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In this episode we discuss the Nuremberg Trails, Churchill, Operation Paperclip and much more  and the links to the current nonsense we’re living through.

John is one of the leading authorities in his field, he has written many books and has built up huge body of work, he is a walking talking encyclopaedia.

He is probably second only to David Icke in the number of books written in the truth movement arena in the UK.

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  1. Strange how no one thought to ask the natives of Madagascar; when oh when will Europeans leave other peoples and their sovereign assests alone?

  2. As great as this podcast promised to be I did not find the level of research to be at all awe inspiring. I’ve studied the same subject in depth, outside of Icke’s stuff, and I’ll give you some fruits of my labours as one who came with full faith in the official narrative, only to have it, and many other narratives, turned completely on it’s head. It gets to the point where it becomes largely an impossibility to apprehend the disdain that the National Socialists had for the cronies who are continuing to run the world, as they do now, bat soup and all. Firstly, Joyce was not used by the Germans, he was very much a willing participant in spreading the truth of what was happening in Germany at the time, even the author DH Lawrence went to live in Italy after he wrote ‘England, my England’, because England had fallen. Vichy France, which was to be carpet bombed by the Allies, of Communism, even though Vichy France was at war with no one. Secondly, Julius Streicher, author of Der Sturmer, and not a member of the National Socialist Party, as he was thought too radical to have an association with the party, was also hung, for mere opinion, as was Alfred Rosenberg, though he was a member, yet not charged with the trumped up ‘atrocities’ charges.
    If you ever want to read some credible literature then you may find Anthony Ludovici’s first hand appraisal of what he found while in National Socialist Germany for the 1936 Olympics, which is further given testimony to by the video ‘Germany 1938’, made by an American film maker who travelled there for the Expo. Other books of note are the Lord Chancellor, of that time’s book, ‘Ourselves and Germany’, by the Marquis of Londonderry and ‘The Case for Germany’ by Arthur Laurie.
    The difficulty of finding out the truth about the real reasons why the Bolsheviks wanted so desperately to end the Romanov Dynasty was because Russia, starting with Alexander the Second, had shared out land for the people who had now been released from serfdom. This took away hegemony on the people and started to make Russia increasingly rich, from the world’s 26th economy, to 4th in just a few short years. Nicholas the Second, whose family were shot in cold blood by the Bolsheviks, which should hint at the type of people who control the world now, the pattern follows, was also taking further steps to make Russia rich beyond belief with more reforms. The German ‘Age of Enlightenment’ brought about much great philosophical ideas, which culminated in the emergence of the 20th Century’s foremost philosophical scholar, teacher and author, Martin Heidegger, who was in the National Socialist Party and helped removed the enemies of Germany from Germany, they were called ‘The Frankfurt School’, now called ‘Cultural Marxists’, who wave the banner of ‘Political Correctness’.
    We ourselves, as Northern Europeans, are of course Germanic by blood, and it is a thing that only when Romans named Celts and Teutons separately did the nomenclature for those Germanics people’s change. When a King abdicates, a Prime Minister ensures no war, then changes his mind as a credit note for £500 million lands on his desk, as recorded on Hansard Millbank, and a nation of people is calling it a ‘Phoney War’, amid millions of our country’s best men led to their slaughter by the cronies in the business of politics today, the Parliamentarians, the Judges, the Lawyers and their bosses, the Bankers, of Tel Aviv, is the msytery of Germany revealed. Germany had claimed self autonomy and was welcoming other nations, from China to Columbia, and from Namibia to Lativa, yet the leaders of the British Empire, not British, managed somehow to be beaten out of the Palestinian mandate in 1946, all this from ‘Holocaust “survivors”‘, and the start of the disbanding of the Empire began, and completed with the bankruptcy of Britain in 1951. How about that for a bunch of bagels, and the Germans are the ‘bad guys’? Give me a break.

    1. There’s a deeper level to the History of European conflict which is most often missed – namely the ‘Hegelian dialectic of the Babylon Mystery Societies’.
      That all sounds terribly ‘highfalutin’ but it really means that (in this case) the Jesuits have controlled ALL sides of conflict for various ‘Synthesis’ reasons. So for WWII – it is now well known (or becoming more so) that the US Banksters/Rockefellers funded the Bolsheviks – and hence Stalin, the German Rothschild and Vatican supported Hitler (illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild), Churchill (controlled by the Zionist UK Rothschilds), and FDR (high level Freemason who are controlled by Jesuits.
      Seen through this, actually rather simple, and obvious lens – all of the post WWII ‘Hegelian Synthesis’ outcomes make sense…. in no particular order:

      1. Post war USSR Communism – set up as the West’s next Cold War opponents, after Romanovs destruction by The Bolshies… Jesuit revenged on the Czars, 100 years after the Czar had scuppered their post Napoleonic ‘League of Nations’/previous-UN attempt, and Stalin’s savaging of the orthodox Christian population in USSR (because they weren’t Roman Catholic – a bit like the early Christians in the middle east by the RC created Islam). This sets up 50 years of FEAR intended to feed the continuous ‘1984-style Industrial-Military continuous warfare machine… to fund the banksters and fleece the public.
      2. Creation of Zionist Israel… Following the ‘set up’ of the Balfour declaration between Freemason Balfour and UK Rothschild, sympathy was needed for Jews to enable the post war creation of Israel. Pre-war organised (and quite friendly) encouragement of Zionist Jews to transfer to Palestine, during-war desecration of non-Zionist Jews (robbing them of their wealth) to engender sympathy post war to facilitate Israel creation (the extent of numbers killed is beginning to receive greater interest as part of the ongoing Great Awakening). Use of antisemitism and ‘holocaust-denial’ to close down any debate on the subject. Note Zionists are not Jews but the original (Canaanite) Khazarian Mafia that spread out and infiltrated Europe in the middle ages – they left Kazakhstan just before they were going to be killed by the Russian Czar (after multiple warnings for their murderous local behaviour – see above).
      3. Destruction of Northern Germany – mostly protestant. Those good old Jesuits again – their very raison d’etre for existence – to wipe out anyone not complying with the Antichrist (that is the RC Church – because it’s been pagan since AD300 when emperor Constantine pretended to convert).
      4. Chaos. Because that favours the Banksters as ever.
      5. USA – German NAZIs allowed to escape to a better life (Hitler-Argentina) or transferred to the Allies to continue their research – by prior arrangement with Allied commands – all by previous agreement. Operation Paperclip for rocket scientists (USA) and medical fraternity (MKUltra) (USA/UK and Canada) where they join the other Behavioural Psychology units formed out of the Tavistock Institute/Frankfurt School pre-war and now manifesting as UK Gov Mindspace and worldwide covid Mass Formation Psychosis.

      A little knowledge is a wonderful thing.

      1. Wow these guys know their stuff, but as Gary said we’re just having a chat.

        There is always an opening for a new show where you can cover what you feel we don’t, easy solved, let me know I’ll tune lads.


        Dom 🙂

  3. When my twins were born prematurely in 2002 the doctor who fed them when they were in hospital for a month did the autopsy on Rudolph Hess in Spandau prison. He said that all the utensils used in the autopsy were melted down afterwards so they couldn’t be sold as souvenirs. He told me that he was a nice guy and loved football. This could all be lies to the normal listener but my grandfather was in the army when Hess parachuted into Scotland. The surgeon was in the Black watch and another person who had a premature baby was also in the black watch. Imagine my surprise when I found out a few years later that my grandfather was also in the black watch. Fucking mental but true. Shit hot show as always.

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