bring about true healing

  4. I think a massive part of why they are doing what they are doing with covid and the jab is because they know people are questioning the room now. people out there can see that whatever the full dimensions of earth is the globe is wrong, I don’t think they want people questioning the room so they push the flat globe false dichodomy to try and stop people questioning the room. but we absolutly should be questioning the room because we have been lied to. whatever the full dimension the earth is demostrably level as euclidean geometry is applied in construction that don’t work on curved surfaces. Thanks chris and dom great conversation with jerry and jenny.

  5. Another great podcast.
    I agree with what Jenny said about this being the great awakening. I’ve always believed that there was corruption and evil in this world but the last 2 years with the launch of divoc, jabs etc, my eye’s have been well n truly opened to how deep evil really runs. How people can still believe their own government would do them no harm is beyond me.
    We were meant to all come together at this time and thankfully on this journey, we found you guys to bring so much sense and humour to this bat crazy world.
    Thanks DnC, Jerry n Jenny.

  6. Great podcast listened twice so far… so much information… I started my nursing career in large psychiatric hospitals… watched ECT at 19! Met and listened to lots of hallucinations and voices from schizophrenic patients who were being so harmed by them and desperate for help… I left nursing then cos I thought I was joining in… or being infected…. This podcast makes lots of sense to me! Went back to nursing when emotionally and mentally stronger.
    Thank you guys.
    In Victoria Australia….the no jab no job state….
    Keep up the good work

  7. Have a look at Hillary Jones’s Twitter page guys. He’s got a review on his book from Jeffrey Archer of all people. Didn’t you mention Archer being involved Zahawi.
    He also states on his Twitter not to contact him for medical advice but you can contact him for management and publicity engagements

      1. Killary has just been served notice of liability for harm and death re all the lies he spouts on msm, coercing people, and now kids, to get the arm spear. He’s a disgusting specimen.
        Thanks for all your work in exposing these creatures. Much love to you and Chris x

  8. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.. but when I was first diagnosed with fibro,they gave me tramadol… and holy shit They turned me into a drooling zombie, I couldn’t even get out of bed. tramadol left me with a weak stomach and i cant even take a paracetomol without puking.. im supposed to be on gabapentin 300mg and sertralin 50mg, I don’t take either of em

  9. Dom and Chris. I publicise Sheep Farm on my Twitter page: DavidLloydWill8 when I can. I look forward to your podcasts. So does my wife.

    I just wanted to say that when I first investigated 9/11 twenty years ago there wasn’t the information out there that there is today. I actually believed the planes crashed into the World Trade Centre buildings. This video and others from this extremely well researched source convinced me otherwise. It may convince you too. But more than that, it made me realise that many in the media were primed with the standard story before it happened. How could they be so callous and uncaring as to go along with the televised murder of of 1,000 people and later a million more in the middle East.

    By the way, ignore the fakeotube title put on this link. That’s not the name of the video makers. Maybe Utube disinformation to put people off watching it. You’ll see the real link when you open it.

      1. That as long as we have assholes, we’ll never be too far from the smell of shit (MI6/7) 🙂
        Just my 10p worth 🙂

      2. Sorry if I am telling you about something you already know.

        I thought there were planes that crashed into the World Trade Centre. Now I realise there weren’t any. But if I were to tell people that they’d think I was nuts.

  10. Comfortably Numb

    Enough with your
    Conspiracy theories
    Get your foot off my kerb
    Don’t you see the notice
    On my forehead
    Do not disturb

    Let’s get a curry
    Or better still a kebab
    Life can be boring
    Often drab

    But your realty is disturbing
    It’s not much fun
    I’d rather remain
    Comfortably numb

  11. This is fascinating… also like a companion piece to James Delingpole’s interview with Jerry. I would love to have heard even more about Jenny’s experience, and how she overcame. One thing I wanted to add though is that, due to teeth problems we went through in our family (periodontitis; class iii malocclusion with the kids including tongue thrust – all of which we were told was incurable by the National Horrendous Service – only to find there are indeed cures…. (BOST + orthotropics) ), I went on quite a journey of discovery – and ended up reading the most amazing magnus opus: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration By Weston Price. He was the head of the American Dental Association and – can you imagine?? – actually genuinely cared about human health, and travelled the world, with his wife, staying with about 15 different traditional peoples from Alaskan forest Indians, to Swiss in the Loeschental Valley – all of whom ate a pure traditional diet, high in animal fat, and very low in plant matter. Price took very detailed record of their teeth health, and general health, and observed how this changed in the first generations that went to a modern diet – who suffered poor dental arches, caries,and succumbed to TB. Cancer and heart disease were non existent in the traditional populations. This book is an absolute gem. And why I mention it is: his work has been taken on and developed further, by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. And she goes into some detail as to how poor diet – especially where meat is missing and is replaced by grains – causes brain chemistry imbalances – leading to conditions such as anorexia and schizophrenia. So I think this could also be a significant part of the picture. A podcast that involved Jerry,Jenny – and Dr Natasha would be so runaway interesting, to see how the two perspectives would sit together! I do think that nutrition has a huge role in conditions where brain function is a problem…. as well as the toxins contained in the ‘medications’, It is interesting to look at what the symptoms of mercury poisoning are, for example, and how many meds through history have contained this….. Sorry to write so much!! Sophiex

  12. PS Just to add: what you have to remember is that the brain is made of fat and cholesterol, so when the body is deprived of good organic (ie toxin,poison free) sources of these, it is a kind of starvation diet, and the brain is impaired accordingly. Anyway, sorry to write so much!

    1. Exactly the terrain is created or destroyed, and all the various illnesses start… Has Tom Cowan been discussed here on the sheep farm studio ?

  13. I’m about a third of the way through listening to this – had to pause to comment… everything said by Jerry and Jenny about Psychiatry Inc. and the neurotoxins they peddle is spot on. For years I tried to get this across via cartoons (, but it felt like swimming against the tide. When the COVID plandemic started up, I could see straight away that the medical industry would roll out the coercive and controlling tactics it has always used with impunity on psych-patients onto the whole population. And that’s exactly what happened, with barely a murmur from the masses. We are all mental patients now.

  14. Dear Dom and Chris,
    Firstly I just wanted to say thanks for all the research you do, and for taking time to put stuff out. I’m an avid SF listener and always look forward to the latest release on Spotify.

    I’ve heard both the fascinating podcasts with Jerry and had a question. Obviously we are approaching this from an English perspective but, I wondered if Jerry had had any experience of people hearing the voices in other languages? For example, if you are bi/tri-lingual, which language is the most prevalent? Does the person hear voices in all two or three languages, or just their native tongue (known as the L1)?

    Having studied linguistics it occurred to me that there could be some intriguing avenues.

    Thanks again chaps,

    All the best,


  15. Terrain theory explains many of these observations much better on many levels, and WAP is I think a research proving terrain theory. There are great chapters on criminality etc of badly fed people. The project of these voices originating externally is a mistake no matter how comforting or convenient it may seem. Additionally while clensing may be important, constantly clensing to remove something damaging has to end and real nurishment has to be established. Anacdotes of Weston Prices treating people on their death beds and bringing them back very quickly focused on imediate nurishment, and not detox, so theres something to consider. WAPF and all the work they have done over the years is amazing, all building on Westons own research, the origional book has only recently been translated into quite a few other langauges thanks to the copywrite held by “Price Potenger Foundation” which strangly didnt’ allow any translations to happy, understand that how you will… but the information is available for people with eyes and years.

  16. Another great podcast. I love you guys and your northern, dry humour 🥰 great guests as well.
    The Satanism / deep state everyone is experiencing is as per the spiritual war in Ephesians 6.
    There’s only one solution to Satanism and that’s a return to the Christian God. You mention other spiritual options in the podcast and I respectfully disagree. Michael S Heiser covers where these other deities / entities come from in his book Supernatural.
    You might consider the link between Jenny’s water experience and the flood of Noah… the main purpose of which was to rid the world of hybrid / dna corrupt entities eg the Nephilim giants. Many of the disembodied spirits (demons) we experience are those of the Nephilim who were drowned. X

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