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In this release we discuss the future of Sheep Farm & we chat about Monkey Business, UKRain, & Parasites

Baaa 🙂


    1. Well Chris and Dom.i came across sheep farm through hugo talks and I for one am very grateful of your video’s, podcasts and your research. I don’t have the tech to dig so deep. I can get so far. but nowhere near as deep as you guys or the rise above gang, even the likes of Jon levi, Paul cook, ekom.. all you guys have kept me sane through this shit show. and im sure many others feel the same. apart from my son, the rise above fam are the only people I can talk to.. my fam are all Britney’d. and no doubt its gunna get dark for me for a while. my dad has just been told he is at the beginning of heart failure. but caught in time to be treated. I don’t know where I’d be mentally without any of you guys. and I know there is a place I can go to chat and get the support far better than I could through mainstream docs or whoever… id happily pay 2 quid a month

  1. I’ll definitely subscribe to you guys. I watch/listen to everything you upload.

    I also appreciate the time you invest in getting valuable information out.

    And I love the banter you two have together.

    I don’t do instagram though :-).

  2. I talk a load of shite sometimes, sorry Guys, what i kinda meant to say was, that 5g may be doing something to peoples health and I am deffo not doubting that we can suffer from parasites which can have detrimental health effect on the Mind and Body!
    But, I do believe the Mind is a very powerful thing and certain people could read to much into topics like 5G and Parasites.
    Not sure what all that nefarious bollocks was about. I did have just a tat to much Whiskey I believe.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, I think there are many different weapons being used against us all

      respect 🙂

      1. Just so u know (if there is a next time) I am a fully fledged Xx chromosome. 😉
        Respect right back at yah!

  3. Another great podcast, thanks Guys.

    Good idea to set up funding. You guys put a lot of time into informing and entertaining us. I’m a member of UK Column and will happily become a Sheep Farm member. The only problem I have is that I have to listen via my iPhone and can only listen on PodOmatic as it doesn’t cut off when the screen blacks out – but it keeps cutting off when my screen fades when I listen via your website direct. Hopefully we can download podcasts in the future from your website that will avoid this.

    Re the parasites comments – I have found that many people refuse to accept that parasites are a real risk to humans. Tropical Disease Clinics are primed to declare anyone who suspects they have parasites as having “delusional parasitosis”. Interestingly the WHO used to have some very informative pages on parasites on their website it also said that vaccinations would be available in the future!!! I can’t find this on their website now – they must be saving the parasitic plandemic for the Year of the Snake – in case the monkey pox fails to influence the masses.

    1. Hi Pip,
      to fix the issue with your screen going dark and the podcast stopping, you ‘d have to change the settings depending on the iOS version you use.
      Firstly do not use the ‘low power mode’, which you can switch off in settings > battery> low power mode > off.
      secondly, you can adjust the time it take the iphone screen before it goes dark. If you use iOS version 13 or older > via settings > passcode/face id > require passcode > after 4 hrs instead of 1 min or whatever setting you have there.
      If you use iOS 15 (current version) , you change it in settings > display /brightness > autolock > never.
      Now the podcasts will not be stopped when you listen to it on either platforms.
      Additionally, when you around a lot of other people you might want to manually lock the screen too, if you use the above settings that is. Hope this helps and have a great day 🙂

  4. Old foggies like me only want to use cash
    Hard to pay for digital stuff – would you do a straight bank transfer? Like £100 for a year??

    1. Me too! Or we could do a Sheep Farm meet up in Huddersfield & pay cash in person?

      Great work guys as per usual.

  5. Hi lads, if you have a PayPal account I’ll happily subscribe or send you a donation for your effort and excellent work? It’s folk like yourselves that are the new form of media, so it’s really up to those listening, reading or watching information shared by independent journalists to support them.

    Keep up the great work! 👍

    Baaaa 🐑

  6. Hey guys, it’s great that you want to make subscriptions so cheap, but I urge you to consider a scale so people that can afford to & appreciate your work can give more, maybe a small token gift or entry to a raffle could be the bonus for higher payer.
    I for one think if you going to put out 2 shows a week that’s a big commitment & I would happily pay similar subscription that I pay elsewhere.

  7. big daddy and giant haystacks was enough for me to never watch any kind of wrestling ever again…..

  8. great show again guys. i will definitely be subscribing.great info as always cheers baa

  9. Thanks guys, lad to hear you’re doin your own ugrade to the sheepfarm – baa! I would subscribe for sure. So fair play. And do what you can when you can. Baa!

  10. Hi Dom & Chris, love your work & most of all the humour between you two is brilliant. So count me in on Subs. As has been mentioned above I also tread a lone furrow with the views we share on here, most of my family & friends are still sheeple so I rely on you guys mentally & spiritually. God Bless ya both & all the Sheep Farm Family 🙏🏻

  11. You two are great… I’m on lots of channels on telegram and have just sent your link to all of them. Keep going with your fantastic research .. baa and big baa

  12. I’ll be a member.

    Anyway, here’s something that youtube deleted: At the same time as the French wine pouring away nonsense after the Nine Elven Fairy Planes (9/11) there was the ‘Freedom Fries’ silliness and calling the French ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys.’

    Monkeys again, eh?

    Anyway after all these years ‘Freedom Fries’ and ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ is still too sensitive to mention.

    Or is it attempting to memory hole those nostalgic phrases?

  13. Hi Chris and Dom
    Love receiving emails from you to notify of a new MTF, MSC etc. Gives me a much needed boost.

    I would be very happy to contribute. The knowledge you provide is unbelievable (literally)!
    Keep it up please

    Baa 🐑

  14. You do so much in terms of research already so imagine what it would be like if you can get Chris more involved. It’s a win win for us listeners and have always been surprised when I discovered you that you weren’t suggesting donations or subs already…….so I’m definitely in. (I was one of those that suggested it in the past).
    I went to a fete yesterday and met a man who listens to you too. It was great talking to someone who knows the score about the nonsense and the way the world works and I can assure you this rarely happens.
    Thank you as always for the fantastic work and effort you put into your podcasts and videos. Two shows a week! Yay.

  15. Hay Dom and Chis
    Your shows/ podcasts are so entertaining your brotherly banner is very special and reminds me of me and sisters 🤣 not only that information you provide is very useful for a busy mum trying to do my Own research is extremely hardwork so finding a source for information from like-minded people is much appreciated.
    I’ll definitely be supporting you both with a membership keep up the great work. ….. top guys!

  16. For your cats, I would recommend a little diatomaceous earth in their food. I use this with mine and have no issues with worms and parasites.

  17. I’ll definitely be signing up. I’ve been, very happily, listening to you for a while now, often laughing out loud. Love receiving the email telling me you’ve a new chat. You’re like therapy, diluting the bullshit pumped out daily, followed by the sheep. I wondered if you could put up a category listing links to some of the people you talk about, Rise Above, Master Lee and the guy who helped you with the meds for your bad back and info on your clinic?

  18. they don’t even have the decency to parade one of their many crisis actors in full monkey pox makeup to show as evidence now?

  19. Gosh!! My heart sank when I first saw the title of this video…the future of sheepfarm… It made me think you both might be having a break or retiring from it :-O But thankfully it is not so. Yep am more than happy to support through membership. You guys literally saved my sanity at the start of the nonsense part 1 and continue to keep my spirits uplifted. Can’t thank you enough… Baa

  20. Hi Guys

    Subscription a good idea, Love your chats, presentations. Your humour amongst this madness is uplifting, especially as many like myself, know no one in person who is remotely awake.

    A documentary, with all your research, knowledge is a must. Would gladly help.

    Ready to Sub!!1

    Honestly, thank you so much

  21. Hi Dom & Chris,

    I’ve subscribed to a year already and very happy to do so. Your research insight and brotherly banter is much appreciated, favourites are hitler was best man for goerbbels and then Pierre Trudeau canoeing across the ocean. You have helped me understand and comprehend what’s been going on, with lots of other research too, I also subscribe uk column but don’t catch every show as it can be too much. It’s like we are living in a parallel reality to what msm are telling the sheep and the truth being the complete opposite. I now watch rise above live and look forward to you guys being on with them and master lee’s insight, innerstanding and knowledge are amazing. Do you know anything about the different Masonic factions, Rosicrucian etc, and is the recent opening of parliament ceremony really a Masonic ritual we simply have no knowledge or understanding of? I have resolved my mums restless leg sleep problem with magnesium since you Clive de Carl’s show. Great show guys and keep up the good work, 2 shows a week yay. MatyC

    1. Cool you got the early bird £12 deal, and hopefully if we get enough we’ll get to 2 shows per week that’s the aim 🙂

  22. I did a subscribe, And I never really subscribe to anything 🙂 Baaaaaa.

  23. Eh up lads. I will definitely sign up again to the £12 for year. What you’re offering on here is brilliant. Learning so much about stuff our bodies should be nowhere near. Your website is truly remarkable and I will share it out again with as many people as possible. If in the near future you do do a Sheep Farm T- shirts or hoodies I guarantee they will be popular.

    Skal 🍻☕️🍷🐑

  24. Excellent work as always boys!

    You need a cash option, I like others, get payed mostly cash so would be happy to sick a couple of 20s in an envelope once in a while . I appreciate the payment would be for tech services so you would be paying digitaly but sure there are some small businesses round you you could still spend it at, keep Chris in vino for a couple of weeks!
    Because the programming is coming hard for the next generation. Below is a copy of the email I just got from my kids high school. Hard work is keeping them deprogrammed when they get home from the department for indoctrination.

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    We are pleased to announce our plans to introduce a cashless catering system at Hadleigh High School later in the summer term. All the details are included in the information attached. We do require for you to complete and return the parental consent form for the use of biometric information in school. This form needs to be completed and returned to the office by 27th May 2022. If you can not print or return the form electronically there will be paper copies of the consent form available in the office for either you or your child to collect.

    We look forward to receiving your completed form by the 27th May 2022.

    Kind Regards,

    How can you steal someone’s lunch money now? Have to chop their thumb off!

    Let us know if you come to Suffolk Chris, few interesting folk down here.

    This one made me think of you Don.
    Don’t know if you’ve watched these guys but they have some interesting takes and have done serious research in completely different directions.


    1. Yeah we’ll be updating the member area for a few weeks, with a cash option etc, I too hate PayPal and the rest

      Cheers for the Link, and the kids are getting hammered mate biometric IDs it disgusts me and the other parents just join in like its fun fun fun

      Dom 🙂

      1. Brilliant – I’ve shut down my PayPal account and want to subscribe so an alternative means of paying will be appreciated.

        1. I don’t use PayPal either so we will have an alternative up and running soon Linda

  25. I for one would love to support you guys.
    I’ve learnt so much from listening to your podcasts, the more you guys can do the better.

  26. The parasites are human size but no longer human. And no neuro scientist has a clue.

  27. Hi Dom and Chris, I tried to subscribe as a quarterly member but the paypal bit went into a death spiral and I didn’t succeed and no further input from me is doing any good. Sorry to post this as a comment but I thought if I was having trouble others may be too. Is it me?

    1. Hi Steve

      It’s pending they’re taking time to process sometimes, check in the morning

  28. Just found you guys so Hi.
    I am currently listening to ‘The invisible rainbow’ Arthur Fistenberg and would highly recommend regarding frequencies etc.

    1. Hi

      Yes I’ve read the book we’ve been trying to get Arthur on the podcast maybe at some point we will

  29. Looking forward to how it’s going to look, very excited. If there was an option to donate more than the £2 for the subscription I’m sure many would love to contribute more. A friend introduced me to your work through Richard D Hall. Nice one guys! Best of luck x

  30. Can you give me more info on how to rid parasites and how you did it for limes because I have terrible rheumatoid & inflammation and would love to know more coz this disease has ravaged me over years ate 3 joints and 1/2 my bowel…

  31. Absolutely love you guys ever since your first Asch conformity video. Very happy to pay the £2 per month and can’t wait for more content, but on that note any thoughts on putting together a book? Personally I think that all of your notes, slides, etc from the Flockers series would make for an excellent reference/text book.
    Just putting it out there, along with my request for a signed copy Baaaa!😜

  32. Subscribed as soon as I heard and to any readers I can attest to the convictions of these guys via Dom’s clinic, my OH is a patient. I am not in the Uk and you keep me sane, despite being from Yorkshire you may be strong in the arm, but not thick in the ‘ead. (Sorry, I could not resist, as I am Derbyshire born and bred) 😂 I only see your platform gaining traction in the current ‘climate’ and with Dom’s telecoms background, I hope your are prepared (I am former Bt) Capitalise on your young early audience to help out. Me, for one will offer to modulate, and/or contribute to research, however ….help on that can be problematic. I have followed ukcolumn for many years, and well before the ‘nonsense’ , their model has worked, from the small beginnings into local corruption ……live and learn . Peace and love ❤️ I do not excuse the cliche (I mean it) 😘

  33. Whoops, sorry…..but not to Chris’ food . I am a Pro’ too but only for ‘p o s t r e s” aqui

  34. An aside , before modulation, before my ‘handle’ came up with my comments, but now my registration details. Why? I prefer my full name is NOT displayed TIA

  35. Hi guys, I am happy to donate a yearly subscription. Give me a few days. We have moved from our last home of 25 years, it’s been a trial. After 7 weeks we finally have internet. Hope I can make a payment easy via a bank transfer. I just can’t go down the Pay pal/ Subscribe star route. I tell everybody about your podcasts. Information with humour, you can’t beat it. National treasures you two, keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah I caught a bit of it, I’ll catch up over the next few days. He’s a good guy and has fantastic knowledge too. I’m sure at some point we’ll get together.

      Dom 🙂

  36. Loving all the shows lads, thanks a lot ! I’ll definitely be signing up to be a member.
    Cheers !

  37. Great idea for membership guys, signed up but please get rid of pay pal soon as you can


    1. Hi Sean


      Sadly all payment gateways are run by the same companies, Stripe etc. We have to live and use the matrix for our own benefits sometimes. But we will be adding different methods for members.



  38. Hi Dom and Chris

    Recently launched a archived resource site called https://www.nocorrelation.co.uk/

    It includes a range of archived images, videos and documents on topics that include COVID, Midazolam, Freemasonry, Climate Change, Economics, Predictive Programming/ Psy ops, Esoteric Symbolism and much more

    Any advice or feedback on how to promote it or ways to improve layout etc would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks for the greatly informative content you continually put out

    1. Hi Sien

      This is an awesome resource, we’ll certainly mention it on the next show. Send to UK Column this is right up their street too.

      Dom 🙂

  39. Hi guys. I’m having trouble subscribing. I have a Dutch debit card maestro. I don’t have a card number. If you email me your IBAN number I will transfer the subscription.
    I could also pay via iDeal.
    P.S. if I’m unable to subscribe, will the latest podcast be freely available soon?
    All the best.

  40. Hi,
    Not sure how else to contact……have signed up and paid member fee but can’t access latest content 😩
    Please help …..you guys keep me sane

  41. Hello Dom and Chris
    What a great idea to upgrade your website to include membership. I subscribe to UK Column and The Duran on Locals. I would be happy to subscribe to Sheep Farm – I consider it a bargain!.. If you look at the Pfizer dump, shingles is one of the side effects, as is hepatitis. I am sure you must have seen the fake photos of ‘Monkey Pox’ which were previously used to warn against shingles – the exact same photos… I am very sceptical about re-cycling. It is a prime example of the nudge unit changing people’s behaviour. It has worked a treat. I discovered that it all goes into landfill in China or Turkey or is incinerated. A total con.

  42. Another great giggle. Talking of parasites I’m around the same age as you guys as a kid everyone had worms at some point my mum would go to the chemist and buy this syrup bright orange and tasted sooo nice when no one was looking I would take massive swigs unfortunately it made me trip and my mum would often turn into a giant fat fish then a long skinny fish was taken to hospital twice doctors couldn’t work it out sometimes I mixed it with cherry cough syrup eventually I confessed to my very concerned lovely mum who hid the medicine after that. Will be subscribing now CHEAP at half the price 🤪

  43. Hello boys. I am a bit disappointed about having to pay to listen to the podcasts.. I think you have missed a trick by making people pay because all you will get listening to the shows are the converted and not new people who stumble into your work. Platforms like yours are to get as many people to listen, so you are not just talking to the converted diehards! The more listen the more that wake up!!! I have got lots of people to listen but they will not be paying either. I have enjoyed your podcasts and being a fellow Yorkshireman i get the humour but i will not be paying for the privilege (not because i am a yorks tight ass). Thanks for the ride boys it was great while it lasted.

    1. Very good point made Paul.
      The reason I won’t subscribe to any dissident website is that payments can be traced back to me. You only have to look at how bank accounts of people were shut down in Canada because they donated to the freedom trucker protest. I know of a number of individuals here in England who’ve had their personal bank accounts shut down purely for not having the right opinions.
      There needs to be another way of supporting which is totally anonymous if that’s possible.

  44. So long and thanks for all the Fish…
    Paywall is a big mistake, a barrier to new listeners and leaves a digital track that you have been warning about for years.
    Mugs and T-shirts, no problem but the Times subscription model has already failed for the Times.
    And to be honest there is plenty of information out there for free, nothing new with Sheep Farm which for me is a pleasant background for Sunday afternoon light listening.
    Nexus news feed is free, and you can get their entire magazine back catalog dating back to 1991 for a reasonable one off fee.

  45. While I really enjoy your shows a d you are very entertsining and enlightening. Over the past year I’ve gathered suspicions about everything in media format. Are you guys the inner layer of the controlled onion? For the more sophisticated awakened? I just don’t beLIEve anything I hear anymore.

    I hear no solutions, no call to arms or battle cry. You are just providing some enlightened info and entertainment to pacify us. You were “almost” enrolled to the inner circle, or did they really enrol you? You broke in horses for the Masarellas etc top gentry. You were able to afford servers and websites etc from no payments. Were you funded? There seems to be a conspiracy hotbed in Huddersfield, is there a very active hotbed of Masons, Rotary club etc that recruited controlled conspiracy nuts? Your old man in a working class town was a conservative, how deep were his political beliefs, were you indoctrinated?

    Maybe someone needs to do a deep dive 😉.

    Just some thoughts I have had. I could be way off, but my suspicious mind is usually somewhere close.

    Might still pay to listen to your great podcasts though, keep up the good work 🤪

  46. Dudes I’ve forgotten my username and I can’t log in because of that. I’ve tried everything I can think of so must’ve done a slight difference to make it easier… To forget. 😢 Can ye help? 😄👍

  47. Not sure what rabbit hole you think I’m stuck down, but I don’t think anyone being labelled and calling out those who don’t question should be labeling those who do question everything. Strange times we’re living in don’t think people should be so self righteous that they monopolise truth.

    1. That’s not correct and I didn’t call you out, no name mentioned, I was pointing out the differences in how we all think.

      I think you should question everything, I agree with you.



  48. Drove through tod last week the Masonic hall coming through the other side to Hebden Bridge is recruiting “do you want to learn about freemasonry?”

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