REDACTED – She’s exposing the TRUTH in Ukraine and they don’t like it | Redacted Conversation with Eva Bartlett


  1. Not sure about this woman Dom. It appears to me that she is the other apart of the (alt media independent journalist) controlled narrative paradigm, just like Patrick ‘piss pot’ Lancaster (always there on que with his poor acting skills) and Graham Phillips who keeps saying he got nothing to do with Lancaster 🤣. I mean just look and analyse their vids to see how staged they are!(UK critical thinker would have a field day on these vids!)
    I’ve been saying for a long time now they’ll use these jootube vloggers and independent journalist as the new on the ground fake war distraction apposing the MSM narrative.

    Let me know what you think

    1. Yes I have to use your bs radar every time..when we know that all national governments are set to fall there has to be those others in place to steer everyone over to the NWO way of working. Common purpose operatives are in operation as well as so called ” truther” opposition which are signed up all the same. Spotted it with the Trump Q anon crap. Alex Jones etc..elements of truth amongst a flourish of embellishments.. thats how they work. Use discernment at all times

  2. This brave lady needs to be listened to. She is one of many describing the lack of democracy and state sponsored violence in the Ukraine. And our UK government is giving money and sophisticated arms to these neo nazi groups in Ukraine.

  3. Thanks for this intrrview. This honourable lady comes across sincere. Joe public is not getting the full picture. I believe nothing anymore that comes from msm. Bless you all.

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