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Published on: Apr 24, 2022

In this episode of Meet the Flockers, we delve into the ancestry of Justin Trudeau. We look into his parents’ backgrounds, (putting aside the Castro links for a moment).

The Trudeau Sinclair names are important to view in depth. The Sinclairs are especially important as they are the builders of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and they started the Scottish Rites of the Masonic Order.

Just who are these flockers



  1. Just 30 mins into this one but still giggling at the “in a canoe” comment about 20 mins in, reminds me of the line from The Commitments movie, “god sent him”, “on a fucking Suzuki?”
    As always, thanks for your time and efforts in all of this boys, from the wastelands of what was New Zealand….

  2. That photograph of the ‘Queen of England’ standing holding two large white horses is the strongest occult image I have seen her use .
    I’d love to know its meaning.

    1. What is the Biblical Meaning of a Magnolia Tree?

      The bible is one of the many books which showcase plants and flowers with their symbolism.

      The steel magnolia tree of the South Americas is associated with Mary Magdalene who was a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

      This tree is glorified for its great physique of strength in terms of height and girth. Mary Magdalene during the time of Christ displayed peerless strength during times of struggle.

      magnolia is associated with the planet Venus

      1. Brilliant stuff. Thanks Dom & Chris. As you know I’m right in the heart of Midlothian just a mile or so away from Rossyln Chapel. Hawthorden Castle and Drue Heinz ( another philatropist friend of the Queen / Princess Margaret) The castle is just across the road from me hidden from view and has some shifty visitors including Bill Gates. The whole area is steeped in such sinister and evil right under our bloody noses and yet most people are totally unaware of it.

  3. Always good however how long you go on for, appreciate your time and effort and conversation. It’s good to smile and laugh in this dystopian time so thank you both and keep going.

  4. On the Rachel Elnaugh blog from last summer one of her contributor,s mentioned that the Bill Gates helicopter was seen
    quite regularly at a mansion next door to Roslyn Chapel .

    I think this may have been during the Climate Conference period in
    Glasgow .

    1. Oh I missed that.. The mansion nearby the Chapel …was it not Hawthornden Castle? but absolutely correct he does frequent this area and I’ve seen him a few times. He landed his helicopter in our Rugby field in 2018.. I’ve seen him driving out of the side entrance to Hawthornden Castle ( owned by the late Drue Heinz, where she lived til she died age 103 in 2018) she set up the Castle as a ” writers retreat) frequented by Gates and other great writers and odd balls) I live across the road from there. Walking distance to Rosslyn Chapel and the Roslin institute ( human & genet8c engineering facility of dolly the sheep) Drue Heinz is very much philatropist connected. Close friend of Princess Margaret and the Queen.. very dark and sinister stuff around here.

      1. Amazing ! Am glad somebody else witnessed that
        the Gates,s visited that building .

        I didn’t know what it was called until you replied .

        Thanx a lot

  5. Am 2 hours through this but wanted to make a few comments:
    Re Patriotism – described as ‘the last refuge of a scoundrel’ but don’t know who said this?!
    Re Statues – Charles Dickens stipulated he didn’t want a statue made of him, but they did it anyway.
    and there is a ‘San Cler’ in West Wales, haven’t looked at it’s history but Pembs is called ‘the Little England Beyond Wales’ as it was colonised by English.
    I looked at the link to ‘white horses in mythology’ (thanks) – interesting Norse meaning…………

  6. Well done on an absolutely fascinating take as usual guys. I found this especially interesting as my maiden name is Clare (first name Sarah and my husband is David) As far as my family lineage goes, we supposedly go back to a Gilbert de Clare who also came over with William the Conqueror. It doesn’t appear there is a connection with the St.Clairs (although I’m not convinced!) but there is with Robert the Bruce (ancestor was his grandmother). The De Clares ruled a lot of the south of England, Wales (Caerphilly, Chepstow etc) and also Ireland. Three Chevrons Red (there’s that red again!) by Paul R Davis is a great historical read . Anyway, guess where I live after moving from Glasgow? A stones through away from Roslin! Truly an ethereal place, steeped in atmosphere. Our children went to Roslin Primary and were young tour guides at Roslin Chapel. I highly recommend you guys visit it and the Castle if you get a chance – there’s so, so much to take in. Hope I’m not from the bloodline of Satan!!! Keep going guys, great stuff!

  7. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Another excellent inspiring and educational instalment , just brilliant and my favourite website. The The Merovingenian family funded the industrial revolution canals and mills etc hence the bees and beehive symbols all over manchester , that’s my little contribution ,

  8. Excellent as always thanks lads baaa!
    Ps.The Merovingian family fronted the cash for the industrial revolution canals and mills etc. Hencethe bees and beehive symbols all over manchester.

    1. Really? I remember UK Critical Thinker and Richard D Hall doing videos about people getting bee tattoos after the Manchester Ariana Grande concert incident.

      Grew up in Lancashire and never knew about bees being a Manchester symbol.

  9. About the predictive programming/manifesting by casting spells debate, this is a word I came across by accident: Tulpa.

    Originally a Tibetan Buddhist idea, it was taken up by the early 20th century Theosophy movement (Madame Blavatsky and all that gang) through the Far Eastern travel diaries of one of their friends, Alexandra David Neel, a 30th degree freemason in the (then) mixed sex Scottish rite.

    Basically, a Tulpa is a being or entity than starts off as an idea, a bit like a child’s imaginary friend, then through concentrated thought, becomes real, sentient and having a life of its own.

    Tulpa manifestation is one theory behind poltergheists, ghosts in general, UFO sightings, Bigfoot, all of that.

    Alexandra claimed that she manifested a jolly Friar Tuck type tulpa to amuse herself with in Tibet. Then he turned nasty on her and she had to destroy him, which was a bit of a shame.

    (You have to wonder, don’t you? As a single young woman, alone, apart from monks, up a cold, snowy mountain and you could imagine into being anyone, ANY male companion? Well, I wouldn’t have picked Friar Tuck, put it that way.)

    Anyway, I’m not saying that Tulpas are real, per se, but I thought about how this idea, which has its origins in the paranormal or occult, Scottish rite and so forth, once twisted from Tibetan spirituality (I gather that in Buddhism it is considered a very dangerous thing) fits in with how you were talking about the Loch Ness Monster, unicorns and really, once I got going, mass formation psychosis, the Divoc, the way they could possibly pull off a fake alien invasion…my mind went bit beserk.

    What I am trying to say is, if enough people, or even just one person really BELIEVES in something, CAN it become real? And how do you quantify real?

    I don’t know anything about Tibetan Buddhism but to me, the word Tulpa just helps me explain this phenomena. It’s really all the same: Tulpa, magick, manifesting.

    I bet if Alexandra had never been to Tibet she still would have come across the Tulpa idea hanging around Blavatsky & Co, she just would have called it something else. And they got it from John Dee who got it from somebody else and so on.

    In any case, I don’t recommend telling someone when they’re banging on about the Angel of Keeyv* bringing down ten Russian planes in one night that they are trying to manifest a tulpa. They might hit you.

    A rather upsetting side note to this is that the best known example of pop culture ‘tulpamancy’ (willing into being a tulpa) is among adult fans of My Little Pony. I can’t elaborate more, it’s too depressing to repeat.

    Which brings us back to unicorns. See! It all links. Not rambling at all.
    So there you go. My word of the week: Tulpa.

    *Whatever. Like Zelenskyy. I give up.

  10. Thanks for another deep dive lads. Your mention of the photo of the Queen with the 2 white horses has inspired a meme.

  11. hello.
    just my halfpennys worth on what is a grail? Im pretty sure a grail (grael) is an important document. so magna carta, bible, declaration of independence or Jeffery epstein’s black book are all grails. so I presume the holy grail inside the ark is the 10 commandments. but Indiana jones and his cup confused the meaning.

    1. One thing us for sure, the globalist scum know full well that Jesus Christ lived, died, and three days later was resurrected. They also know that he will return again very soon. We are currently in a battle for souls – the globalist scum want yours for Satan. My advice is turn to Jesus Christ, and accept his blood sacrifice for your sins. Read the Bible and you’ll see for yourself.

  12. Brilliant research, Dom. I really appreciate the hours of digging around to find out all this information; can’t have been easy! I loved the Syd James reference: always good to take the piss out of these Satanic losers

  13. You’re getting closer to accepting that Jesus Christ existed. He was the God-man; God in a human form. According to the Bible, after the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus will sit in a new temple in Jerusalem for a 1000 years, during the 2nd millennium kingdom.

  14. Dom, if somebody deceived you into thinking that Brussels Sprouts were Strawberries you’d say that you hate Brussels Sprouts. This is what the Catholic Church and the Church of England have done with Christianity. Check out this video that somebody else did, and I challenge you to find anything that Jesus said which were recorded in the 4 Gospels that you disagree with. What also amazed me was that the 4 Gospels corroborated each other. Jesus was also (surprise, surprise) an amazing wordsmith.

  15. I’ve been thinking about this illegimate child business because it would seem to go against everything these freaks stand for.

    Could it be that by swapping the babies around, so to speak, as long as the real parent has equal if probably, on the surface, opposite, value, you could acheive:

    1)Blackmail. They’ve got a secret since birth without ever having done anything.

    2)Trauma. Who you thought was your dad isn’t. And your real dad is the complete opposite of what you think your family is. And your mum must be a tart.

    3)Splitting the personality or being a complete actor. ‘I’m a fraud! I’ve no idea who I am or how I got here! My whole life is a lie! ACT! ACT!’

    4)No morals or empathy. ‘Everybody is having sex with everybody, everybody lies, everybody comes and goes. Do it to them before they do it to you, that’s my motto.’

    Just some ideas.

  16. I’ve finished listening to this fascinating talk, thanks again for all your work , Dom and Chris. I agree with Nigel Watson and think that the bloodline ‘descendants’ belief is blasphemous. I think that the writer of ‘Jerusalem’ song was William Blake who was a pagan and it correlates with that doctrine.

    1. Definitely blasphemous to suggest that Jesus had children. Jesus does have a bloodline, but only in the sense that Jesus Christ (the God-man) lived amongst us for 33 years about 2000 years ago, and that we humans were made in the image of God. This is why you must not allow your blood (really God’s blood) to be tainted by the Gates of Hell mRNA jabs. Bible readers will know what the Nephilim did and how God responded to what they did.

      Satan wants to be like God, but he’s pathetic and can only do what God allows. You can spot it because Satan tries to inverse everything that God does. During our lives, God gives permission to allow us to be tested. God also believes in free will. He wants us to reject Satan and love Him. True love requires free will.

  17. Thank you for another great podcast!
    I’m not sure if you are aware but the rooster/ cockerel symbology may be related to Abraxas. Abraxas is considered the Great Archon of the Gnostic scriptures, although some groups also considered Abraxas an Aeon. The name Abraxas is apparently also connected to Abracadabra.
    According to Element Encyclopaedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar “He has the head of a chicken (rooster), the torso of a man, and two serpents for legs. He holds a shield in one hand and a flail-like instrument in the other. The image of Abraxas was carved onto stones (called Abraxas Stones) and the stone used as a magical amulet. Occasionally Abraxas will appear driving a chariot drawn by four horses; these horses represent the elements. This Abraxas symbol was adopted by the Knights Templar, who used it on their seals. No one knows precisely why this symbol was of particular significance, but a hidden secret within the name “Abraxas” may provide a clue. In Greek, the 7 letters are the initials of the first 7 planets in the Solar System. Further, if we apply numerology to the name then it adds up to 365, not only the number of days in a year but also the number of the spirits that those same early Gnostics believed were emanations from God. Added to the mix is the speculation that the supreme magical word, “Abracadabra,” may derive from the name Abraxas, which means “harm me not.””
    Jung also discussed Abraxas. “Carl G. Jung called Abraxas the “truly terrible one” because of his ability to generate truth and falsehood, good and evil, light and darkness with the same word and in the same deed. In Jungian psychology there is no easy way out of psychic conflict; one must not only fight on the side of the angels but occasionally join the host of the Fallen Angels. According to Jung, fear of Abraxas is the beginning of wisdom, and liberation, or gnosis, is achieved by not resisting.”
    The Merovingians sound a lot like the descendants of the Sons of Belial mentioned by Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce mentioned in his readings that there were two groups living on Atlantis before the flood- the Sons of Belial and the Sons of the Law of One/ Alta Ra (Ra is the Egyptian Sun God) who were opposed to one another. The Sons of Belial sought material wealth at any cost, where the Sons of the Law of One sought intuitive knowledge and spiritual growth instead.
    Reading 1968-2 mentions that the Atlanteans used AI/ automatons in their daily life, so maybe the World Economic Forum’s plans to replace humans with AIs isn’t a new idea (
    I commented about Melusina a couple of weeks ago and how the royals all consider themselves her descendants. Interestingly, at the end of the legend, after being betrayed by Raymondin, Melusina was said to have left with her daughters, taking them back to Avalon (leaving her sons behind). Could this also be a reference to the split between the Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial?
    I do wonder who the descendants of the Sons of the Law of One/ Alta Ra are now. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the White Nobility families? I looked at the House of Luxembourg family tree a while ago after reading Philippa Gregory’s Lady of the Rivers novel, which mentioned that Jacquetta of Luxembourg considered herself a descendant of Melusina (this is actually true) and noticed that asides from Sueva Orsini, there were no Black Nobility/ 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati families (to the best of my knowledge) which married into their family until they ran out of male heirs and the House of Orange-Nassau took over Luxembourg. This seems odd as surely they would want to marry into powerful and rich royal houses? It makes me wonder if some less prominent royal families may have been descendants of the Sons of the Law of One/ Alta Ra?
    I’ve read in the Dead Sea Scrolls about how there will be the Antichrist (and his/ her adviser/ mentor) and Christ. It seems clear that the Antichrist will be a descendant of the Merovingian bloodline but I wonder who the new Christ will be?

    1. There will be no ‘new’ Christ – just the 2nd coming of the same Jesus Christ

  18. Another brilliant dive again fellas, loving the stuff you are putting out, spreading the knowledge to everyone I can. Keep up the good work.

  19. That was some work !!!! Yes we were all listening right to the conclusion…i appreciate the time and effort you put into it
    I never fail to have a laugh with yourself and that alcoholic brother of yours !!!!!🍷🍾🍹🍻🍺

  20. Another Sinclair of some note is Clives brother ” Iain” who is a very
    learned scholar writer and poet .

    He has an incredible depth of knowledge to do with mythology
    and the origins of English and Celtic history .

    His ancestors were involved in exploration of places in South America so may be linked with East India Company !

    He has lots of books in print and some videos on YouTube .

  21. Ty guys that was fantastic, I live in Montreal, and I will share the heck out of this ..

    Took a couple of days to listen and worth every minute!

    Glad I found you all…

  22. Totally absorbing, great research, thank you both. Many of the family names were familiar to me as the historical era of the knights templar has always interested me but I never thought to follow the bloodlines or symbolism through the ages. It has been a steep learning curve these last two years, really appreciate all your time and effort. The photo of the queen and the white horses and Johnson and Zelensky with the roosters sent a chill down my spine when I first saw them, now I am starting to realise why. Thanks again.

  23. Great work guys as ever
    Really enjoy getting stuck into these epics
    I’m on TNT Radio with Rick Munn Friday
    Will give you a plug as usual

  24. An amazing tour de force, thank you. I would love to know if you guys are aware of Allegedly Dave’s researches into biblical history… he says that Scotland and Ireland used to be predominantly black people, with links to the Tribes of Israel. The Jacobites went back to the sons of Jacob; and the Union Jack also relates to that – King James I was black, and is depicted as so in some paintings. Allegedly Dave says much of the slave trade happened from these isles… deporting those of certain skin colours more from here, than from Africa. What I am finding very compelling is how this dovetails into the historical researches of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett – do you know their work? They show that the Welsh Khumric alphabet, stone tablets, burial mounds, poetry, chronicles – all clearly show that there were two major migrations into the UK – by the people of King Brutus, from the Trojan War; and an earlier one from Etrutria – and Syria… The family of Jesus CHrist also fled to Wales, to find sanctuary with their ancient kinsmen. The Khumric alphabet can be used to decipher Etruscan tablets – and ancient Egyptian. The wiping out of all this history happened via Cromwell, and the ascension of a deliberately falsified Anglo Saxon narrative. Wilson and Blackett say there is very scant Anglo Saxon heritage in our isles; and negligible Celtic… Again, I feel all this fits into the histories you are uncovering in this podcast. I am only at the start of reading into these researches – there is so much to learn. I’d love to know if you have come across the Wilson and Blackett books…… Thank you again,Sophie

  25. Thanks for the insightful information Dom!

    Just for future reference which connects heavily to the latter part of the podcast where you talk about blood lines….

    I came across this great read a few years back…

    Search and download the book ‘When Scotland was Jewish’

    A fascinating book that looks into the genealogy of the most prominent Scots….
    Och aye the Joo!

  26. Thanks again lads for all your hard research , I would like to ask you to take a look/listen to the lost history of flat earth
    it is about 6 hours long at around 3.45 it explains quite a bit about symbology of lions, griffins etc and also mercury and what it may have been used for and symbolise.
    Not really a flat earther but stumbled across it whilst looking for mud flood theory, some outstanding pictures and theories although the narrator does have an unusual voice which can be irksome.

  27. Hi guys

    great show . there is a video somewhere of a guy who recognised notes and frequencies engraved on the stones of the chapel . he created music out of them . My Gut feeling ? Roslyn Chapel is Solomons temple.

  28. Eh up Dom and Chris
    Best one you have done so far! Brilliant!
    The connection and relationships of these bastards are as deep as the Dwarven mines of Khazad Dum.
    Nicholas Flamel is also a character used by JK Rowling in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He has made the stone and lives for 600 years gaining immortality. I know John Hamer has a chapter on Rowling in his book and how she has occultist links and wasn’t the true author of HP series? Which was a shock to me as someone who grew reading these books

    I am patriotic in the sense I love our country England for it’s beautiful places up and down England. So many places to visit and it’s us the people the working class that make England what it is. Yorkshire midlanders southerners we all have character and I am proud of that. One of the best things we can say about us English is we have a great sense of humour. Take you two for example you can be one minute talking about a serious topic to the next minute cracking up with laughter which makes this channel the best because we laugh with you.

    I did personally like the song Jerusalem not because I’m religious or a Christian because to me it seemed like they were singing about how wonderful this country is to gaze upon. I’m probably totally wrong though? I know there is the “ dark satanic mills” part so maybe it isn’t a nice song?

    I am a massive England football fan though like you have mentioned the 3 lions on the shirt probably has some meaning because of these knob heads in charge and maybe shouldn’t waste my time supporting England. Does the St George’s flag have some bad history because again I grew up supporting it as this country’s flag? Crusades? Knights Templars?

    I am waffling on so cheers again gentlemen looking forward to the next one

    Skal and baaaa 🍷☕️🍻🐑

    1. I was brought up to believe that Britain is the best country in the world (called ‘Great’ because it is small!) And I still do believe this despite the spirits that have taken over of late. I think Blake called the mills ‘satanic’ because of the hard life the workers had.

  29. Afternoon,
    Re. Kathryn’s comments on the Tulpa; the description appears to correspond to the characteristics of the Egregore discussed by yourselves, the team at Rise Above and Master Lee Hasdell (Inner Guardians). Elsewhere, it turns up discussed more for it’s positive potential. Either way those attempting to create ‘the latest thing’ know full well the potential and attempt to get us all to generate these at every opportunity to use up our attention and energy. Not something to be messed with unconscously or not understanding fully what you’re doing. Though, apparently, worth spending a few decades torturing individuals so you can learn how to then apply the behavioural modification to a wider audience (if you’re of that sort of mindset and endless resources,) as you’ve prevously discussed on the MK projects etc.
    Tinker, tinker tinker, the little blighters ! 🙂
    Many thanks for all the time and energy you and Chris put aside for this as well as the commenters – always something helpful there too.
    Cheers, Clare

  30. Hi! I’m almost through the episode, which was fascinating and wanted to say two quick things. Speaking of Netflix and propaganda, many people aren’t aware of the fact that Marc Bernays Randolph, one of the two founders of Netflix is the great nephew /great grand nephew of Edward Bernays and Sigmund Freud, respectively. I think that should tell us all we need to know about “good ol’ Netflix”!!
    Secondly, one of the reasons why I personally found this episode so fascinating is because I’m from New Orleans, though I live in Italy. All New Orleanians know about Marie Laveau, aka The Voodoo Queen. Fortunately, we also know about the Arcadians, known as Cajuns, and their long voyage from Canada to settle in Louisiana. You covered the information VERY well and I really enjoyed it!!
    I know I say this every single time, but I’m just nuts about your podcast and the short videos you post on YT. You guys really make me laugh and living in Italy these days, with it being a “Covid” test case country, one really needs gigantic laughs to be able to get through the day!!
    Thanks again, as always, for everything!!!

  31. Don thanks
    I sat through it all because of all your time, work and energy you put into the podcast. What i mean by saying that is i am 64 i have known from 5years old something was up with this planet. So book reading, investigating and researching i always leads back to the same bloodline Families, i now believe beyond these families are the Off Planet Enties that have been here for thousands of Years

  32. Re: December 25th. It is supposedly the birthday of Nimrod, the worlds first globalist which attempted to build a tower (Babel) to Heaven and become greater than God. He was the founder and king of Babylon.
    Re: the unicorn. Horns in symbology represent power. So the one horn is the power in 1 hand or one world power.
    Re: treasure in Jerusalem. All the temple furniture was pure gold plated and made of acacia wood (also called shittim) which is 50% harder than oak so very durable. They had some things encrusted with jewels. Solomon also was said to be fabulously wealthy and so there was probably some very expensive things in that treasure. And it is not recorded what happened to it ie it was not taken as plunder by the Romans.
    Titus did not want to destroy the temple, the Romans respected other religions as long as you paid honour to their religion. But the Jews wouldn’t surrender peacefully even though Titus held back his men and offered them this. There are said to be done underground passages that they got the treasure out through.

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