Sheep Farm 17 | Meet The Flockers | Plastic Celebs Pt.2 (1hr:20mins)

This presentation is in 2 parts (2hrs 40mins), it covers the famous people we have been programmed to hero worship. These individuals represent, Governments, NGOs, & Businesses. They also appear in Media, Films, TV and Radio programs are part of a huge operation to mind control the masses. We, the people tuned into what is really happening, the 1-2% of the world know this reality is false.

Pt.2 – David Beckham, UNICEF, Malaria Vaccines, Greta Thunberg & Family, David Attenborough, Piers Morgan Bloodlines, RFK Jr.


  1. You have to wonder what is at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Why are these people all working together, even though, on the surface, they seem to hate each other. It’s all too scripted, too coherent to be a product of individual ambition and greed. One of the biggest barriers to waking people up is getting them to believe that the powers that be could actually come together to pull this off. It would only be possible if they were united behind a common leader, someone incredibly powerful and untouchable who was calling the shots. The truth is that they are. There is a commander in chief, a prince who is behind all of this. Altiyan Childs reveals the truth in his exposΓ©s. He thinks it will be taken down, but they’ll leave it up because, for most people, what he says is unbelievable. In the end,
    one way or the other, we all choose what we believe. Thank you for enlightening us all with your website.

  2. What do you think about Reiner Feullmich? Bringing about the class action suits for crimes against humanity. You think he’s a paid Shill, slow court processes to give the awakened some hope so suppress revolt? The courts are all baught so that’s futile I would think.

    1. The whole legal thing seems to me a long shot, I am not knocking anyone for trying, Michael O’Bernicia is giving it a big go. However I think that the power have thought of this and have got the judges and law in their pockets, that’s my opinion, I hope I am wrong 100% and these guys succeed.
      As far as Reiner Fuellmich being a shill, who knows I’ve not done any digging into his past to come to any decision.

    2. No Reiner is genuine – you have to have belief in someone- also Robert Kennedy Jr. who speaks out to protect kids against vaxx.

      1. In my opinion having beLIEf and not facts are the reason we are in this mess now. RFK Jr I will leave that door open either way, I don’t know him personally therefore he does not have my trust, however he has got my attention because he is probably the only establishment voice at the moment with an audience the size he has:)

      2. Given that the Apple seldom falls far from the tree, it’s important to remember just who Robert Kennedy’s grandfather, father and uncle were; their hands were definitely drenched in blood. If you want to believe in and trust anyone – begin with yourself and work outwards. Joan, no one is coming to save us, we are working by ourselves in order to save the lives of our loved ones present and future.

    3. Jonboy, the bottom line is that ‘Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas’. Why would the establishment (a) leave anything to chance in their legistlation; and (b) why would they permit the opposition to use their own weapons against them? The system itself is the problem; and it needs to GO, and right now; in ridding ourselves of this penury we’ll certainly need to ‘take a hit’ in terms of lifestyle and the like due to the unplugging from the financial mechanism (the putrid beat heart of this beast) but it’ll be well worth it to live in freedom.

  3. Give James Corbett a call at Corbett, seems to know his shit that guy, love his podcasts.

    1. I emailed James Corbett the other day, he was asking if anyone had done any research on Boris and Stanley Johnson so I sent him our 8hrs of film presentations to him to chew through.

    2. Thank you for sharing . I’m just an old boy struggling to find info and like minded people . So clues for info sources are gold for me. πŸ‘

      1. It makes it worthwhile when our peers like what we do, we understand we are making things for a learned audience.

  4. Great stuff lads, thoroughly enjoyed being disgusted by this 2 parter. I look forward to more in depth journeys down the rabid hole. I commented on YouTube during part 1. All the best and keep up the good work. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ€‘πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Another great episode as always! Well researched and well thought out with how you have put these together. Deeper dive on David Attenborough would be interesting with his family plus being BBC controller and sweeping the Jimmy Savile allegation away. Interesting how Jimmy has “Vile” in his surname. When you guys mentioned it about a lot of the main characters being named after sexual organs plus seeing the satanic and freemasons signs everywhere it’s very hard not to see them now. Check out the company “Vouchedfor” logo….. one of the most in your face ones I’ve seen.

      1. I was reading that Elton John had taken over the procurer role held by Saville. Any info on him?

  6. Thankyou for your work ; you touched my Heart in such a real way.
    God Speed all Real People may we Free ourselves from this Scourge of Psychopaths in our Lifetime.

  7. Ian Brown (Stone Roses) was the only one to speak out and still does.
    Most have now cancelled him.
    Mind you, he has spoke about all this since I first saw him in 1989.
    Noel + Liam are known mas on types despite Noel speaking out against the
    first lockdown.
    Van Morrison, Eric Clapton were 2 to speak out, but Eric got the shot (and has since regretted it he says- too late Eric-I’d go live in a faraday cage if I was you !).
    I dont see ONE other music ‘star’ speaking out.
    Danny Rampling the DJ has and he is getting so much abuse over it from other DJ types,
    who all mostly on board publicly.

    When the 70 year old’s are more rebellious against the establishment than the 17 year old’s…
    we got a problem.

    1. Yes Ian has been outspoken all his career hasn’t he, however the rest are spineless jellyfish. (Van Morrison aside)

  8. Matt Le Tissier (Ex England & Southampton Footballer) has been very very vocal for the truth in his twitter age – fair play to him

    1. Cool. That guy knows s lot and seems 100% his own person and mind and genuine. Will listen out for what he says about Knob head Boris

  9. i also think that there are completely obsessed ego maniacs who will say ANYTHING Wig Wearing Beckham- to get further attention and press, without a clue what they are saying, however i do think that there are some good guys who did speak up – but they are probably threatened, probs their family – to change their tune .

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

      1. Yep – This is a fella who would of had access to 100s of millions of people with his original opinion during Euro 2021…and was completely stamped out and made to publicly ‘Apologise’ on media and confirm (can’t write that last word in italics!) that he will NOW be getting the jab, no worries

  10. Hi Dom and Chris thanks for the work you are sharing I love the smart arse comments that go with it. Absolutely needed in this trying time, much love from a fellow Yorkshire woman now living in Perth Western Australia. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  11. Great chat there guys, another one I could mention is Michael sheen he seems a good guy on the surface he even give me a lift to darts back in 2011 when he was down port Talbot doing is passion play which was brilliant for the town but I knew there was something dodgy about him even then unicef ambassador and pushing big for jabs need I say more.looking forward to seeing more content from you found your channel yesterday and it’s fucking brilliant keep up the good work lads it’s great to hear like minded people speak some truth thank you

  12. Love your work. Y’all almost sounded like y’all were actually wondering about the reason behind the importance of the bloodlines. It all goes back to Satan. He convinced a small group of people that their blood is special and they need to intermix with each other, causing them to get stupider and stupider (and have gene pool problems, maybe you know of the royal relation kept in a special home). If they’re stupid then he can control them easier, like us sheep but in a different way.

  13. Here’s one for you. What about George Galloway, pushing to be MP darn t’road in Batley & Spen. A man I always thought was on the side of the oppressed, stood up to power and against imperialist endeavours. He’s been completely silent on this. Appreciate at the end of the day he’s a politician and to get anyway you probably have to play politics. But I really did think he had principles and stood for something and was against any injustices. Let down.

  14. Hi and thanks. I was intregued about your comments on the monsters inc film, mk ultra and the siphoning off of human energy. Do you have any suggestions for further investigation into this? Thanks again, matt

    1. Hi Matt, I’ve not really heard the Monster Inc thing mentioned, someone told me though they had heard a similar theory mentioned on a podcast in the states, I think it was the Monster Inc Logo with the Triangle and eye.
      It’s something that’s been in my head for many years, probably after seeing the Matrix.
      Eventually we plan to do a full podcast on this. If we look at humans we are transceivers and receivers, we also have cells like batteries, we need to recharge or sleep, look at all the mis-spent energy humans use it is always a negative fear based charge.

  15. Guys, love your stuff, please keep going.

    I always find it hard to find you because as you might have noticed your website will not show up in google even if you search for – the reason is you have the robots file set to noindex, nofollow, it needs to be index, follow. (it’s a WordPress setting tick box thing).

    I appreciate you might have done this deliberately (though I don’t know why), so just in case you’re getting paranoid you can fix it easily.

    I see you’re using WordPress, so you’ve probably set the site to not be indexed, I think it’s in general settings, can’t remember but is a 5 minute fix.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. So I’ve logged into my site to remind myself – when you’re in the WordPress control panel down the left hand menu is a list of stuff, posts, pages, categories, plugins, etc – look towards the bottom and there is “settings” – hover over that and click on “reading” – you have the box ticked that says “discourage search engines from indexing this site” – just untick it.

    Then either fire it through Google webtools, or an indexing site or simply leave it – within 3 or 4 days you’ll be in Google.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hi, I use DuckDuckGo now instead of Google. I also subscribed to Sheep Farm Studios and saved it. Good luck.

  17. Apart from the well presented research, what (to me) gives you extra credibility, is your accents. An excellent educated listen that’s well worth spending time on! Great quality audio that makes a riveting listen when you’re on a long walk or drive.
    Like most people, I’ve added you on to my go to list as people who are really creditable.

  18. Have you checked out Mark Devlin?

    He’s written some interesting books.
    This one is called ‘Musical Truth’ and causes one to question everything and everybody in the music business and how they reached the pinnacle of ‘success’

    Musical Truth’, (2016) brings together five years’ of research into this vast subject area. For this talk, he will be presenting some of his findings, encompassing occult symbolism, mind control, hidden messages in recordings, military-intelligence links to the entertainment industry, and – crucially – what we can all do to bring these systems of mental and spiritual enslavement to an end.

  19. I found out about Meet the flockers through the mark devlin good virbrations podcast you guys were on. we have all been fed lies from birth even about this place we call earth what ever the full dimensions of this place we call earth the globe is a lie as the behavior of water and the fact euclidean geometry being applied in construction will show anyone who removes any bais for the globe they might have and looks honestly. Anyway love this meet the flockers series and you do as a good question when you say just who are these flockers?

  20. Agree with you on most but NOT on RFK Jr. As the mother of a vaxx damaged child his children’s health defense has been a lifeline. Even if he’s a descendant of a certain clan means nothing. Sometimes the apple falls far from the tree. If your game is to smear everyone then it’s time to question YOU LOT.

    1. Hi Jo

      Regards RFK, there is nothing to disagree with really, I really hope he is genuine.

      I was only pointing out the facts as I found them. I think you misunderstood what I was getting at. I said he ‘could’ be a possible fringe magnet not defiantly is one.

      Also he may be being used unknowingly too.

      I am a father of a Vaxx damaged child too, and I was also damaged by travel vaccines.
      And I have studied vaccines long and hard for many years. This is not a witch hunt, and please question us it is our right to question all information, peace and respect, Dom

  21. Why do I need to be experimented on to hug my Mum? Everyone who talks about the restrictions, they blame it on the ‘vid. I don’t correct them directly but say, “yeah, the government restrictions are…”. Beckham: “We will get through this together.” Like how the rich and poor do after each financial crash? Like how only poor people’s children are sent to fight rich people’s wars against other poor people? Whenever I hear puppets talk about getting through anything together, despite reality, despite our (us living people) recent history, I don’t understand how people eat all that up. Is it self-comfort? How broken are people inside? David Attenborough is a patron of ‘Population Matters’, a depopulation charity. Jane Goodall is there too. She wants other people to be gone so that she can continue doing “nasty things”. When children from my school walked out in protest of a school rule, the school called the police on us and then our parents.. but not for Thunberg’s followers? I was surprised. Why is it Attenborough’s business or anyone else’s how many people live anywhere in the world? I like the music. Children’s films creep me out. They’re all about separating children from their parents and how the children are fine without them especially during times of hardship when in reality the reality is the opposite for both children and adults. I once thought for fun, I’ll go through the story-line of a well-known film and have others guess which film it was. The Dad is absolutely useless. Then I watched children’s television shows airing in England. The parents are useless, irresponsible and stupid and cannot be relied to be there for the child/children when they’re in need of their protection. On every show. So whenever I have to sit down with a child and am forced to watch their shows with them, I keep disrupting them asking if that’s how any of us adults have ever behaved like that child, how would others feel? Would they want to keep playing with you? Is that how you’re supposed to speak to your parents or your friends or anyone else who cares about you? Or shouldn’t that character have done this instead? i am not letting children get under the spell of these show and subconsciously adopting these ideas and behaviours which aren’t based on their reality. I was thinking about my teenage years and wondering where this specific idea about society came from. It wasn’t from my parents, relatives, friends or anyone that I had ever met. Then I remembered it was always implied in a lot of the things I watched on television. If it was a good thing, it’d be fine. But it wasn’t. A warning to everyone, stop treating any type of tool that communicates information as a babysitter for your children. Whether it’s television, online video platforms or even those horrible Disney films/books that I have not liked since childhood because from my younger point of view, everything in them was wrong. And I refused to read them to younger children.

  22. Thanks for this. Regarding JFK jr, I have had suspicions about him during all this time because he never looked into the scam of how viruses are isolated and how infection has never been proven. There are so many credible people with the research and evidence that I would have expected someone like JFK jr to have heard about it by now. JFK Jr’s website, Children’s Health Defence, talks about vaccine safety when they should be exposing the fact that no vaccine is safe and there is no need for any vaccines and that all vaccines are poison.

    1. We agree 100% with this assessment Shawn, we got a bit of grief pointing out RFK Jr, but I think he there to control the narrative and take the ‘anti vax’ down a cul de sac.

      great point

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