We are living under totalitarian rule and Nadhim Zahawi is one of the leading protagonists. He is another dangerous individual, a corrupt man intertwined with all the usual accompanying shenanigans.


  1. “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    -Charles Mackay
    ‘ Extraordinary Popular delusions and the Madness of Crowds’ Pub 1841

    I believe that we are entering this recovering senses stage, as the actions of the Five-eyes governments, are becoming increasingly unhinged…….as if they know that their plans are about to come off the rails.

      1. Very interesting this by the way for a few reasons. As someone who was opposed to the last war and saw through the bs sprawled by Blair/ Bush about Iraq and got involved in helping victims caught up in that war and was in contact with many people there working for the so called NGO’s working on the ground.. Anyone seeking “asylum”here does not have the privileges he claims to have had by the way unless his connections were already working within.. I know alot about the reality of what was going on during that time. I found out later that my own brother ( Sports & Education Director for leceister) was part of a contingent employed by the British Council to North Iraq ( Kurdish territories) to help re establish the education for Iraq..Since the 1930’s perhaps earlier and throughout Saddams reign the British Council were responsible for all the educational curriculum, exams and institutions just as they did in Syria, Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East..
        I believe all these countries including Africa ( another story relating to where I was born) despite given ” independence by the ” Empire” are still under their full control. Rich coming from a bunch of bandits/ pirates who have plundered all over the world that they should decide on the terms of just how independent that illusion is granted..for example..The Head registrar of Nairobi before their ” independence who signed my birth certificate in 1959 was working for the British until 1964.. As soon as ” independence ” was declared he was given the job of Deputy Prime minister. His name was Charles Njonjo.. He also became the 9th richest man in Africa died at the age of 103.. Just a coincidence? I don’t think so.

  2. In the four words, ‘ i do not consent’, i express my stand agin alien power assumed from unelected office.
    Magna Carta clearly identifies an alien force on our islands; this creature now stands with the same malemvolent, foreign cabal.
    1290 was and will not be the only occasion – its only a matter of time.
    I pray we see its return during our stint on this firmament, this Sceptred Isle.

  3. Brilliant as always 👏

    Here is a link to a free ebook that I think you will like. It’s called
    ‘ Covid 19 and the global predators; we are the prey by Dr Peter Breggin.
    He discovered a plan set out in 2016 involving Bill Gates, Klaus Swaub and WHO and funded by a group called CEPI ( coalition for epidemic preparedness innovations)
    The plan was after a global pandemic and their measures to control the world how they are going to divide the world between them. The book is free until August 31st. Just go to international preorder of the book and it comes up with international shipping too expensive so they will send you the ebook manuscript for free.

  4. Dom, Chris

    Nice coverage of Le Cercle; I had done some reading about this group before and indeed they are a frightening bunch. There is more good reading from a number of sources, however due to the Beyond Extreme hidden / secretive nature of these people, I am not exactly sure the accuracy of this, as I think anyone who gets too close to exposing them for their Evil Plans and actions, for decades, would indeed need to fear for their own safety.

    See below for some of these links:

  5. another good presentation guys.. much appreciated.. Sent an E-mail to you about a possible guest for a future podcast.. not sure if you got it.. Keep up the good work

  6. Can you publish the link to gps that you mention in the first few minutes – it’s after the Jordan book.

      1. Thank you. The site is just mind blowing and I will enjoy reading all it has to offer. To stand against one’s enemy it is necessary to know who/what they are. If I wasn’t seeing it all unfold before me I would never have believed how deep and wide this nefarious cabal is. Thank you for sharing with us what you have studied and discovered.

  7. Hello Dom and Chris
    I really appreciate your excellent research. As usual, my mind has been blown! Thanks so much for mentioning the ISGP site. My God! You are the only people to have recommended it. I find myself saying: if only I had known about this before – like a mantra – about almost everything.. I never cease to be gobsmacked by the blatant greed and shady connections of the Cabal. The link to Jeffrey Archer is very disturbing. Interesting that he was in charge of the ‘diversity gang of four’ : Zahawi, Patel, Javid and Kwarteng. Archer tried to present himself as a lovable rogue – LOL! Just like Doris, he is a dangerous narcissist without an ounce of empathy. I have just found this article about him:
    (I hope you do not encounter a pay wall).. I have ordered the Gary Jordan book.

  8. I’ve been trying to understand the purpose of the vaccination programme. I’ve assumed the obvious therefore it is based on eugenics and de population but is this a possibility?

    Those who have planned this worldwide takeover need funds to maintain it. To buy compliance and all those state organs of control. So where can this money come from and how could they get it quickly. Firstly, I feel Big Pharma as they are called can be used as a conduit for that purpose. Politicians are bought and agree to use State funds to buy vaccines, millions of doses. The money is transferred to the vaccine companies. Huge sums of money. And this is a method for siphoning off money from all the major Western powers. What is more, if people are required to have top ups the funds being transferred are also topped up on a regular basis. It’s effectively transferring some of our tax money to a new World Government that has no tax raising powers of its own until it is fully established.

    Just a thought,

    1. Interesting thought. One thing for sure and that is they will squeeze every advantage out of every opportunity they create.

  9. All reading a script that changes as they like, when they like, day by day. And as we have discussed none NONE of these Flockers lead by example, so it just shows how daft they actually are and I am totally amazed that people I know, 99/100 actually think these characters are on par !!! Nice one Sheep Guys x

    1. The Iranians, Iraqis, Jews and Palestinians are all cousins; take a look at how similar their religions are – It’s like two bald men fighting over a comb.

  10. Fascinating stuff as usual lads. Do you remember back in the 90s Julian clary on the comedy awards saying he’s just got back from fisting Norman Lamont haha, can’t remember old bushy eyebrows suing him for slander.the Dave McGowan book programmed to kill along with Cathy o briens trance formation of America were the hardest books I ever read to do with the harrowing content in them and you know in your gut that’s what’s being said is true. Looking forward to mint sauce chronicles hopefully this week.

  11. Brilliant research and presentation, notice how that German character is renamed Shakespeare?
    Ironically Ming is an MP for Stratford, birthplace of?……….

  12. At about 1hr and 14 min into the report:”Alarm bells are ringing, why the back and forth
    changing of name?”
    The hiding of identity: crypto-jewish, secret service, bloodline and/or bankster related.

  13. Hi guys, brilliant research as ever!

    Two things struck me, the first being that Jamil Sidiqi al-Zahawi could not have not known Johnson’s g-g-grandfather as he was Minister of the Interior to the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire at that same time.

    Secondly, after following John Davies’ link above, I did a search on the names al-Zahawi and Barzani. There is a history of many Barzanis being Jewish. There is even a language called, ‘Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic’. You can find it at wikipedia if you search that description. Needless to say, they have been and are in positions of wealth and power.

    Also, whilst I was searching, I came across a, ‘List of Iraqis’, at the same source. If you scroll down to the section sub-titled, ‘Business people and entrepreneurs of Iraqi descent’, it will induce a swift intake of breath…and, maybe, give you more dots to join.

    Here is the link

    Keep up the good work, guys. I always look forward to your new work.

    1. Hi Karen

      Yes I saw the ‘Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic’ but edited it out due to time, I thought we’d covered enough. But I hadn’t seen the list, it just solidifies what we already know dosen’t it?


  14. What is it with these guys wanting to be Jockeys? Handjob was a jockey also. Is there some twisted meaning to the word in their world?

  15. I was one of many mugs that filled in loads of questionnaires after registering with YouGov – in the vain hope of getting paid £50 ( for a thousand questionnaires or something ) – about 15 / 17 years ago – I feel gutted, ripped off – did anyone get paid? And now I also feel embarrassed and angry that the ‘data’ i provided has made these people £millions – and in some way aided what is possibly my future…

  16. You have to stop saying that ‘we’ are the bad guys. The corrupt ands subverted ‘government’ and MIC are, as are the puppeteers behind the scenes.

    ‘We’ have a conscience and the chance of redemption. Those creatures do not.

    1. Hi Debbie

      I agree and disagree, sadly whether we like it or not we’ve all been complicit at some point and still are. That’s the truth, we are feeding the machine, funding our own demise and paying for our servitude.

      However we are also fighting against the lies and deceit at the same time, its a strange paradox.


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  18. The work both of you have done exposing the lies and just how deep this corruption goes. Once you use Real eyes you realise real lies.. you can’t unsee what you see or unhear what you hear..
    Anyone who still is of the belief that all these leaders were voted in needs a check up from the neck up. They are all pre selected and put into positions of power through their dark shadow connections that go back through history. The talking heads in Parliaments is nothing more than Shakespeare. They get the script well in advance to give them time to practice their lines as they are wooden top shit actors who wouldn’t get a job as an extra in a John Lewis advert outside in the real world. ..Its all theatre to keep the public away from the puppet masters..
    gatekeepers of the beast system. If those MPs have any measure of ” power” its a wee bit of leverage and a shit load of info to blackmail each other with when one of them step out of line.

  19. Dom. Another thing worth mentioning is that the surname is his father’s first name as thats how they are known and when they marry, their wives keep their fathers first name even if they marry… the key is the ” family” name or tribal name to trace the lineage. All fascinating stuff you uncover and the Jeffrey Archer link ( and the Circle) is particularly interesting where Archer is coming from at the moment but I can’t divulge on here

    1. Thanks Katrina.

      The Archer is a very interesting character in the whole play, one has to wonder the odds of him ‘schooling’ several of these evil MPs that are in power now. It’s when you see this kind of thing it drives home that there is no coincidences, ever. everything is planned and controlled.

      Apart from people like us, we must be the thorn in the side of these narcissists.

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