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In this episode we have the real pleasure of speaking with a legend in the truther world Mark Devlin.

Mark is now a prolific author in is own right having written 4 books. His Musical Truth series is now on volume 3, these books are deep dives into the murky world of popular music.


  1. Chris Cornell.. Chester Bedingfield and Anthony bourdain were the last musicians. and tv personality that were the last to speak out. they were in the process of making a documentary on the pedophillic music industry but all died before the documentary was released

  2. only triple things back in the 90’s was E’z😂😂😂😂😂.. triple drop 😂😂😂

    1. LOL! I found my perfect combo: an E and a trip! (As I am sure you know, everything starts with an E!) I got it down to a fine art. I was after the Holy Grail: an endless buzz. It worked for a while… I was part of the ‘Summer of Love’ in the late 1980s. It was a wonder to behold. I don’t regret any of it!

  3. Great podcast, will recommend to other friends who are musicians, however there are a number of musicians in England speaking out against the current bullshit

  4. Great show I got into mark through you guys and I got into you guys through a website called aangirfan which I recently heard mark saying he used to read a lot back when he woke up in first deep dives would have been jan 2011 and aangirfan and vigilant citizen I used then and I still read the way the show they linked was plastic celebrities 2 and I’ve been hooked since and always recommend you to my ever growing awakening friends.also Martin Scorsese was a camera man alongside side Lucas at the Rolling Stones Altamont gig.

  5. Another great show. Thanks Mark, Chris and Dom. Maximum respect for your research and hard work.

  6. Thanks for replying to my email.

    ….Aand here’s a celebrity soundbite…Debbie Harry claimed to have had a brush with Ted Bundy.

    I don’t completely disbelieve this. It’s quite easy to meet serial killers. They’re quite sociable in their own way.

  7. Watched Mark on YT from the beginning and thats how I found you lads! So its good to hear Mark on your show this time.
    Hope my son reads his latest I got him for Xmas.. my only hope is via the music research he will waken to the rest of what I’ve been trying to tell him the last two yrs. He’s had one spear , got ill and he promises he won’t take another but I worry about his heart as he’s already got a murmur. I told him he must never get those spears but he was thinking he’d not get to any of the festivals! Crazy!

  8. I also share the same sentiment Dom in regard`s to Dr Shilary i`d love 5 mins in a room with him :p

  9. Great podcast as always fellas, thanks. When I finish reading ‘What Really Makes You Ill’ I’ll get Marks trilogy…should see me through for the rest of the years reading.
    I’ve heard you mention The Hac in a couple of previous videos…I was there most saturdays late 80’s and early 90’s – also the Blackburn warehouse parties until they got stopped. I still love that early house and garage music – disco and motown before that (my mum used to play it in the car).
    One of my favourite tunes from back then is very relelvant to these times…

  10. Dom. After all the research and the efforts of you and your brother I hope you do find the time to write it all down with your own stories and feeling of what you have uncovered. Your shared sense of humour on what you have discovered or learned from your brilliant guests like Mark and others along the way. A few of your cartoons chucked in ! It will be a sensational book and I’m sure many truthers and those who are destined to wake up from their slumber will buy. Hope your writing it all down. Look forward to seeing it in print. Thanks lads. Hugs

  11. I’m reading Pau Chang..” word magic” The power and occult definition of words..
    How they’ve used the dark occult using the words and symbolism to trick us all into their demonic spell bound words.. very interesting although I’ve been looking into how they have corrupted all of us into their evil system.. blacks law dictionary is actually a book of sorcery and spells thats why the Judges cover their evil thoughts and lies from God with a wig, a black square hat or have a pulpit on the wall behind their heads..

  12. I’ve listened to all of your chats. I feel like I know you guys. Keep up the good work. P.S.. The Earth IS flat

    1. James,

      I have come to this way of thinking too, but such is the propaganda I do not feel confident about talking to anyone this. Trust your senses for a start, I say.

  13. Great podcast guys.
    On the Muse subject they have actually brought out a new song called Won’t stand down. The lyrics and video is very interesting – it would seem as though they are on “our side”. I’d be interested to hear yours and Mark’s opinion.

  14. Baroness Rothschild was involved with a lot of Jazz musicians , a significant number of whom died young and at the peak of their powers , Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Sonny Clarke being three of these. Baroness Rothschild paid for their funerals . The interesting fact about the jazz scene in the 40’s and 50’s was that a level playing field in terms of race was starting to emerge. The leading players were almost all black , this in what is acknowledged as America’s greatest art form . Was this too dangerous a situation for the eugenicists to allow to develop ? Did they have to put one of their own into the heart of the burgeoning bebop scene into order to steer it off course ? Bearing in mind that Charlie Parker was making records with string orchestras and was studying Bartok and other modern composers – who knows what his legacy would have been if he had lived past 34 .

    1. I think it’s about money. Kill them as long as their at peak performance, like a racehorse, then milk the cow of a “legend’s” music sales, as they did Michael Jackson and many others.

  15. For clarity Thomas Sheridan – whom Mark cites as a ‘researcher’ – also thinks that the Yorkshire Ripper was Jimmy Saville and a gang of 1970’s BBC Radio 1 DJ’s travelling around with lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe in a murder transit van killing prostitutes and that the famous Ripper photofit was actually of Dave Lee Travis. He states this – without laughing – in an interview with Ed Opperman on Youtube. Also, Derek Jarman – the director of ‘Panic’ by The Smiths – was English and not from NewZealand and was a famous avant- garde film maker – so it’s difficult to say how much he would have taken direction from The Smiths in the making of the video but not out of the question to suspect that he may have had some inside knowledge on certain subjects.

  16. Hi just listened to this love your work dont know if anyone else has mentioned this, ben Elton now lives in freemantle West Australia my brother and sister in law went to see him at the crown casino about a month ago complete pro vaxxer attacking the unvaxxed.
    Also on Steve wonder TV show I’m a celebrity is on over here I haven’t a clue who any of the people ( celebrities) are i saw about 2 minutes of the show a couple of days ago some guy saying what a great life he’s had and all the stars he has met then drops in Stevie wonder taking the piss out of his purple hair!!!!

  17. I just had pause the podcast at the point where you’re chatting about collective mindfulness and thoughts, to comment that I’m reminded of that episode of Doctor Who where Martha travels the world to rally the people to save the doctor by all saying the words “The Doctor” together on a certain day and time.
    I believe that prayer is most powerful along with vibrations and words.
    In the Bible in Genesis God created the world just by speaking!!!!
    Thanks for all that you do, I’ve recently found some real-life likeminded folks and I’m spreading the word of your great work here.

  18. Another wonderful podcast. Thank you Dom and Chris for inviting DJ Mark. Worth mentioning I think Dom spoke about him that singer and actor Olly Alexander, the song “It’s a sin” him and Elton John performed it at the Brit Awards 2021. It is so satanic that watching it sends me shivers down my back. Absolutely horrible! They don’t even hide it anymore. Pure devil worshiping that video! No doubt that Olly Alexander be a new super star!

  19. Dear Dom and Chris,
    There is so much more than this guy doesn’t know. I’m a Pompey street pleb who was unwittingly granted a scholarship to Portsmouth Grammar School in 1974, felt like a fish outta water so fell into a pool of depression with my first term reporting stating “I was so academically weak that every day my problems increased”. That was the age of punk so I decided to prove them right by steadfastly refusing to co-operate on every level, lost all confidence in everything until i met a mate who like Genesis,

    He was an upper middle class lad who i spent all holidays with in posh hampshire suburbia listening to peter gabriel in his pomp and I loved it and him. Today aged 58 those genesis albums bare truth to their masonic ties. It’s like your seeing old hollywood movies with a refreshed lens.

    your guest tonight, Mark Devlin, irritates the Hell outta me unlike many of your others. I think it is because my late dad was a big band player from way back who felt aggrieved at djs taking away his business back then in the 70s but that isn’t the reason why.

    your Chris mentioned modern day black artists dying aged 21 as opposed to 27 a while back and mark devlin mentioned that they were all shite. Well let me tell you. an artist called Juice Wrld died age 21 in 2020 and he is fuking brilliant. my teen boys love him. and i do too aged 58. It;s not al that gangster negative Krap mark devlin is ignorant to. he is as soulful as fuk. I’m old school Marvin Gaye, Al Green and more recently Eve from travelling throughout this world, but Chris is right, They;re all dropping att 21 these days, Mark devlin is a conceieted ignorant white twat. He is so subjective in all he says. Me. I. all the time.
    Who the fuk is he other than a dj who wrote gossip books? he’s a twat. can’t you see that?

    Look, he referenced Kate Bush with some lyrics that proved nothing, yet let it be known something sinister… so she had foresight? must be a wrongun, then…

    Don’t know but she did a hell of a lot of stuff with Peter Gabriel of Genesis including ‘Don’t give up’, Games without Frontiers’ and more…but it is her association with him that must raise hairs.

    All original members of Genesis were Charter House old boys, Check out the lyrics on Nursery Chryme’s Get ’em out by Friday with the announcement from genetic control to reduce humanoid height to four
    feet to fit more in a block of flats. Supper’s ready On Foxtrot, Carpet Crawlers and masonic referencing Chamber of 32 doors on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. They’re all fukin obvious now and I grew up worshipping him and them.

    My late old man was a big band saxophonist and we grew up in pontins and butlins holiday camps wherever he was playing along England’s south coast. He fuking hated djS and listening to that conceited twat, Mark Devlin, I get that. Love you two brothers though.

    Kate Bush is heavily connected to Gabriel but they all fukin are, aren’t they. evreything is a fuking sham at this stage of the game. Ther’es nothing we cannot rip apart…except for George Cole in Minder, John Thaw as Morse, and I’ll give a shout out to the recently departed Sidney Poitier who i Loved a s a kid in Please Sir..but even he;s been slagged off as an “INTERN’ a sell out to the occult…who fukin knows? it’s all up for grabs.

    I ain’t gonna write off the feeling he gave me as a lad, It;’s a dirty world now lads, you know it.

    we Gotta stick together.

    I love yo two, especially Chris….he;s like a an angel holding you up Don…no disrespect, but I think you know that too

    1. Are you drunk as well has racist?

      If you don’t like djs for whatever reason then that’s fair enough, why are you listening to the podcast then and wtf has his colour got to do with anything?

  20. Hi guys

    Not been on for a while but Sheep Farm + Mark Devlin, I can’t resist. Just bigged up Sheep Farm as the “journalists who can reach the parts other journalists cannot reach” on the twitter feed of an anti-censorship journo group that I’m part of 🙂

    This is our websire:

    We’d love to interview you both or be interviewed by you so drop us a line at [email protected] if interested.

    Keep up the great work, love your podcasts and deep dives into the puppets playing out the medical tyranny.



  21. Gotta add to my earlier lengthy comment, which was probably not accepted because I slagged off Mark Devlin, that Kate Bush’s association with Peter Gabriel is further enhanced as a link to the dark side, as they all seem to be linked within English exclusive educational establishments… The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway again… always thought it was a trippy alien Earth visitation but check out my favourite track on the album; Fly on a Windshield and the lyrics trail off with “and the children play at home… with needles… needles and pins.

    It was always a signifying message to today.

    Those Charter House Boys knee then. I believe Peter Gabriel was crying out

    Every time it’s blatant but as sheep, we don’t get it.

    Some of us do now. But it’s too late!

  22. I really enjoyed this podcast. Fascinating to hear about Kate Bush. I was into Punk but when Wuthering Heights came out, we loved it because it was unlike anything else. You probably know that John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) is a massive Kate fan but could hardly admit this at the time – it would have destroyed his credibility! Lydon spoke about Savile in a radio interview in 1978. Here it is:
    Malcolm McLaren is another character who no doubt has interesting bloodlines and dark connections. It is always blow to discover that our ‘heroes’ are part of the cabal.

  23. Thanks again Chris, Dom and Mark – great to hear 3 of you together! On ‘engineered warfare’: I remember when I was in primary school being asked in the school yard if I was a mod or a rocker – I was about 7! And no, I didn’t know the answer!

    1. The beatles answered that question with;

      I’m a mocker!

      Taxman is a appropriate song for today too!

  24. Chris,
    Been thinking about your LBC m8 O’Brien
    ( I work from home and put the radio on while making lunch and alternate between him, vine and graham talk radio.
    Given them all up for Jazzfm no talk and hardly any “news!”)
    Anyway James O’Brien
    By Daily Telegraph journalists
    Sent to private school
    With pedos of course, but he never saw anything!!
    Got kicked out of school for selling weed!
    But then went to
    London school of economics
    Then on to BBC newsnight .. ! Fired.
    Played the part of the anti-brexit host , slagging off May,Boris etc. calling out people who can’t see it’s a scam ..
    but is now all in on this ..
    also there is a Scottish family connection again.
    Where is he headed next..

  25. Who is the guy who made the weird autopsy programme about Michael Jackson, Whitney, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy and others. He seems to be the cover-up guy! He concluded that whitney got in the bath that was too hot and burned her feet but was too high to notice. This caused her body to go in to shock and she lost consciousness and subsequently died. He had even prepared some brasseye inspired charts and diagrams. It didn’t add up at all but the autopsy bloke reports it with such unblinking arrogance. Might be worth looking in to who he is. I think the show was called “last hours of” or something

  26. Many of the Musicians have appeared to have ‘died’ but moved on to a new life, organised by the ‘white hats’.
    More chat than ever on the back channels…..
    Elvis Presley… (there’s always been the rumour)
    Michael Jackson… (his memorial has the Q symbol)
    Prince…. (song lyrics spell it out).
    And loads have been turned as part of the Great Awakening and offering truth bombs –
    Dylan – song about JFK recently
    Britney – release from Control

  27. I admit I like the 90s hip-hop, and I would say it’s making a comeback, lots of remixes, so this accusation that young people don’t know what’s good. I mean, at least the 90s remixes are quite popular. And a lot of music is designed for people on drugs or drunk, right? So it doesn’t matter if it’s crap if it’s meant for just zoning out. The desire for good quality music to listen to while being sober, well, I don’t think there’s much of a market for that in music genres like hip-hop, techno, etc. My first exposure to conspiracy theories was from Hispanic (mostly Mexican) guys I worked with in the food industry who swore Tupac was murdered. Then when Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song came out, I knew something was wrong b/c that girl’s voice is terrible. (Sorry any fans who read this)

    As far as pumping out a record in record time, I think y’all are forgetting the spiritual factor involved. No, they didn’t write those lyrics, but what if demons did? Then all the artists have to do is show up, get possessed, and write it all down. Remember Eminem’s lyrics “I am Satan and I’m gonna kill you”? Something like that. I went to google it and too much creepy stuff popped up. God obviously can do the same thing through humans if you believe in the authenticity of the Bible.

  28. Are you drunk as well has racist?

    If you don’t like djs for whatever reason then that’s fair enough, why are you listening to the podcast then and wtf has his colour got to do with anything?

    1. I am sorry to hear your son felt under pressure to get the jab. It must be very worrying for you. I hope he has recovered and does not suffer with any more health problems. It would be great if Devlin’s book helps to wake him up!

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