Sheep Farm 22 Podcast #3 | John Hamer The Falsification of Science

Sheep Farm 22 Podcast #3 | John Hamer The Falsification of Science

John Hamer is a fellow Yorkshireman, truth-seeker and a relentless author.

Here we discuss the dogmas within science, including Globe Earth, Gravity, The Theory of Evolution & The Big Bang Theory.


  1. Started listening on way home from work, will finish tomorrow on way back to North Yorkshire from posh Fixby, can’t wait! Fuck me, who’d have thought I’d be surrounded by open minded free thinkers! Huddersfield, the home of the wise men! Not sure about Barnsley lot, wrong side of South Yorkshire, too much creosol darn neck from werkin darn mine! I’m from’t deep South Yorkshire Rotherham. Up the conspiracy theorists!!

      1. Nice one Tracey ☺️ where abouts you from. From posh end at Wickersley. Like mi posh ends 🤣

  2. Flat earth falls apart when it comes to southern hemisphere constellations and the Coriolis effect.

    1. Coriollis effect has been proven smoke and mirrors , vids of ppl at the equator divert the water stream slightly and causes swirling in the opposite direction amazing the tourists. It literally depends on the angle of water expulsion.

  3. Thanks lads, another brilliant podcast.
    I only came across John’s excellent work this week thanks to a friend who is giving me a crash course in truther research.
    I was also sent a link to a podcast about Dr Mary’s monkey and the connection with Lee Harvey Oswald, which I listened to this evening. My head is now spinning.

    Look forward to your next podcast, cheers. Baaa

  4. I love it when you say something that makes you laugh. Your podcasts really are a pick me up. A breath of fresh air with interesting topics talked about. I would enjoy the Churchill talk.
    I am not sure what shape the earth is but I am sure we are being lied to about space exploration. What did your guest mean about his friend doing something and it looked like bubble wrap? I didn’t understand that bit.

    1. Hi Tracey, that’s what I love about these two, the little jokes and comments make me chuckle. Love their accents. I’m not convinced about trying to debunk globe earth asking about spinning at great speeds and us not being thrown off, helicopters travelling west without moving. Try standing in the middle of a bus and jumping while its moving see if you fly to the back seats. Come to the back if you think your hard enough, doo, do, da doo, lol

  5. Hi Dom & Chris, thoroughly enjoyed this and I must say just love your commentary – you are both a breath of fresh air!

  6. Hey Dom and Cris thanks for all you do with humour and courage and humility.
    Cheers and all the best from a Yorkshire woman living in Perth Western Australia ❤️

  7. A good listen and thought provoking well done Dom and Chris and John. Thought for many years the big bang theory is nonsense, funny how this is accepted as near fact when people of religion and their theory is ridiculed. Not sure like most people how we came to be but there has to be a creator or creators of some sort. On the flat earth or globe argument, have heard of it but do not know enough about it to be honest, one thing though, John says here he doesn’t know what shape or what the earth really is it could be anything, flat etc, well if he is not sure what it really is and it could be anything why could it not be indeed a globe, I know he said he knows for sure it is not a globe, but on the other hand he said he is not sure what it is, surely that is a contradictory statement.

    1. Our view is that I can’t see proof of any shape, in photo’s. NASA photo’s can’t be believed at all. The reason for the lies are more important than the shape. Just my opinion for what its worth.

  8. There was a tv show called Space Cadets a few years back where they put some gullible people in phoney shuttle and supposedly made them think they had gone into orbit – old beardy Epsteins mate recreated it I think

  9. Listened to rest o t’podcast today on t’way t’werk. Got to be honest, appreciate he had some good points and I’d love to see the references to the experiments that disprove earth curvature. But I think many claims of false theories can be “backed up” by simple experiments. However in science, you can never fully probe a theory, ever. You can disprove a theory and you can test your theory to provide evidence to prove it. But there is never 100% proof. I think all scientists would accept that. Regarding the fish to land adaptation, have you though about sea creatures having to survive caught out by tides, surviving and strengthening the trait for gas absorption? Or draught no draught, the odd fish surviving for days then shagging another survivor? Genetic variation, isolation, survival to pass on genes, adaptation. Trying to remember from A Level biology.

    1. I do totally agree though a lot of high end science is bollox and we are being lied to on a grand scale. CO2 global warming definitely is bollox.

  10. It’s just refraction of light off the water that accounts for not seeing the 1/2 mile drop of the object you’re observing! Hahahahahah! You guys still need to check out the terra convexa documentary!

  11. Your slow, unassuming approach to the topic kept me listening. There’s a bible verse that talks about God sitting above the disc of the earth. Lots of debate in Christian circles if the verse should say “circle” or “disc”, and in Christian circles there is a conspiracy theory that the owners of the Bible publishing companies have changed even the King James Version, because selling bibles is big business as you know so they have their hand in the pot so to speak. They also push other agendas through biblical interpretations. However, I haven’t thrown the baby (bible) out with the bathwater. Here’s the KJV with original Hebrew numbers from Strong’s Concordance (you can google the numbers for the original meaning but those may have been tampered with)

    Isa 40:22  It is he that sittethH3427 uponH5921 the circleH2329 of the earth,H776 and the inhabitantsH3427 thereof are as grasshoppers;H2284 that stretcheth outH5186 the heavensH8064 as a curtain,H1852 and spreadeth them outH4969 as a tentH168 to dwell in:H3427 

    To defend God wanting worship, if humans don’t worship God, who DO they worship? Themselves. And look where we are as a society in general. I want what I want when I want and I don’t care who I trample on to get it. That’s the American way, anyway.

    1. Good comment Julie. God doesn’t force you to worship him he gives you that choice. Then because we have created a massive hole we have a need to fill that hole with anything to make the guilt go away. We have a natural born relationship with God because that is how we are made. If we ignore that it comes with a price but that is how we are made.

      No one who owns a high powered sports car would think of putting cheap oil or even ignoring the oil light. Its a warning but if we ignore it then we cannot complain if the engine seizes.

      The PottersClay YT channel covers alot the flat earth stuff from both a biblical and scientific slant. Lots of very interesting videos and many pulling NASA to pieces of their lies – Never A Straight Answer – NASA.

  12. There are many apple references but one that maybe is not so well known is the word for apple in the Japanese language is Ringo. Richard Starkey said his nickname Ringo was because he wore lots of rings.

      1. ONO, lol ! you’re very welcome, listening to your latest now, love it you can laugh at it all, cheers me up no end, exactly what we need.

  13. Hi Dom and Chris
    I would love to see you do one of your background podcasts on Justin Trudeau and his family. I think you will be interested in the connections. All the G7 leaders are worth looking at.
    Thanks for what you do

  14. Having trouble watching this video on YT. All the other vids in your channel play okay, but this one won’t play. Has it been pulled by YT?

  15. i wonder if we are the basic 666 model that other human forms are based on and maybe central to creation ?

  16. Huge thanks Dom and Chris, great content as always. My dad recently showed me your page and the whole family have been keeping up since, we love the humour you bring to these conversations.
    Just bought “What Really Makes You Ill”, which is brilliant so far, and will be buying John’s books next.

    Thanks again from the whole family.

    1. its a great book, we’re interviewing them next so there will be a “What Really Makes You Ill” podcast in a couple of weeks

  17. Another superb podcast. Really enjoyed this one. Now have loads of stuff to go and research. Not a flat earther per se but have an open mind and frankly nothing would surprise me anymore.

    1. Just seen this short video on YT and thought it would interest you lads… they’re definitely trying to keep us from knowing what’s going on in Antarctica (the edge?)
      Amazing content, thanks for all you do 👍

  18. Love your videos! Please can you tell me what the song is called that you play at the beginning and end? Thanks for all your hard work✊🏼

    1. Hi, the song was written and performed by Seb, Chris’s son. It’s not finished yet though.



  19. I disagree with the guy. He is a lunatic. Copernicus was a bishop not a Freemason.
    Big Bang theory was proven by a Belgian priest scientist Georges Lemaître not some Freemasons.
    I just don’t like the Gnostic tone he sets. With his attitude of ignoring Jesus Christ he has no chance winning over much much loyal Freemasons within fraternities.
    To me this is simply attempting to debunk the global cabal but backwards, path of least resistance to the evil forces in this world.
    The guy talks about these examples and alleged facts like he just finished watching a video about flat Earth (so many planes but there is one guy who bought a gyroscope to prove it does not compensate and many other examples).
    He should be giving full names, dates, places and perhaps date of births of these people to sound legit but he doesn’t.
    It sounds very easy to defeat him with scientific facts. I am sure he makes a big sensation on any BBQ party he attends but that is about it.

    1. I’m feeling a lot of anger in this comment my friend, everything is a theory no-one knows what the truth, and nobody has all the answers, apart from that we are being lied to.

      I think it’s unfair to comment if one hasn’t read John’s books, he goes into more detail in his books, obviously we have limited time in an interview.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      1. I mean it does not matter if the Earth is flat or round that is why I said this is a Gnostic way of debunking the cabal but it’s done backwards and leads to nowhere.
        People have to work on their souls at the same time they research on other things but in the post-Protestant and Atheistic West people seem to forget it and prefer to bypass it by criticizing the religions (they have never been a part of) as an excuse and become Gnostic individuals.
        You cannot compete with Jewish zealots and Freemasonic brothers by proposing alternative science. At the end of the day mainstream science only exists because there are some people and organization making money out of it and if you don’t get the blessing of the financiers and governments this is never leaving the colleges and universities.

        1. Round or flat we all agree on that on it makes no difference. I think Religion also leads us down a blind alley.
          Most things have an element of truth surrounded by lies.

          The God made us, or someone’s God made us scenario for instance, has an element of truth to it but it is shrouded by control and lies and made into a dogmatic belief system, just like science etc

          We respect everyone’s point of view, thanks for the comments 🙂

  20. Love the Sheep Farm Studio videos and podcasts. Thanks so much Chris and Dom, for all the work you have done. My son got me into the proofs that debunk the globe theory many years ago. I think the flat earth theory makes so much more sense than the fake globe. Read John’s book last year and found it very interesting.
    Check out Eric Dubay’s YT videos for lots of evidence that the earth is not a globe: and his website: Website:

  21. Flat vs globe is a false dichotomy.. The flat model is a strewman. the earth is demonstrably level. Water takes the shape of the container and forms a level plane on the surface.. Euclidean geometry is applied in construction which assumes a level plane and don’t work on curved surfaces. Vacuums can not exsit next to gas pressure we live in without barrier between them. whatever the earth is it is not a globe. we need full exloration to get the full diemensions. have a look at this channel beyond the imaginary curve check out some of his street interviews.

  22. Great podcast guy’s. I just want to touch on what John said about his friend in Paris having seen Diana walking to the ambulance. I was awake in the early hours that fatal morning and I was watching the news live as the story was unfolding. One of the reports that came in said that Diana had been seen walking away from the accident scene and it was believed she may have suffered a broken arm.
    I remember thinking thank God she is OK. Then a while later they announced her death and I was like, hang on, how was it she was seen walking away but now she’s dead. This has always stayed with me.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share my memory of that awful time.
    Loved John’s theories on flat earth, a lot to consider there.
    Thanks Dom n Chris for your great podcasts.

    1. Hi
      Just love these podcasts – I’m hooked. I could listen to those YORKSHIRE accents all day. Just one thing, saw John Hamers video of Titanic today and he mentions the curvature of the earth. I wonder if researching his Titanic work made him question ‘globe earth’
      Keep it up fellas
      Baaa x

  23. Enjoyed all the videos / podcasts.

    When starting on the path of flat earth it goes deep.

    Check out – Enoch 1 Flat Square Earth & Melted Red Brick University. Gives some further explanations.

    Keep up the good work.

    Waka – Todmorden.

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