1. like you I’m nearly 51 – still got my Joy of Knowledge encyclopedias from the early 80’s that my mum bought me (parents cared in those days) – one small entry for Spanish flu in the index only – just says influenza outbreak 1918-1919 affected young people estimated 20 million died

    1. Hi , I’ve got a set of encyclopaedia books “The New Book Of Knowledge “ from 1938 and no mention of the Spanish flu ? Or even flu itself ? Which seems very strange ?

  2. It is non-stop in yer face Puppet Show of multi-level Hegelian Wizardry by the Darkside Puppetmasters.

  3. Can’t wait for film Directors , I bet you have that creep who finished Benning’s (alrite she were a lesbian but still) career and mental helth with Psycho 2 also directed Dark Knight, which drove the young joker actor to suicide. he did,t want the joker part. he was auditioning for Batman……………proper creep who started out with nasty horrers that were really snuff movies who neeeeeaarly got done for it.
    Maybe Adern just copying Ado’s style? His content were more honest to be fair. Maybe thats why the Sabbateans didn’t like him
    Ps Islam(Turkey) and Serbia also got a bit of history surprise surprise.
    Whitey isn’t allowed to be tribal. Media an extremely powerful weapon last 100 year+ Thats the bottom line . Don’t beLIEve Ps my website will be up soon its an art website

  4. Re: Film directors : Guy who directed the deceased Joker also directed Benning in the exploitative Psycho 2. he started out his career in snuff movies disguised as horror.

  5. Hello to you both.

    Absolutely love the straightforwardness, research, and humour of your blogs. Thanks!

    I was interested in your comments about folks dismissing the appalling side effects of the jabs despite experiencing them. This weird cognitive dissonance is rife in terms of people and drug treatments. About 8 years ago I developed a whole host of autoimmune issues, one after the other. I’m convinced drug induced, but won’t go into that here. The most agonising and terrifying condition I developed was autoimmune arthritis. I woke up one day and could not move!

    After two years of agony and begging to be referred to rheumatology I was eventually seen by a specialist. I have psoriatic arthritis. I was prescribed a whole host of seriously toxic meds. I was in agony and desperate for the pain to stop. So I took them, despite having recently weaned myself off different toxic meds which triggered (I believe) autoimmune response. Things got worse. I joined an arthritis forum for some support. What I very quickly realised that people who were taking things like methotrexate, sulfasazine and biologicals were fairing really badly. But despite no remittance of pain and damage, plus damage from the drugs, people would fiercely defend medical professionals and the drugs. It didn’t matter that the forum was full of people who had been sick for decades despite treatment.

    Those of us who started to suggest diet changes, and frugal use of steroids (intramuscular in my case) were absolutely vilified. Worse still, the forum is set up by arthritis UK, and anyone found to be advocating dietary or health changes were thrown off the forum! We were not following the science! Extraordinary.

    The sad fact is those of us who stopped the biological meds and toxic crap and took a less is more approach to medicine, are fairing rather better than those who stick rigidly to the medical model. I’m not knocking all medicines… absolutely not! I have a steroid shot once, maybe twice a year, and very grateful I am too. I looked at the evidence for the massively expensive drugs advised against relatively cheap alternatives, and went for the latter. Firstly, although not perfect, it works. Plus I don’t spendy days with head down the loo! A no brainer… right? Well you would think so. People seem mesmerised into believing ‘the science’ despite the evidence.

    Jabs are no different. Needless to say I wouldn’t touch one with a twenty foot pole!

    1. Hi Jeanette

      Myself and my wife have/had Lyme disease so we know what you’re talking about. We now run a clinic using many different natural procedures that helped us get our lives back.

      Thanks for the comment, all the best, Dom

      1. How interesting, and good for you and your wife. There are often better treatments than the conventional method if one looks.

        People do hang on to the strong belief in medicine. Mostly through fear or pain I think. I can understand that. Difficult to understand the rage at alternative suggestions though, particularly if they work!

        Look after yourselves.

        1. Hi Dom

          What were your symptoms please. I’ve been suffering for years and tests have never revealed a cause. I now have sleep apnea (the pits) muscle and joint pain and appear sensitive to WiFi.
          I would so appreciate a reply.

          God bless you


        2. Hi Rita
          All of the above, constant feeling like I had infections every day, CFS, Fibromyalgia, inflammation, digestive disturbances, sensitivities to light, noise etc I could go on and on have a look at our website



    2. Hi Jeanette, I was interested though not surprised at your comment. I’ve experienced similar things in the cancer world. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 2013 and chose to follow a ‘natural’ treatment routine as much as possible. Many of those doing natural treatment are failing fat better than those who have the toxic chemo. I researched and found that many doctors have been curing cancer for many years but the cures and good treatments are covered up. Many doctors who were successfully treating cancer patients were and still are being victimized and ridiculed by their peers. Cancer is reversible and curable. I have met many people who have recovered from so called terminal cancer using natural or integrated cancer care. The doctors in the UK are unable to offer anything other than chemo, radiotherapy and surgery, due to the 1939 Cancer Act. Patients are not given support/advice on nutrition and emotional links to disease. It’s all corrupt – big pharma controlling what’s taught in medical schools. The big cancer charities are all in on the scam. Think of Macmillan who promote their coffee mornings with unhealthy sugary buns, if they cared it would be a great opportunity to educate people about prevention and healthy eating/juicing etc. My thoughts is that cancer wasn’t killing people fast enough so they needed the plandemic and the vaccines to kill off lots more people in a more timely manner. There’s so many similarities with the cancer scam and what’s going on now. The classic hegelian situation :- create a scary perceived problem, massively exaggerate it, hype up the fear, then provide a solution that (most) everyone will accept as they’ve been convinced/brainwashed, they’re desperate, and are fearful for their life if they don’t comply/accept.
      I’m still so disappointed that so many NHS staff are still going along with the bs when they know it’s so wrong.

  6. At 19:37 you have a Mandela – the American flag with the red stripe below the stars – it is now the white stripe blow the stars.

      1. There is German war cemetery in Cannock chase where I grew up where prisoners of ww1 are buried who died from the flu in the autumn winter of 1918…. not just German but New Zealander’s who were based there at the time .

        1. Hi Dan

          Thanks for the info, we’re not saying that something wasn’t killing troops, we’re saying it wasn’t what we’ve been told. We will bring your email up in the next edition. Thanks Dom

      2. Referring to my previous comment I look at my 1980’s encylopedias for Mandela effects – like Franklin Delano “Delanor” Roosevelt and jet engines being under wings instead of infront of them – both disturb me to be honest

  7. Super fascinating … I get the same experience with fiction- major insight into the horrible mindset in England in WW1. Those black and white crowds in your vid- you can see the evidence of the engineered destruction of human dignity and morale that was in full operation at the time. Zombie-like crowds, unnatural. Presenting that as normal, like Vallance’s demonic artwork on the wall in his 2020 presentations.

  8. Love your style of sharing your knowledge, books are a much better resource for research, especially as you obviously are like a detective picking up clues along the way 👍

  9. Kinda backs up how my grandparents didn’t ever mention the Spanish flu to any of us,not even their own kids, despite my gran being an older child and my granddad being a grown man (WW1 veteran) at that time it took place. It was like it wasn’t on their radar at all. I’m pushing 60 and I was never taught anything at all about that flu in my history lessons, neither was my sibling who actually got qualifications in history at school. LOL, my kids who’re in their 30’s weren’t taught it either.
    It actually did come on my radar a few short years ago and at that point they weren’t even touting the black and white photo’s with people wearing face coverings. LOL, now those black and white photo’s with people wearing those home made covers are literally all over the internet, where the heck did they all suddenly materialize from?

  10. I remember as a child in the 50’s and 60’s spending the school holidays staying with my grandparents, and great aunts. They were all born and bred in Birmingham. They were born in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s. In fairness I do recall my old Aunt Nell (born 1896) telling me about a very bad continental flu which came over during the latter part of the ‘great war’. She even mentioned a couple of old school chums who died of it. So there was definitely something doing the rounds at that time. Probably not to the extent we have been lead to believe though. Folks died of a lot of ailments in them days. However, I remember reading somewhere that the high doses of Aspirin used to treat the SF caused terrible internal bleeding in young soldiers, which no doubt killed them.

    1. hI Linda

      I forgot to mention Aspirin IVs that happens sometimes in an informal chat, cheers for the comments

  11. A wine tip for Chris, during my trips to Argentina i found their malbec takes some beating. Tesco do quite a nice one, Trivento reserve £6. Ps love your stuff guys.

  12. As an alternative to a glass of red, why not try a delicious flagon of cream or even better, a leather bucket of liver shakes. Loving your work. Thank you and thank you too. 🙏🏽🤡

  13. 1918 flu deaths mostly related to mass vaccination program of returning troops following WW1. I have a copy of the letter to the , the, president , by a US senator complaining that this vaccine policy is killing the army email me for a copy. [email protected]

  14. Awesome information…. I asked my 98 year old grandmother if she or her family has any thing to say about Spanish Flu and she said the same as you guys…
    Thanks for your massive effort….!

    1. I asked my 82 year old Father who is a history fanatic and he never heard of it! He doesn’t use internet tough, never liked it. It was while ago and I thought it is strange, also when first time reading about SF years ago remember me thinking why I never learned about it at school! Thank you so much for bringing the subject to attention! Definitely huge disinformation about it preparing the grounds for COVID scare!

  15. I have been researching my family tree in the national archives and i did not come across any mention and i went back to early 1800 to trace family and looked at many records to find relatives and many died but no one mentions this Spanish Flu!

  16. Hi guys,
    Regarding Klaus Schwab, if you dont already know of The Mike (McKibben) and Doug (Gabriel) Show, I suggest you check out the podcast ‘Klaus Schwab And The Fourth Reich’ on 10th March 2021 on this Bond character. Also check out for indictable documents that Mike McKibben’s ‘Miners’ have dug up. Moreover, did you know that Mike McKibben, of Leader Technologies, is the original innoventor and owner of the source code of that which we now know as ‘Social Media’ that was stolen from him by the ‘US’ government and which he has never received a penny for. Check out podcasts on this on the websites of Aim4truth or Americans4innovation.
    Thank you both for existing on the web and enhancing my life, at least, with your sexy Yorkshire accents. And Chris, try the ALDI Pinot Noir. I think it won’t disappoint.
    Bless you both,

  17. love what you are doing so well guys. aus woman was nuts about climate but checkthe two guys behind her who are really odd and mimicking her speech patterns among other odd behaviour . the guy behind on her left is very bizzare

  18. many of us who are awake have never followed the sport crap or tv crap. no tap water and so awake.. keep it upguys. check the flicker rates of tv and how the c.i.a knew how it would induce relaxation and therefore easyto feed propaganda to. they used soaps for women and sport for men. disney and such for the children…………All very planned by the “inventors” tvs still flicker with all this tech we have !!!!! patent for the t.v is a very intersting dive guys……

  19. in ww1 , it was a common fear of the troops that they would be vaccinarted before they went abroad. the jabs killed so many and had the soldiers commenting about more chance of dying from that than the war.
    Cancer never existed until the cowpox jabs were begun as the 1st immunisations by rothchilde controlled health services and petrochemicalsas medicines!!!

  20. good stuff…thank you…just like to say my nan and grandad who were 22 in 1918 never mentioned Spanish Flu either…and I was never taught this at school despite studying the inter war years and the rise and fall of the Third Reich at A level…the Lester/Parker book is brilliant and a must read…you can’t catch anything from anyone…

  21. Once you wake up there’s no going back to sleep. Flouride did it for me . Google aluminum production flouride e.g. . Then google Edward Bernays and find out about his first public ‘ information ‘ campaign. It was for fluoride in drinking water in America . Guess who paid for it ? The Aluminum Company of America . Why is the Aluminum Company of America paying the father of modern propaganda to convince the public that the most toxic and problematic byproduct of aluminum production is safe to add to drinking water ? Then you are quickly on to the American Dental Association , and from there on to Skull and Bones . The stitch up is worse and has been going on longer than people can imagine and is across the board.
    Thanks for the great podcast .

  22. Have a look at Antony C. Sutton – he did amazing research on the Wall Street funding Hitler , the Bolshevik revolution etc. His work has never been debunked and is backed up by hard evidence. It reveals the Hegelian dialectic and explains the roots of globalization. All planned from start to finish.

  23. I recently read PG Wodehouse’s book “The adventures of Sally” from 1921. It mentioned that the theaters were closed for a while and one of the characters (an old man) had the Spanish flue but soon got better. It didn’t seem a big deal. I think this is the only time I have read about it.

  24. Interesting point about aspirin. I do know that those that died were bleeding out in horrendous ways and the aspirin would have done it. Doing my own research there was an article published 2009 by Dr Tsunetoshi Shimazu in the BMJ. He observed that the aspirin enhanced the virulence of the virus and on post mortem hemorrhagic lungs were observed. Those treated with homeopathy lived. Aspirin irreversibly inhibits the cox 2 enzyme on platelets for up to 8 days after a dose, thus inhibiting blood clotting. Just coughing would have caused bleeding.

  25. Interesting video folks. I must admit, I don’t think I had heard of Spanish Flu until the current horror story started. Be wary of how books are written. I remember the late Len Smith, a Gypsy from the New Forest, who pointed out how many people wrote books about Gypsies and Travellers after reading other books on the subject. They just regurgitated what they read, with no idea whether it was true or not. I read a book by David Hall, who was the producer for Fred Dibnah’s ‘Made in Britain’ series. He mentions in the book that a helpful man brought Fred some coal in a Land Rover. That vehicle was clearly a Willys Jeep in the film. Things like this have made me a lot more sceptical about ‘History’. Spike Milligan mentioned the fact that what he could remember from the war, and his mate Edginton’s memories, tended to differ, even though they were both in the same place at the same time!

    1. It is interesting that you mention the gypsies of the New Forest, as I live in the New Forest and while they are everywhere in the historic shaping of the Forest (commoning etc), they have largely been air-brushed from the modern narrative.

      I am guessing that is because the very nature of true gypsies (of Indo-European origin), has been subsumed by a TV version of ‘gypsies’- who are, in reality Irish travellers.

      Nobody can imagine that the roque tarmac-layers of today were the Gyspsies of yesterday….which is true- because they were not.

  26. Hi. My grandfather was born in 1909 U.K. and he never ever mentioned the Spanish flu once, but he did mention WW2 he told me he believed it was a depopulation event he died in 1975.

    1. Gayle, more real history, we now are the keepers of this info, and need to pass it on the the next Gen.

  27. I’ve got a set of encyclopaedia books called “The New Book Of Knowledge “ from 1938 so Spanish flu would still be in people’s minds and still quite fresh , so after watching your video I thought there would be a lot of information in these encyclopaedias on the Spanish flu but there is nothing ? Which seems quite strange. Great work guys 👍.

  28. I like to think I’m pretty switched on. You think once you’ve been duped once you’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m a working class man who grew up in Liverpool in the 60’s, The 60’s. The first time I realised I was being duped was with socialism/ communism. It was the books of Solzenhitsyn that opened my eyes. I wasn’t duped by the nonsense as you cryptically call it. I recognised something was wrong with that from the beginning, But I was duped by Spanish Flu. How could I have been stupid enough to fall for that one. FFS the numbers don’t add up and it neatly coincides with WW1 deaths. The extent if media lies us even bigger than I thought.

    Thanks guys. You are doing valuable work. Really appreciate it.

    1. You aren’t stupid David we knew it was a bit of wild one that’s why we were keen to do it.

  29. Just a side note. I am a pharmacist but saw early on the lies. My final year research was thrown out because it showed excitation in rat brains using a Prozac like drug. It should have caused calming but if you look at school shootings eg Columbine you will see the kids involved are on similar psychotropic drugs. Over the course of my 30 year career I have been left with no illusions and have spent the past 20 encouraging others to make other choices than pharmaceuticals unless it’s absolutely necessary and proven efficacy. All my years at uni and continual study for my career and no mention of Spanish flu. Funny that.

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Prozac has been a very common treatment for COVID since last April (2020) judging by many fb comment of Long COVID sufferers. Couldn’t believe it when I saw that

      1. I didn’t know that but not surprised. All the treatments for depression are worse than poison. They alter the brain and are hard to withdraw off. I have helped people withdraw with certain supplements but it’s a long process. Effexor is absolutely horrendous and people will kill themselves if this stuff is stopped suddenly. It’s a trap. I advise anyone on these drugs to start withdrawing now. When the supplies dry up people are going to go insane. The longer you are on this stuff the harder the withdrawal but it’s not impossible. I used a supplement called Truehope along with good quality omega oils (Nordic Naturals) vitamin D and magnesium plus a good probiotic. Diet makes a big difference. Hope this message helps someone.

  30. I have been told by family members that my great-grandmother died from Spanish flu. I never questioned it. She was probably killed by poverty.

  31. Hi Dom and Chris,

    Just a heads up. I was able to google ‘sheep farm uk’ last week and was able to find your site. Today, July 3rd, it didn’t work and I went 3 pages into google (I know, so much trouble!). Anyway, you weren’t there. I assume you’re blacklisted already.

  32. I have noticed they are spending millions of public money on making the same silly brass statues (to commemorate the those that supposedly died of Co(n)vid) in almost every town in the country.
    Fake history in the making

    1. Hi Gabriel
      We are a little behind with our website development but you can subscribe to the website, please be a little patient with us as we weren’t expecting the influx!
      Or you subscribe to our You Tube channel – Sheep Farm Studios, we will release trailers to let you know where you can watch the new releases.
      Our email is [email protected]

  33. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for referring to our book, What Really Makes You Ill, in your video.

    You mentioned that you would like to interview us about it, so please feel free to contact us as we’d be very happy to talk to you about our research.

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thanks for your message, that’s great news and I’ll email you direct to set up a podcast


      Dom 🙂

    2. Hello Dawn
      I have just watched your interview with the Yummy Doctor, Amandha Vollmer. What an eye opener. I will definitely be buying your book. I look forward to you getting together with Chris and Dom.

      1. Thank you for supporting our work.

        We’ve had 2 interviews with Amandha, I assume you mean the most recent one.

  34. Have you ever watched the full Gary Null interview of Kary Mullis? Struck me the similarities between the varied explanations for sickness in soldiers attributed to Spanish flu (not an epidemic) and what Mullis said about the people diagnosed with HIV, where there were many similarities in environmental & lifestyle factors that would render them susceptible to the very illnesses they labeled HIV/AIDS. Once again dodgy testing going on, Fauci involved and billions being made by the industrial medical complex through pushing drugs whose side effects were what killed more people than any virus. The most important lesson anyone can learn is history, and the real version, not what they indoctrinate us with in school.

  35. It is hard to believe anything any more! Watching Dawn and David discuss the AIDS debacle was a shock. I know so many people who were given AZT. I steer clear of pharmaceuticals… The Spanish flu was mentioned by my family. I suppose the myth is that everyone had a family member who died from it. Thanks for looking into this Chris and Dom. Yet another excellent video with fascinating footage.

  36. Excellent Video Dom & Chris. bizarrely I was on with reading What really makes you ill, and also Deadly Medicines & Organised Crime (How big pharma has corrupted healthcare) By Peter Gotzsche. I suspect you’d really enjoy this one too; it’s a real eye opener.
    I’d already researched the Spanish Flue nonsense myself and pretty much reached the same conclusion as you guys. It was primarily caused by the Rockefeller funded mass vaccination programmes. Very interesting points though about lack of memorials etc.; hadn’t thought of that.

  37. A comment for Chris and Dom, regarding the teaching of the Spanish flu in school:

    I am 55yo and I do recall learning about the Spanish flu at school- but only as a footnote to WW1 (I will try to dig out the history book if I still have it)

    My mother is now 92 yo and she remembers people talking about the Spanish flu, but, interestingly, though she lived in a densley populated part of London, and came from a large family with many extended relations, she did not know of a single person who died from it!

    I think I am with you guys on this one, since my experience of ‘Covid’ has been the same- I do not know a single person who has been ill from it, in a way that would rule out a common cold or general flu.


      1. Hi again,

        On an unrelated note, wanted to draw your attention to a sparsely viewed Youtube video, called ‘Blindly Just giving’ which digs deeply into the Captain Tom ‘phenomenon, and, specifically, where the money raised (rounded up to 33m….lol) will actually end up.

        Def worth a watch if you have time.

  38. Hi lads, great videos!

    Jacinda Arden has bollocks. There’s a transpocalypse happening. Type it into YouTube 😧🤢 Check out MrE3000s videos. Quite an interesting take on what’s happening worldwide. He looks at the religious Noahide aspect of it.
    There’s a also a chap called Scott Howard who’s written a book called ‘The Transgender Industrial Complex’. He’d be a really interesting guy to interview, as he’s studied this bizarre phenomenon we’ve been witnessing and the massive industry that’s risen along with it.

    You’ve possibly read ‘The Rape Of the Mind’ by Joost Merloo, a Dutch psychiatrist who was in Holland during the Nazi occupation. If not it’s well worth a read. It was published in 1955, but everything he writes about is happening today.

    Chris, Majestic Wines ‘definition’ Rioja is delicious 👌

    All the best 👍

    1. Here’s a video that MrE has done (it’s not on his channel on bitchute, but the guys channel has loads of his other videos). This one focuses on transgenders in sport, in this vid Tennis. Apparently this has been going on for over a century….

      I’ve nothing against anyone that is transgender, each to their own. There is an agenda going on that merits looking into, however.
      In another of MrE’s vids he covers how autistic kids are being targeted for gender reassignment treatment – this is happening in the UK as well, not just the states and Canada. They, as in ‘they’ are really pushing the idea of gender identity to young kids, but it seems that there is a link between this and autistic kids, and autism we know is linked to vaccines. It’s cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School tactics, but I think there is a deeper religious aspect to this, which could also tie in with the whole transhumanist agenda. If you can get folk to accept that choosing what gender you are is normal, then it’s easier to convince them to adopt technology as part of themselves as well.
      I think Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was basically a blueprint for what his brother and cohorts had envisioned for the human race.

  39. Ayup, Dom and Chris,

    as a fellow old boy of the miseducation establishment known as Salendine Nook High School, I’d like to congratulate you both on making it out with your critical thinking skills intact!

    Here’s my site for your perusal

    Drop me a line when you have a moment – I’m sensing some kind of collaboration may be on the cards.

    All the best


  40. Great video guys, its coming to light that these horrible scumbags have been scamming the public for a long time now, like the so called vaccine that irradicated polio, i think i watched a dr thomas cowan video where he says polio has the exact same symtoms as ddt poisoning, its funny how polio came along at the same time ddt was widely used and then it was irradicated at the same time as ddt was banned from use ?

    1. Exactly we’ll do one on Pesticides soon and Polio. A good book is Dr Mary’s Monkey if you’ve not read it. Cheers for the info 🙂

  41. Great stuff guys . regarding the Terrain theory of disease , check out the work of Dr Robert Young, brilliant scientist , great guy. also re – health check out Brian Rose on you tube , he really knows what he is talking about. the best. I have a medical degree and am highly knowledgeable in Natural and Complimentary medicine and diet and nutrition

    1. Hi Tom

      Thanks for the comment, Dr Robert Young talks a lot of sense I watched a few things with him over the years. Me and my wife run a clinic we both have/had Lyme although we realise its all about the terrain not the infections. We have 3 nurses work for us, we offer Ozone procedures like Ozone 10 Pass IVs and Ozone injections (intra muscular and joint) as well as high dose nutrient IVs, have many other therapies too.

      It may be good to catch up at some point, cheers


  42. Hi you spoke about sport and the reasons for its use as mind control. People get really passionate about ‘there team’ nothing else matters, they will die for their team etc…
    For many years this manipulation has occurred to create division within many areas none more so than politics. People seem to defend their team (party) to no end no matter what that team does, they may have a few shit players (in politics a lot of shit players) but it doesn’t seem to matter it’s their team and they will support them and vote for them. The powers that be have been very clever in bringing that manipulation and subsequent divisions into politics. We now have both teams playing the same direction and the peops support them as they’re different club colours even though they’re kicking the ball into the same net. And in some cases people are literally dying for their team. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. My Nan Lilly used to speak to me for hrs about the war and never mentioned this B.S she was a nurse her whole life.Its like they are changing history thinking we’re to stupid to even notice.This reminds me of the Mandela effect theory ? Those masks deffo look fake.bright gleaming white on a really old photo.very dodgy and suspicious indeed. Great vid

  44. Something I have thought about re sports and other entertainments is that they mess with our emotions. Generations past didn’t live on a rollercoaster of emotions like we do. Life followed the seasons and was hard but strong emotions and stress hormones only came into play occasionally. Nowadays we are constantly hit from all sides and the normal rhythm of life has gone. Everything from music, literature, sport, theatre, media and politics has become an emotional vampire. Choose wisely and switch off as much as possible. Get up with the sun, go to bed when it goes down and learn to enjoy the simple things. During these lockdowns I have turned more and more to these things and have less and less to do with what is being pushed on us. I watch the birds, play with my cat, make all my meals from fresh ingredients, drink only water and try not to worry. I have taken to writing letters to friends and loved ones rather than emailing and look forward to their replies. I do read a lot but choose carefully what I read based on how it makes me feel. I feel like I am fighting for my children and am in training to be as strong as I can be for them and their future. Don’t let the flockers into your life and most definitely not into your head. We are all of us stronger than we know.

  45. Check out the film Idiocracy, it’s the future, they’re educating our kids Stupid, and Idiocracy is our children’s future.

  46. Hi guys, great show as always. Very interesting points about the spanish flu only really being spoken about in recent years. I will definitely ask the older folk in my life about this.

    I wondered if either of you have read The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. The author Arthur Firstenberg offers another angle on so-called spanish flu which is that WW1 saw the widespread use of radio. for the first time, blanketing the earth in a new frequency which could have had something to do with the this apparent surge in symptoms. He also points out other epidemics prior to 1918 which apparently coincided with solar activity creating a surge in the earth’s natural electromagnetic field which may also have affected human health at the time. Plus a lot of other interesting stuff about electricity and its effects on human and wildlife health. And I’m sure you will have read about the experiments which Dr Rosenau and others conducted to try to prove this ‘flu’ was contagious but couldn’t. Fascinating. I too am reading What Really Makes You Ill? and I can also recommend Contagion Myth, Goodbye Germ Theory and Virus Mania, if you haven’t read them already. They are all game changers in my view. Great work guys. Look forward to watching/listening to more soon.

    1. Hi Sonja

      Yes I have read Invisible Rainbow, and I was also involved in the mobile telecoms industry too. I read loads of reports about the effects of EMFs. I thinks there were a lot of factors affecting troops in WW1 and new tech was one of them definitely.

      Thanks for the book recommends and we are interviewing the authors of What Really Makes You Ill in a couple of week so stay tuned for that one.

      Dom 🙂

  47. Polio and DDT/pesticides
    Ebola and pesticides
    Celiac disease and roundup
    Measles and bed bugs

    Relationship between vaccination drives and subsequent epidemics

  48. Thanks so much for exposing all the lies that have been perpetrated upon us and for providing common sense questioning. You guys are so refreshing – love to listen to your banter and personal stories. It’s so reassuring to see two brothers working so well together! So many families are split up these days.

  49. The real cause of the 1918 flu, the history you don’t know, and the “history” they made up to fit their narrative…. Sound familiar? 🤔👀👇

    The Truth Revealed About the Deadly 1918 Spanish Flu: It Was Actually Bacterial Pneumonia.

    When the United States entered WWI in April 1917, the fledgling pharmaceutical industry had something they had never had before: a large supply of human test subjects. During the war years of 1918 to 1919, the U.S. Army ballooned to 6 million men, of which 2 million were sent overseas.

    The ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE for Medical Research took advantage of this new pool of human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experimentsIn January 1918, vaccines were administered to soldiers at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

    Shortly afterward, the vaccine was offered by the Division Surgeon to the camp at large.

    The vaccine used was made in the laboratory of The ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE.

    Between Jan. 21 and June 4 of 1918, Dr. Frederick L. GATES reported an experiment in which soldiers were given three doses of a bacterial meningitis vaccine. The vaccines were spitball dosages of a vaccine serum derived from horses!

    1. Personally I think there were several things going on, and this vaccine experiment on soldiers was certainly one of them. This was just a light chat covering general things not an in depth deep dive on the subject.

  50. First time I heard of Spanish flu was on Downton Abbey episode. Where the posh [email protected] had to look after sick soldiers and the staff ended up getting sick. Good point though, I was never taught about it at school. Although they wouldn’t want children to start asking questions about our recent history would they!

    1. My view is that all entertainment (Enter The Mind) has always been controlled, they just get better at it and improve or tweak their ideology requirements.

  51. STonking good listen – thank you. Made me laugh, as well as educating me… I too never grew up with any stories of ‘The Great Spanish Flu epidemic’ – simply never heard of it! I started to wonder a couple years back, how come these stories started to surface – including one radio ‘programme’ about it on The World Service… But something that also jarred with me was learning that Neil Ferguson did his PhD on – you guessed it, The Spanish Flu…. I watched an interview of him by Freddie Sayers of Unherd early on during The Massive BullShit Outbreak that hit our shores round about March last year – I hadn’t quite joined the dots by then though I knew something weird was afoot – and hearing him say that, it just stood out in my mind as odd… Anyway, beautifully done guys. Let’s hope more people start awakening from their sleeping sickness……….x

    1. In Sage 3 we went into detail about Knobhead Ferguson, I wish I’d seen that interview before but you can’t get everything.

      Dom 🙂

  52. There were studies done on the transmission of the alleged Spanish flu. They asked for volunteers from the military prisons to take part in return for early release, they took crude samples directly from infected peoples throats and nostrils and introduced them to the volunteers they also made them breathe in the breath of the infected not one of the volunteers contracted the disease.

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