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In this episode we discuss recent topics like the Non-Existent Heatwave, BBC Weather Nonsense, Disinformation Experts, Vallance & Michie, Chest Feeding, Non Binary Periods, Nicky Campbell & Fettes School, and much more.


  1. Twats in space!!!

    Please consider covering the Challenger “disaster” and the strange survival of all seven or appearance of their dopplegangers working in NASA and academia to into the 2000s.

    Also can you make anything (a broach; a hat) of Bill Cooper’s little line up of space shuttle mission names that he thought had theological or conspiratorial meaning.

    2 points I’d love to hear you touch on.

    Also the “Buzz Aldrin interviewed by Zoe” is a great little interview where Buzz (with hand on heart) essentially says people will want to know why we didn’t go to the moon. Gave me grist for my mill.

    1. I’ve listened to a lot of Bill Cooper’s videos but I haven’t heard him talk about the names of the space missions. Do you have a link you could share please?

      One thing I noticed a few years ago two beavers were released into the wilds of Cumbria on an estate owned by person with dubious associations. One of the beavers was named Glenn and the other named Dragonfly! I did a bit of research and found that
      The Recent NASA rockets or space drones shared the same names!!
      Then I found an article about the Beaver Wars which involved the Jesuit’s trying to remove Christianity!!

      Just a coincidence?!? I suspect Not!!!

      Then I found A link On Wikipedia that Said that when Guy Fawkes was arrested For trying to blow up Parliament – he gave his name as Johnson!!!

      Then I thought about Boris’ nanny. He’s done a good job of blowing up / or disarming- Parliament hasn’t he!!!

      What crazy times we are living in!!!

  2. Top chat lads
    Just like to draw attention to the website of Dr David Halpin (campaigned tirelessly for dr d.Kelly inquest) and now 82, still going strong . Absolute stalwart of medical common sense and saw through the Divoc bs immediately in 2020 https://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/

    1. Hi Dom & Chris
      Sorry to post here but I recently listened to your podcast on Kate Garaways husband Derek Draper and I couldn’t help be perplexed as early days of Derek getting ill I specifically remember looking him up and he was definitely a cameraman! I asked my husband on his memory of this and he also said 100% he was definitely reported to be a cameraman. Does anyone else have this memory? It’s a definite Mandela moment in my opinion.

        1. ‘Kate revealed she and Prince Charles had got ‘relatively close’ at the Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11 – Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus in mid-March.

          She said: ‘Around the 29/30 March, I came home came in and said [to Derek] ‘god you look ill.’

          ‘He said he had a headache, numbness in his right hand, and was struggling to breathe,

          ‘I rang Dr Hilary (Jones) and tried to get through, he talked to Derek. He said put me back on, I think you need to call an ambulance’

          Derek, 52, was taken into hospital on March 30 and remained in an unresponsive condition. ‘
          This is from the mail online. It mentions, Charlie, and doctor Shillery. I remember an email from Hay House( new age) publishers asking people to pray for Derek Draper as he was one of their authors and very ill with covid.
          There’s an interview in The Scotsman 7th April 2009 Spin Cycle and reporter asks if he is as Machiavellian as he’s been portrayed. I actually think Mr Draper had a stroke and him Kate and Dr Shillery used it to their advantage baaa

      1. My husband is a TV Cameraman, he kind of retired last year due to ‘restrictions’…. He went back to work two weeks ago to pay for the oil, that was his intention, at The Open, Scotland and in Wales this week but he says he just can’t go back again. He reckons he is in a ‘Club of 4’. Camera dept over 120 people. They’re all brainwashed and they rib him all the time when he comes on site but he knows, we know and our friends we have surrounded ourselves with know. They are all in the hope of 5G to make things faster…….they might regret their wishes……

      2. I suspect Kate was replaced. Her face is totally different shape From earlier photos and now she seems to have an Adam’s apple! Bloke?!?

        1. All of your media, all Sports, all hollywerid , music industry are all MTF or FTM in other words all flip flops , there are no exception’s it is all of them

        1. Such brain buster isn’t it….why and how are multiple realities happening?? either way, I guess you’re on the same timeline as me & my husband if you have that same memory so maybe we’ll all meet when we get to the end of the performance of life and hopefully have figured it out.

    1. I herd them talking the other day on the radio about ‘pollio’ popping back up again and wanting to jab all the kids (angry face)

    1. He’s referring to the challenger mission in particular as they were meant to have died in an explosion watched by millions, but their ‘doppelgangers’ are still walking around to this day, alive and kicking

  3. Can anyone remember the cartoon Bod? It was on at lunchtimes I think on the BBC. It was off its head as all kids’ telly is but there was a semi decent segment with an actual storyline called ‘Alberto Frog and His Animal Band.’

    The point is, Alberto Frog was partial to a milkshake during a performance and the animals in his orchestra had to guess the flavour…

    ‘Strawberry’ said the hippos, ‘Blackcurrant’ said the gerbils…

    I’m always reminded of it when you ask Chris what wine he’s drinking. It’s actually happening on the live shows now.

    All us animals guessing what wine Chris Sheep is drinking. ‘Sicily’ said this person, ‘Merlot’ said another.

    I hope someone doesn’t reply to this that Alberto Frog was the work of pedophiles and the milkshake game was some kind of perverted pizzagate type slang.

    I’ve got to be careful of my nerves what with my BaBaCee PTSD Pox Nonsense.

    1. Bod! In my mind’s eye I can see the frog slurping the milkshake through a straw, and the drink disappearing in a linear manner to the bottom of the glass.
      I’ve yet to listen to the podcast, got family here for the weekend so no time. I’ve downloaded to listen in my lunch hours at work, something lovely to look forward to.

  4. I cannot find a hospital that Derek was or has been in whilst ill with Covid….maybe I’m not looking in the right place..I can find the hospital Boris was in but not Derek….

      1. I had my doubts about that story too. My Mum was in the ICU in the London hospital and I don’t remember it looking like that. There were also a lot of times and numbers quoted. It was 9 the next day 11 they would switch off the life support. And this pattern wet on for days.

  5. They were watering the pitch at Wembley during the women’s football…I point it out to ‘normies’ but they don’t seem to care…. I said, football is very important 😆 they say yes it is…clown world 😉

  6. Iya lads.
    Couple of things I heard from Merlin’s mouth on this podcast-turns ones alarm bells to a massive fuck off siren!
    “More worse” and there was something else but I can’t remember now….maybe she said broader when she meant broach. Something along those lines. Experts don’t say shit like that right? Not even under pressure.
    Keep up the riveting convos. I need entertainment while I hose down my patio….again.

      1. Join me. See if any neighbours are afraid of a good old fashioned debate? None up my way…yet. Commence….day 5 of the patio jet wash.

  7. I’ve had a 60 Minites Australia video about the tik tok Tourettes young girls that I’ve been wondering about sending you for a few days.

    I didn’t look for it, it just turned up on my recommended (I never watch 60 minutes or very, very rarely.)

    It’s bizarre. I don’t know whether we’re getting into Jerry Marzinsky ‘possessed’ territory with this phenomenon.

    My links never work on here so it’s 60 Minutes Australia Ewetube channel, from 6 days ago as of Saturday the 6th. (I didn’t make that numerology up.) ‘The Medical Mystery linking tik tok to an explosion in severe tics in teens.’

    It’s quite long, 20 minutes or so. I really don’t know what to make of it. It’s just the strangest thing.

      1. Thanks! I’ll be interested to see if anyone comments on it and what they say.

        I noticed comments were off on the original.

        The parents seem a bit strange as well. Metalica, eh?

  8. In my 1937 , The little Oxford dictionary the definition of fiction is…invention, invented statement or narrative. Fictitious, not genuine, assumed, imaginary.
    Science…systematic and formulated knowledge…brainwashing…

  9. They’ve been used as sacrificial lambs, he was ventilated, destroyed him. What an opportunity to use the husband of a MSM puppet to promote the agenda. She probably knows now what’s going on but for self preservation for her 2 children she’s still going along. Its so sad, people are cowards. I was 9 in 76, best Summer ever, loads of ladybirds….

    1. What a treat for a wet Sunday afternoon sat by the lit stove!!!
      Just a typical Argyll summer 🙄
      Must be the ‘climate’ up here!
      Weird you should mention the falcon, my better half watched a sparrow hawk fly in front of him with a woodpecker in his talons 😳
      Another great chat, would love to have you over for dinner 🙂🌻

  10. Thanks for another great mint sauce.
    I always forget what I want to comment about as you guys cover so much.
    Regarding the vaccinating of kids
    My nephew developed signs of autism soon after his baby jabs and this was later diagnosed, he is 15 now and my sister got him arm speared and he has now been diagnosed with adhd and his outbursts of bad moods have escalated since he was jabbed , I did warn her but its obviously not my choice.
    I also know lots of other people who have been jabbed who have had non stop bad health ever since , it’s also aged them , they look really drained etc.
    It’s bizarre.

    Please do another live soon as its great to be able to interact in real time

    Thanks again dom and Chris

    1. Hi guys
      I am living in Denmark and I have noticed the same Thing. Jabbed people looking older and drained. Lots are sick all the time. My son who is 26 ( not jabbed) says his mates are sick all the time. His mates are also aware that is because of the V. They all regret it. So sad .

  11. My auntie has been 3 dart finished,she’s become very vacant, just not herself, ok she’s 75 you could say it’s her age, but she was fine up to the jabs, also I work with about 10/12 young people, everyone jabbed, each and everyone of them keep getting covid, because they test, even if they sneeze. ,🙄🤷

  12. I often saw bats where I lived in France. I had two occasions when bats flew into my veranda and my bedroom because I left all the windows open because of the heat. You can gently chase the bats out again. Bats can carry rabies if you are bitten. But I love all wildlife, bats also need to live and they are part of nature.

  13. There’s recently some physical changes I’ve noticed on younger people. The girls seem hard looking, and the guys have softer less aggressive faces, wider round the hip & backside and tiny hands. I notice this because I use to be into bodybuilding and the goal was to get that shoulder, waist, hip ratio right, which was pretty easy for a bloke as we naturally have that build. But it’s all changing. Have you ever driven passed someone watching them hip and see wiggle only to relies- That’s not a woman baby, that’s a man! 😂

  14. Love the sheep art Christian. Do you sell copies on Etsy? Or better still can you bring some copies down to RAT33T to sell. I would certainly love one. 😀👍🏽

  15. Dom, I know for a fact that Satan is Lances’ uncle. Unlike us, Lance has enough hair to hide the horns. 😂

  16. Hi Sheep farm, I really hope you read this. Regarding the blitz. I was told by a friend of mine a few months ago about a very interesting BBC program he watched, again totally non conspiratorial. It was saying that the only defence London had when the bombings started was to use anti aircraft guns taken from battle ships and used in the town. The problem was that the shells that they fired up hit nothing, came back down and destroyed buildings by accident. This is mainstream program asserting that the British military shelled London themselves.

  17. As ‘The jabs’ go through stage 3 trials it means 50% of them have to be placebo. So some of the people in seemingly good health after having jabs may have been lucky enough to receive the placebo…. of course this can all change if they keep on the repeat cycle.
    A friends family on jab 4 tested themselves on a weekend away and tested positive, so consequently spent the all expenses paid family holiday holed up in his room isolating. The following family members all tested themselves and some tested positive, so they spent the whole holiday wearing masks in the shared barn conversion they’d booked to be together and ended up isolating in their rooms… all of them had received 3 jabs minimum.
    Zombified husks…

  18. I was thinking about spells and programming. It seems to me that they work only by the default position of peoples ignorance. For example, the majority of us are born into and enclosed indoctrination system and at the moment I think its been put forward that by luck, effort or some other arrangement about 5% of us are to some degree aware that something is ‘not right’. For me it began as a child when suddenly my infant reality of play and exploration was rudely interuppted by the obligatory schooling (day prison) system. Then, that awareness of ‘not right’ was mentally beaten out of me by the social programming regime. Only as an adolescent did I once again awaken to myself and to what I refer to as my Purpose for Being. I think what I’m saying is that the spells have power because of peoples default position of belief, aquiescence or acceptance of the status quo. Those same people give the spells power over them, infact they fuel the spells by not questioning them.
    I think one the best ways to awaken others is via personal contact, by offering the unique Essence that each of us have throught the medium of common sense, the thought connection between you and your Soul. Equally I think one of the great opportunities offered by the very obvious many and varied methods of communication in this age is the ability to reach listeners on a very personal level which in precisely what the lads are doing in their broadcasts and interviews. Good on ya. Think I’ve rambled on a bit. anyway hope its relevant to someone. Baaaa.

  19. haha.. the british bullshit corporation shitting themselves they have to talk about their own propaganda. but as ever we the people who know the truth are the liers

    1. yes. the winter of 1978. the snow was that deep it came upto my bedroom window. we lived up a single lane rd. it took a farmer a week to dig the road out.. the snow was that deep and it froze that hard that you were walking along side the top of trees virtually. the trees being about 10 to 15 feet high.. i never seen snow so deep.. i was 5 years old

  20. Hi lads, Dr shillary’s little icle test keeps popping up…anyone noticed that if you swap those two words around it now reads ” Dr shillary’s little testicle keeps popping up”?

    Lol! No change there then, he’s still talking bollocks! 😂

  21. Regarding The Chris GLitch out Pixalation on the RAW Live I have Footage of the whole thing , I could Put in on my Youtube Channel or Send you it To Archive

  22. Glad you mentioned about Kate Garraway & Derek … The Weather/Climate, its only to blame Humanity Yet Again , I Too Couldnt Get Past Merlyn Tha Wizard Paaha

    Also Tw4ts In Sp4ce! Would Make a Great RaW Live … Baa !

  23. About the folk unaffected by the arm spears. This is a bit Jerry Marzinsky territory or a bit out there but…

    I have noticed, over the years, some people, who might be called, on different levels or in different ways, superhuman.

    They might have schizophrenia or other mental health problems or have a heavy drug habit, either prescription or otherwise.

    A lot of schizophrenics smoke. Three or more packets a day, for decades, not even a cough. I’m sure I’ve heard Jerry say that some patients just couldn’t be tranquillised.
    Some are psychopaths. Has anybody else met some real horror of a person who’s up to their eyeballs in booster and Shangri La Shingles and whatnot and WILL NOT have the common decency to keel over?

    On the other hand some are extremely mentally and physically tough in a good way like some of the men I’ve met in the strange military outfit I got sucked into by mistake.

    Again, they’ve been speared to kingdom come for the army but are OK.

    I know growing drug tolerance over time is a thing but there does seem to be people who just can’t be touched by chemicals.

    Seeing as this is the biggest experiment on humanity ever (TM) I suppose there will be a kind of super soldier type that emerges. Or different types with common features.

    Some autistic spectrum people are like this as well. I used to look after an autistic little boy and I swear that he just didn’t feel pain like the other children. Or process that he was hurt in the same way. Maybe the no pain thing is an after effect of spearing? Like, you survived, and now you’re rewired?

    I could get into Missing 411, or MK Ultra super soldiers but this comment is confused enough.

    Maybe what the eugenics freaks will get, in the end, are builder’s Nokia type human shaped receivers that they can take the either psychopath/schizophrenic/autistic/army SIM card out of and put a neuralink slave SIM card in, that they can twiddle with via their 10 or 20g because they tolerate the graphene oxide software really well?

  24. I didn’t mean any of the last comment in a nasty way. There are some people whose systems can take ANYTHING.

    I was trying to see if there was any personality type or mindset but maybe there isn’t.

    There’s always some people who thrive on neat gin and fags until they’re 100.

  25. Thanks for a great podcast 🙂
    I just wanted to mention regarding the fact that there are some that are effected and some that aren’t. It has now been proven that the batches are different and do not contain the same substance. There is a sight called http://www.howbadismybatch.com/ where you can check if your batch number has many reported side effects. A Danish researcher Max Schmelling has done some work on this together with Mike Yeadon. I seem to remember Mike talks about it in an interview with James Delingpole, but others have found a similar pattern. In this short interview clip, Naomi Wolf talks about the different toxicity in batches.


    Max Schmelling works with statistics on a high level and has said that it looks to him like the different vaccine companies have “taken turns ” in sending out specifically toxic batches. It seems as if they regularly released toxic batches to see how much the body can take and what effect it has! Pure evil!

    I live in Denmark and am a big fan of Sheepfarm. Thanks for your great work.

    1. Hi Birgitte,

      I watched the Naomi Wolfe clip. This is the thing that puzzles me. If the vax is to have boosters for the forseeable future and the match of person to batch is completely at random surely it’s Russian Roulette with worse and worse odds every time.

      One’s going to get you sooner or later if you keep on, isn’t it?

      I mean, what’s the point? Are all the batches and recipients traced? Are they sending out batches to different locations/age groups/races or anything else?
      Are they tracking who gets what afterwards? Or is it just to make it more sporting?

      That’s not entirely a joke. I can totally see them thinking it makes it a fairer, more equal opportunities sort of genocide if they send out good and bad batches at random. Nothing personal, as it were.

      The taking it in turns to do the dirty batch is especially sinister.

      What do you think is going on? They WILL have some record of batch to patient. I suppose the simplest explanation is that it’s just one huge, very complicated clinical trial.

        1. Yes I think you are right. They stagger it so as to get enough to take it. Also they can target certain groups. It really is Russian roulette where many are placebos too! Another element is that some effects might not be seen for some time – like sterelisation in children.
          For sure they are monitoring the incoming data. One HUGE experiment and yes – very sinister 🙁 Lets hope it gets stopped soon.

  26. Thanks! I really wrestled with it. Took me ages. The thought was in the brain, but the words weren’t coming. Been mulling it over though, for months.

    I was quite pleased with the Builder’s Nokia people bit in the end.

  27. Oh, and most of my comments are rubbish. This is a Steve Coogan (as Paul Calf) joke which describes what they’re like, ”In every bag of shite, there’s a spark of gold. It’s probably just the wrapper off a Caramac, but it’s there.”

  28. Alright lads and viewers. With the jabs they use the advocate system so out of 100 jabs 30/40% of them are the proper job or something else they want to test and the other are placebo because that way they know the majority of sheeple will have a placebo, feel nothing and then advocate for it being mandated because to them it’s safe. 😦😈

  29. Earth is proven a level & motionless , by endless observations, scientific experiment, instrumentation, test, logic and reason. It is an inevitable conclusion arrived at when all the scientific evidence is studied. All your senses tell you that the earth is level and motionless. Only NONSENSE tells you it is an alleged spinning flying globe of impossibly-curved water and magic gas whizzing at lethal velocities through an alleged endless barrier-less vacuum..

    LEVEL & MOTIONLESS, is not a “shape” such as “oblong”, “blancmange”, or any other “shape”.. Shape is an irrelevant red-herring diversion.. LEVEL & MOTIONLESS is demonstrable reality.. easily verifiable by all.. An alleged spinning flying globe of bendy water is physically-impossible..

    There is no “debate” required.. Only the necessarily required empirical proofs for what is claimed to be reality, which can never be provided by anyone, as the globe earth never existed..

    Here is the 1 Bitcoin (Minimum) Globe Earth-proving challenge for charity, if anyone would like to fail it same as all before them.. 😉


  30. Been following you guys for a while now…keep it up…it’s a shame we cant listen to full shows now without paying…

  31. Hello Dom and Chris, I mentioned Chris’s sound quality. I would like to add a big positive, over the last couple of years myself and my wife have enjoyed your shows. We have learnt so much from you about this world we live in and your humour always make us smile as well. Please keep up the good work.
    Regards Andy Parker.

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