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Clive is a modern day health trailblazer and his knowledge never ceases to amaze us.

When I was struggling it was people like Clive who I watched interview natural health practitioners, this enabled me to discover information that has helped me on my own health journey.

So it’s a real pleasure to have him back on the show again.

Clive has an excellent supplement company, that sells top quality vitamins and minerals and herbal remedies.




  1. Hi lads, thanks for still given us on a tight Budget free info…i am not tight its my Budget….love your work
    Sending you both and your families love and strength FROM IRELAND 🍀🇨🇮🇬🇧

        1. Thanks but I really would be more than happy to help. Besides it’s cheaper than the netfecks account I have stopped ( I never used it was for a nephew) & a million times more factual &Informative. the work you guys do is incredible, in terms of breadth of research & topics as well as being hilarious. I won’t bore you with details of my own economic system but it does require me to share.

  2. Hi all,
    Thanks for this video, good to discover Clive, I will order the magnesium, I’ve looked at his shop, I want to also buy the shower fixture but can’t find how long this will last, can he advise please.

  3. Great interview lads. I came across MMS/CDS last year whilst researching alternatives for my osteoarthritis, along with DMSO I had great results. Listening to this i will definitely be taking magnesium as I’m not completely pain free all of the time👍

  4. Guys I am a huge fan of you both. Clive is just so wonderful. You all give me faith in humanity. Listening to you’re conversation makes me feel as if my children may have hope.

  5. Hey lads, I may have lost the plot here, or not listened properly to the instructions, but how do I get to hear the second half of the podcast (for members). Does it follow on same day? Can’t find it.

  6. You are a gentleman & no mistake, Mary is going to be so happy. Your generosity is outstanding. Much love to you & yours xxx

  7. I remember ‘Purple Spray’ for horses! The real miracle cure was cornucrescine for hooves though. Carr, Day and Martin made it in the blue and white tins.

    You must remember it? It was black gunk and made their hooves grow really fast after laminitis, the little fat pony disease. Very heartbreaking for the child owner and expensive for their dads, was laminitis.

    It also grew hair back over their cuts which must have made the dads think it might also do something for the stress induced baldness caused by keeping these animals.

    It was always a mystery what was in it but I just looked it up today – it’s saffafras oil. Sassafras also goes into Saspirilla drinks, apparently.

    On the other hand (hoof?) Google tells me that Sassafras is highly toxic and a carcinogen.

  8. Thanks so much for the information, always love your podcasts with Clive! Do you post links to the people mentioned in the podcast? No worries if not I’ll listen back just didn’t want to miss it if it’s on the site. Also, sheep farm live at RA Tr33t would be class?!

  9. Hi all. I got olives vitamin c shower, and it lasted over 3 months. I do live alone but frequently shower twice a day. I love it. Great as always, guys, much appreciated.

  10. Good interview as usual.

    I noted the discussion about Iodine which was not something that I have ever used but I discovered earlier this year that our common supermarket table salt is no longer ‘iodised’ but instead has ‘sodiumferroCYANIDE’ as an anti-caking agent!!! I’ve started using sea salt from the budget shops instead.
    The only thing that I use the supermarket stuff for is killing weeds on my driveway.

    1. Remember ….they tell you dandelions are weeds! I stopped drinking nearly 1 year ago and used,still am using dandelion root to help my liver to recover.

  11. Lovely chat. I’m about 30 mins in and just off the top of my head a few things come to mind. My mum had a hip replacement at Sheffield northern general about three years ago and she’s hardly been able to walk since. Made her condition much worse and it seems the surgeon damaged some muscle tissue. I’ve encouraged her to sue but I know she won’t do it.

    I’m sat here in a cafe in China’s foremost modern financial industrial hub (hangzhou), front end of all the 5g bs / ‘smart city’ spectre and those damn towers are everywhere. I don’t feel any ill effects but I take a garlic supplement every day and have done for about six years. Not had a cold or flu in all that time and thankfully got my mum onto it about two years ago (she’s 80) and likewise no respiratory infections/ illness. Of course no idea if that little bulb will rescue us from anything but I’m at least convinced it’s what’s stopped me from contracting colds etc (used to get hammered by them every winter). I’m not sure if the towers are making people ill now but I’m guessing they have another purpose yet to manifest

    The other thing I would say is that while I consider myself healthy at 44 (regular yoga, good diet etc) I recall a time as a teenager between about 16-18 when I seemed to lose the power to concentrate and I also lost the power of imagination. I definitely lost something – mental focus / clarity .. I can’t put my finger on it, but it never came back. I went on to get a 1st class degree, MA blah blah but I knew something had changed. It wasn’t the same. I also felt immense daytime tiredness which I also never overcame. Something numbed me. I’ve thought for a long time about what it might have been – vaccinations etc but I don’t know. All I know is something, some outside force interrupted my ‘development’ in some way. It wasn’t alcohol or anything self-induced. I always wondered if anyone else had had that experience

    1. Eddie I was told years ago to take garlic capsules for colds, you triggered a memory for me there.
      Interesting to hear about purple spray and diatomaceous earth, I used both of those remedies when I had my back garden hens.
      And finally I wish I’d heard about the enzyme for protein, might have saved me from having my endometriosis surgery 😞
      Still got half an hour to listen, loving every minute. Thanks for all your hard work lads

      1. Nice one Jules. If it was about ‘health’, GPs would be recommending it to all elderly patients in winter but .. no. They’d probably receive some kind of professional reprimand

    2. Wow that’s an insightful post Eddie
      Vitamin C is also a great negator of radiation.
      Regards your ‘fatigue & concentration’ changes, I can relate from pre ‘Lyme’ and with Lyme. I had exactly what you describe.


    3. Do you drink tap water? It’s toxic and is causing cancer and auto immune diseases. My water authority (United Utilities) told me it contains “slime mold” aka fungus/mold and contributes towards Morgellons.
      Heavy metal contaminants also in water together with loads of nasty stuff.
      Do you suffer with insomnia?
      Toxins/metals/parasites/Candida/mold/fungus etc all sap your strength and can affect your thyroid. So can Lyme Disease.
      Detoxing/Herbal colon cleansing/iodine protocol/magnesium etc all helped me. Oh and I had a session at Dom’s clinic back in April while I was recovering from pneumonia – it was amazing! I had the full works, 10 pas ozone, vitamin c, Gluthioine (might not be that but sounds similar) and a mineral mix that I can’t remember the name of. By the end of the session my voice had returned to normal and I felt much brighter and my breathing had improved (from the pneumonia). I intend to return for some more treatments. Defo worth a try if you can.

  12. Hi all,

    Newly signed up member here.

    I’m from sunny Doncaster but managed to escape to Japan last summer – going to ride out the reset here for a couple of years.

    James Delingpole led me to Clive de Carle a couple of months ago, and I have spent dozens of hours listening to his interviews since.

    I had a stressful few months at the start of the year and was experiencing an eye twitch for the first time in my life, plus occasional heart arrhythmia – two of the symptoms Clive describes as magnesium deficiency.

    Well lo and behold, I bought some proper magnesium supplements (no oxide!) and within days, symptoms had gone. I couldn’t have timed my discovery of Clive any better!

    I enjoyed this chat too and learned a lot, with some good references. I’m about to go onna three week trip travelling in the north of Japan, and I am looking forward to your back catalogue of podcasts/videos accompanying me.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Great podcast and very informative. I suffered migraines every week for a long time until I started using magnesium citrate which I take every night before bed. I only now get them very rarely if I’ve eaten the wrong thing.
    I did try vitamin c but it does tend to give me a migraine. Has anyone else experienced this?

      1. Hi dom could you recommend a good reverse osmosis system for countertop drinking water please, if you’re allowed to mention brands that is, or point me in the right direction, thankyou

  14. So much good info from you all it’s hard to decipher which is the best to raise as most important. I have listened to Clive for a while, mostly through The Sunday Wire with Patrick. I even met him once at Lynne Franks’ Seed in Wincanton but didn’t realise who he was then, 3 or 4 years ago. 3 Years ago we went down the Lugols Path after reading much info and ‘The Iodine Crisis’ is an excellent book to read. If all else fails read the Piss book. I can’t remember what the title is but something like ‘The Water of Life’, it belongs to my brother and he’s enthralled by it. I’d like to know your views on the piss healing theory and Clive’s. It maybe a last resort but it’s worth consideration. We grow 70% of our veg requirements here just working on trying to up it….. Keep up the good work guys X

  15. I’d love to try his autism treatments my grandson is nonverbal 19 year old and such a beautiful soul, I’m sure it was the Mir but my daughter a nurse won’t hear if it although slowly coming around to the possibilities of vaccine damage , I know Alpa Soni and her fiancé Nick from good lion sell an oil they say helps but hey ho who knows , thanks for all you do xx

    1. Hi Vicky

      Have you tried a Parasite cleanse for him? Also look up the ‘IonCleanse’ machine this helps rid the body of heavy metals.

      Good luck

      Dom 🙂

  16. Dom, Re cell towers – there was a case in France a few years ago where a telecoms operator had applied for planning consent to erect a Telecoms mast. The neighbours rallied together and Elemployed a lawyer and around 10 of them had their bloods tested and threatened the operator that they would be having their bloods monitored and if their bloods changed after the mast had been installed and the changes related to mast radiation they would all be sueing the operator.
    The mast was never erected!!

  17. Absolutely loved this! Funny that we are just about to purchase the reverse osmosis machine! My oranges, lemons, raspberries come straight off our trees onto our plates, so lucky! Thank you yet again for a brilliant interview! Xxx

  18. I’m not sure how much Charles enhances Sheepfarm! A posh accent just doesn’t cut it with me!! Shallow and questionable springs to my mind!!!

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