Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla SKY NEWS 25/05/22 Watch @ 1:38  🐸 he’s morphing into a bull-frog 

Watch @ 1:38  🐸 he’s morphing into a bull-frog
what is going on with his neck, and the sounds he’s making from noises!
Watch @ 4:10 he says: we have the weapons.. err I mean these tools 
Watch @ 6:26: violent neck reaction, dry mouth, nose twitching, head shaking, when asked about 🐵pops


    1. That is what it is a POISON Nothing that remarkable about it i bet either No mRNA or nano bs Just a TOXIC Soup

  1. There is an even worse video that I will furtle t’internet for with this character in which he says they have a tracking system to put into tablets for people required to take medication. He said specifically, paranoid schizophrenics.

    One, this is just horrific on any level but really? Testing it out on paranoid schizophrenics will confirm everything they’ve thought all along.

    ‘Yes. They are watching your every move, moron, now who’s the crazy one, eh?’

    And then, these people will probably self harm or commit suicide. Plus, there’s a very good possibility that this kind of funny business could easily inspire in someone with nothing to lose to take down a few more with them.

  2. People need to know how to set up their own servers and offline backups because I just found out Odysee uses blockchain technology and that is cabal tech. Would you consider giving advice on how people can set up their own secure non trackable servers? Thanks.

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