In SAGE UNMASKED 2 we will have a brief look into the history of AstraZeneca. We’ll then take a deep dive into the backgrounds of Prof. Johnathan Van Tam & Prof. Susan Michie.


  1. It was the historian David Irvine who revealed the truth of Dresden ( previously unknown outside Germany) in his 1961 (?) Book and later wrote Hitler ‘s War and Churchill’s War, relying on primary or direct source material. I remember him being pilloried on the David Frost show simply for saying he could find no evidence of what the mainstream was saying as true ..- i recall the Larry Olivier “World at War* series pushing the official narrative came out at about the same time. Thing was I was only a lad at the time and Frost’s approach struck me as really unfair and wrong. I hope John Hamer has read the Irving books and can build on this when you speak to him.

    1. I have most of Irving’s books, and have studied his work in much detail too. His work is exemplary and so are his lectures. John mentions Irving in his book/s Troy.

      And like, Antony C Sutton & Carroll Quigley for some reason they were allowed access to some of the most historic secret documents. Why who knows, maybe a mistake or maybe revelation of method who knows.

      All 3 were threatened because of what they found.

      Our chat will be about a number of things and will discuss Irving’s work as his is one of the best references of the bombing of Germany.

      1. The saying that ‘History is written by the victors’ is so true.
        I did modern history at school (1870-1979) to ‘A’ level standard which began with the Franco Prussian war. I left school believing such things as Britain (and it’s Empire) was the greatest thing since sliced bread, we won both wars , and Churchill was probably the greatest human ever. Although my career involved Chemistry, I carried on researching the modern world and it didn’t take too long to realise most of what I was taught was utter one sided bollocks!! Baaa

      2. This will come across as pedantic, but the literal meaning of the word
        ‘Holocaust’ is ‘Burnt offering’.

        Also the starvation and abuse of german soldiers and citizens
        in Rhineland concentration camps among which Remaghen,
        which took place from 1945-’47. (after the war ended)

        The Anglo’s were and are awful and disgusting in their cruelty.
        Upper class Anglo’s and zionist jews are a marriage made in hell.
        I wish the yanks would fuck off out of europe yesterday, the lying
        backstabbing blood soaked zio-cocksucking basterds.

        Oh well, there is always a place for sex drugs and violence,
        they are consistent in their ways.

        1. Hi Andrew

          Yes we’ve read and watched NKs works over the years, and Max Igan from Crow House is someone we both look up to, and maybe in the future we’d love to do a podcast with him.

          Dom 🙂

  2. I too grew up with World at War on tv on Sundays, the only day we had red meat and it put me off my food…Victor Gregg’s autobiographical books woke me up to what happened it Dresden…

  3. Ey up lads , Data download scheme was on the schoolkids who got free laptops etc. Grezt show , this lot are worse than nazis theyve not even got going yet , please look at st thomas hospital and raf lakenheath .

  4. They are tyrannical dictators who know very well that all of this is not necessary! vaccinating children for an infection that only kills s in one million people where they are already expected to die of their major age related condition. That is what happens, people who are elderly die but it is unforgivable to count their deaths as Covid deaths! I cannot believe so many people are ready to present their lies where anyone with any sense can see them as the idiots they are. Maybe they are just too psychotic.

  5. when are they going to be dragged out of their safeholes and ended…their all old farts and look like none of them could even wipe their own arseholes without a struggle…when is enough enough sheep?

  6. When you spoke about Serequel my ears pricked up. I was once prescribed Sertraline for severe depression. I was so desperate at the time I took it without reading the leaflet enclosed. After a few weeks of severe stomach pain and burning heartburn 24/7 I read the adverse effects. Imagine the shock when I saw on the same line as gastrointestinal problems, cancer.
    I went back to the Psych who prescribed them and showed her the leaflet. She casually said ‘Oh I’m sure that’s very rare’. I was absolutely astonished. Obviously, I asked how she could prescribe a so called medicine if there was even an inkling that it could cause cancer. She ushered me off with a bland comment and inferred I was paranoid. That was the last time I saw any Psych.
    I still have that leaflet.

  7. Great stuff guys. You mentioned Bedford re Michie’s dad, i learned recently the building at the end of the Broadway was used as a spy school during the war, he must have been there.

    1. Really enjoyed this – thank you both and for all what you do, especially exposing these individuals for what they truly are.

  8. This thing about needing 2 Jabs to go to a nightclub just means you gotta take John Prescott with you on a night out!

  9. Hubris is their intoxication, the oxygen they breath: perception management, taken of the shelf, dusted down to be utilised again. From 1970 onwards until the culmination of the troubles in Northern Ireland the JIC (joint intelligence committee) under the authority of the British government operated such a policy; win their hearts and minds while placating assassinations, sounds familiar. History is the perfect tutor.

    REF: The Operators. James Rennie
    The Nemesis File. Paul Bruce
    1033. No longer in print
    Consensual Worlds. Michael Antoni

    PS. The Destruction of Dresden. David Irving

    Yet again, great work guys!

  10. Another fascinating set of flockers great work guys look 👀 forward to the next lot.

  11. Your flow is natural and unique and I thank you for the time you spend on Sherlock research you’re both right, when you see the web it’s beyond freaky.

  12. Hi Dom & Chris,

    Students of the Bolshevic revolution will know that Lenin (Ulanov) and Trotsky (Bronstein) were funded by Jacob Schiff of Koen & Loeb Bank in New York. Lenin was seen off on his train my Max Warberg. The reason for funding by the elites was to establish cheap manufacturing close to slave labour which they then would profit from. Other motivations were to compete with Germany. So there is no contradiction between Michie being from “elitist” stock while also espousing communism. The same applies to Greta Thunberg who comes from a millionaire Marxist family. Max Warberg also started the Green movement in 1958 with similar aims – destroy the middle classes, atomise the working classes and take over. Hence why the Greens tend to be very woke.


  13. Syngenta still make agrichemicals on Leeds road. It’s a much reduced site now compared to the hey day of ICI. They are now owned by Chem China who also own Pirelli. They make Paraquat but it’s distributed worldwide as it’s not approved in EU. They make diquat and glyphosate which is in household weedkiller. They also make some more selective herbicides which contain the fluorine groups as you mentioned. Looks like the EU has also banned diquat. So looks like that will be stopping soon. Noticed all the dead bumble bees recently, wonder if that’s anything to do with the neonicatinoids Syngenta, Bayer, BASF and Monsanto make.

  14. By the way, the smell from Brighouse is most likely Nufarm in Wyke, they also make agrichem. They bulk of those chemicals are TCP’s the smell you get is cresol and phenols. Very pungent. If you ever near an old pit where they had a coking plant cresol and similar compounds would be the dominant odour in the area. Can’t have done people any good that’s for sure.

  15. Thanks for all you are doing. Excellent research into the Cabal. It is staggering to learn about their insidious connections. Michie is especially sinister. Why is she never challenged? Where are the true journalists?.. The idea of minimising the visibility of non-adherence which ‘may undermine adherence’ explains the deliberate non reporting of the massive protests in London and across the world.

  16. Communists, particularly Stalinists’ like Miche always believe in border controls. Not just borders between countries but borders between regions within a country. It must not be forgotten that Russia introduced internal passports and in the 1930’s when they forced collective farming on the peasants and stole their land and produce, including seed stock, they starved to death about 10 million men women and children deliberately. One thing that facilitated this was that the peasants, through internal Passports, were prevented from travelling outside their region to get food when their crops were confiscated.

    Read Harvest of Sorrow.

  17. The name of the symbol/group is called NAMBLA (North America Man Boy Love Association).. absolutely abhorrent entity.

    My friend noticed that the sign is very prevalent in the online game Fortnite.

    Bless up Dom and Chris 🙌🏽💙

  18. Hey up guys.. not sure if you noticed, but the Walls ice cream sign that is plastered all over ice cream trucks is also a variation of the NAMBLA p-do symbol. Sinister stuff.

  19. Love you guys to bits and am promoting you heavily to those that can still think straight. (I’m up to about 6 or 7 now lol)… Awesome work!
    I will badger you to do an episode on Event 201 as it was basically the dry-run and blueprint for this insanity. Please deliver. It will be absolute gold, and another substantive confirmation of how people are being played.
    Keep it up!!!
    p.s. you spelt “unmasked” wrong on this lol

  20. The so-called pandemic is a joke right now, as you rightly point out, but the elites will end up being the boy who cried wolf and the wolf is really there at some point. They will look like heroes who are trying to save humanity when the vax starts to wreak havoc on people. I know y’all like your sources, so here’s a quote from Bill’s book – “Several Top Secret recommendations were made by Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome. He advocated that a plague be introduced that would have same effect as the famous Black Death of history…a microbe which would attack the autoimmune system and thus render the development of a vax impossible. The orders were given to develop the microbe and to develop a prophylactic and a cure. The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by vax. The prophylactic was to be used by the ruling elite. The cure will be administered to the survivors when it is decided that enough people have died. The cure will be announced as newly developed when in fact it has existed from the beginning.” It was supposed to be a part of a plan called Global 2000 but I guess it’s now something to do with the 2030 agenda.

  21. Facts and fact checkers are all around us with many stories and counter stories from the MSM and the alternative media. What is fact what is not??? We live unprecedented, anxious times and… surely… this is the slow breakdown of our society. What to do… where to go??? While this world is disintegrating there is still time to make your peace with the Almighty through Jesus Christ… THIS IS YOUR TIME… please go to you are in my thoughts and prayers, thank you, Pete 🙂

  22. Do you have any concept of what a complete lynching sham kangaroo court that the 1945-46 Nuremberg Tribunal actually was?

    How stacked the rules were?

    How stacked the prosecution was?

    How impossible they made it for the defence, even prohibiting the defence bringing in any evidence that the prosecution had not already brought into the court?

    A Nuremberg Two tribunal based on the same stacked deck that the Allies did with Nuremberg Tribunal One would end up with the COVID Deniers being hung for war crimes.

    People REALLY need to WTFU to what has really happened in history.

    How would you like a Nuremberg Tribunal Two, for getting to the truth of “COVID” which had a constitution literally stating:
    “This Tribunal will NOT be bound by any normal rules of technical evidence”

    “expert” testimonies of the witnesses CHOSEN by the “tribe” that caused both WW2 and the COVID scam, will be the ones that are accepted as “evidence”. They will choose the witnesses.

    And witnesses for the “COVID Deniers”?
    How well will they fare when their witness statements are taken after DAYS OF TORTURE, including as in Nuremberg Tribunal One, no less that 146 men having their testicles crushed!

    Quite simply, those that put any hope in a Nuremberg Tribunal Two are ignorant fools contributing to the success of the plans for World Domination of the ones that controlled Nuremberg Tribunal One.

    Or to put it in Australian terms: If you think you could get justice from a Nuremberg Tribunal run by the same cabal behind COVID scam, then you’re a bloody idiot!

    David Irving reveals just some of the injustices in the Nuremberg Tribunal:

    Listen to this closely and WTFU.

    1. Hi George

      I have read David Irving’s work, and his research is impeccable.



        1. ‘Europa the Last Battle’ Documentary series

          Part 1 is particularly important in understanding the genocides from the Bolshevik (Russian) Revolution and who was behind it. This is essential to understand because this plan goes on to become on a global scale, the New World Order

          Who was behind 9/11? What was the truth about USS Liberty? What is the Lavon Affair?

  23. Just to let you know, you wondered what the two finger V sign stands for, it stands for V for Victory.

  24. Having been on every psychiatric drug except lithium,over the course of 54 years,including Seroquel,and in multiple combinations,prescribed by totally irrational psychiatrists and doctors,l have been in a very dark place during that time, a nightmare twilight zone. It has taken me the last 8 years to slowly come off all medication,including drugs for the physical problems caused by the psych drugs.These drugs cause and exacerbate mental health problems.l have been locked up in mental hospitals and forcibly injected with these toxins,these doctors and their so called treatments destroyed every area of my life,and its a wonder that l am still alive.I was only 14 years old when first prescribed very dangerous drugs, only psychopaths would give these drugs to children and young people.I think now that this is deliberate,our Government want everyone to be drugged in some way,because they want a docile and compliant population.Everyone needs to understand that The State Is Your Enemy,its not about care, but Social and Psychological Control, and now The NHS ,which is run by Eugenesists,is outright culling the population,and also committing Genocide with the experimental vaccines.This is all linked to Satanism,many of the Elites practice Satanic Rituals which involve Human Sacrifice.There are many Eugenic policies now active in The NHS.

    1. That is one heck of a story! and sadly I have heard it before. I have to agree with all of what you say, i wish it wasn’t so, but it is. Dom

  25. They have been attacking working class children for decades. I was 1 of 1000s of children taken into hospital to have my tonsils removed. No one explained why I was there. I clearly remember having a big rubber mask with gas put on my face which I struggled to push off and waking up with my throat cut and bleeding. The wards were full and as soon as one lot was done they wheeled in another ward full. This is not talked about much but I consider it medical child abuse.

    1. I have similar memories. Tonsils and anenoids (prob spelt incorrectly) out as a young lad was only 3. My mum said I was a sickly child and constantly on antibiotics. It was only later I learned tonsils and anenoids are an important part of the immune system. I have suffered with other conditions later in life and the treatment approach again has left unwanted side effects and in some cases made my condition worse. They wonder why we don’t trust them haha. Makes me wonder how my health would of been without all the interference of the “professionals”

  26. Also worth mentioning the Piers And Piers fight on GMTV where Piers Corbyn spells it all out for everyone and is attacked for 10min by the hit squad. They even get dr Killery to join the interview for back up.

    1. Same Piers Morgan who has had to arse lick because he widely publicised after the Dr Oz flu shot that he “felt like crap”. CNN hated him for that and the Alex Jones (Texas) session.

  27. Lenin admired the work of Pavlov and his dogs, he instructed him to research how to use the methods on the Russian people.

  28. Just read the blurb of ‘Things to come’ by H.G.Wells and it’s all you need to know……

  29. You guys connect the dots. Frankly you deserve the UK dot-connecting record. I will forward your video to Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter. UTTERLY superb work (and contributors). ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE.

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