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Published on: May 1, 2022 

In MSC15 we have another one our relaxed brotherly chats about many of the topical things that surround the masses on a daily basis, poisoning minds, casting spells to change behaviour patterns and injecting fear deep into society.

We talk about, MK Ultra Morning News, Hepatitis Cases Spike in Kids, Jimmy Sa-Vile/Netflix and much more.


Californians on killing babies AFTER they are born – Sheep Farm

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  1. Sat with a coffee, Gaping Gob vampire hashtray loaded. Reclined the lazi boy 2000 , and relax. Keep right on lads. The laughter is needed, the information invaluable.

    1. Aaaww thanks for listening and purchasing one of my crazy sculptures Andy👍🤪🍷😀

  2. Are you folk aware of ‘the Fat Emperor’ Ivor Cummings? He does some great stuff on diet and health.

    1. alcohol contains fluoride.. not sure if wine is. but most alcohol is made with water, and water is full of fluoride

    2. iv had chicken pox twice once when I was 6.. then again on my 21st birthday and I was really bad, couldn’t put a match stick inbetween then I was that coverd

  3. You guys crack me up! You are so smart down to earth and funny. I really enjoy your output are you planning any live chats?

    1. I’d love to hear them do a live Q&A at a Yorkshire venue; the gig wouldn’t be complete without Chris pouring a glass of Red…

      1. How strange Robert we were just talking about that earlier! There’s that Sync again, however time is against us at the moment Chris has to work which get’s in the way.

        We will probably do a Live Stream first it’ll be easier for us, but we have a venue we could get in Hudds.

    1. Travis Barker has a daughter who was pushed in to the spotlight at a young age with her own Instagram or similar and is now 16yrs old and looks dead behind the eyes. Very sad.

  4. Another cracking rant. My Ukrainian buddy ( ?) at my request sent me some non BBC footage of the “war” . I was not impressed . One Russian tank or truck every 1 km , does not a war make !

    1. Dom and Chris you keep me from questioning my sanity. You are a help to people like me more than you could ever know. I salute you both and look forward to the next slice of sanity from your site


      1. I don’t quite know what to say to that Lisa, other than about 10yrs ago I was going through terrible Lyme symptoms and Richard D Hall or Rich Planet unknowingly helped me through some bad times too, so I sort of know what you mean.
        Keep smiling, Baaa 🙂

  5. A lady of 50 ish, wife of the brother of my ex, has just died. She had an aneurism of the brain. Her recovery prognosis was poorer, due to impaired liver and heart function.
    My daughter has just lost a friend aged 30 to heart attack. Another of her friends, same age, has a boyfriend whose brother recently had a heart attack.
    I am very, very, angry with the narcissists who KNOW something is up, but carry on delivering the stuff. Their income IS NOT more important than life itself.

    1. I used to be mates with a GP. I told him 14 months ago that ‘the vaccine’ didn’t make sense given that (1) more than 99% survive Cold-19, and (2) the long-term effects of mRNA injections can’t be know until at least 2030. I told him that he was a cunt for jabbing people and he was doing it for a combination of fear (of being struck off by the GMC) and greed (per capita payments for each injection given). These NHS cunts will know exactly what they have done. My feeling now is that they are doubling-down. Many of them were also injecting OAPs with midazolam in March 2020. Recently this GP has tried to get back in touch – I refuse to engage with the cunt; he can just stew in his own shit. Cunt.

      1. I couldn’t agree more the these people are cunts, MPs, Police, etc anyone who went along with the narrative, especially Drs who were part of the jabbing policies

    2. my husband’s friend died in his sleep, stroke. And my friend’s brother died in his sleep of ‘covid’ both aged 50

    3. My next door neighbour 35 mum of two little ones, fit healthy lively girl. Had a heart attack fortnight ago, arterial tear in her hear now is on 15 tablets a day! Full on bed rest for next 2 months, yes I’m sure she’s double tapped. It’s disgusting. I also know a female gp early 40s triple tapped now dealing with clots and getting a lump biopsied.

  6. Cheered up my Sunday again, cheers lads 👍.
    Totally agree that the masses have changed since been jib jabbed the majority of my local area are reminiscent of the walking dead!!
    It was interesting hearing about your friend who had thd jabs, my younger brother was exactly the same. We used to have chats about everything from 911 to chem trails etc. So when the plandemic emerged we were both on the same page and again with the jib jabs we both knew it was bollocks and we shared information and Hugo videos and your podcasts etc then I didn’t here from him for several weeks and when I did a month or so ago he admitted he’d had the jabs because he wanted to go on holiday 🤦‍♂️. Since the jabs he won’t discuss anything that we did before infact he’s like a different bloke…..extremely strange.

  7. Super Sunday morning with parasite cleansing tea and a pork n black pudding sausage sandwich 🤣 whilst listening to you guys. Thanks for the laughs . Remember Jimmy kept saying “I’m up next Thursday” too 🤔 . Love n light chaps , Baaaa x

  8. At the beginning of the convid it was an awful experience going shopping maskless, being forced to stand in the cold, 2 metres apart, knowing that this was all BS, but I did! Now, maybe because we never watch the tv & haven’t done so for almost three years I am truly fearless. I just ignore those with the nappies on their sad faces and go about my business smiling..

  9. Cheers lads really missed your mint sauce chronicles, seems like ages since you did the last one, made my Sunday afternoon.

  10. There was a rumour that Savile’s Mom (the ‘Duchess’) worked ‘in service’ for a Northern member of the ‘Landed Gentry’ hence his nickname for her & that he was the B’stard son – hence his connections to the ‘Powers that be’ – b4 this comment I have tried to find the evidence to back up my statement – either a video I have watched or an article I have read – like many other such items they seem to have magically disappeared…..

  11. Thanks for an enjoyable 2hrs lads. Really glad you are using new recording equipment. It’s a lot louder and clearer now. Baaaaaa!

  12. For most people who are taken, it is useless trying to give them facts. The best way of helping them is to ask them questions that introduce doubt in their own minds. They have to get themselves out of the trance. One of my neighbours became very aggressive a year ago because some people refused the jab. He wanted people force jabbed and fined. I have been dripping doubt into him to get him to soften his anger.

  13. Egg and spoin lad your lucky. I was called grave digger as I was chased across the park by skinheads.
    Aaaaah the 70’s and 80’s🤣🤣🤣😂😂
    Great chat again lads

  14. When I was at Junior School in the 1950’s we were regularly weighed and measured. Children that were underweight for their age were given cod liver oil and vitamin capsules .We also had regular full medical examinations every couple of years by the school doctor. This was a state school, so every child at the time must have experienced this, along with regular visits from the nit nurse.

  15. I’m only an hour into the podcast, but I had to stop my daily walk to thank you for the looks I got on the street. I was laughing out loud, making faces of horror and surprise without realizing it, and people thought I was nuts. No, I was merely listening to the best podcast in existence!
    There are SO MANY things I needed to say, but can’t remember now, so I’ll leave it at this – last night I saw a photo of the World Trade Center before it was demolished. What do you think was directly in the middle of the photo? A blue and yellow flag!! Seems like this color scheme has been around for a long time.
    Secondly, regarding the so called “war” in Ukraine. My next door neighbor in my apartment building, who I’ve known for 20 years, is from Ukraine. She’s sound asleep. Despite that, she has ASSURED ME that there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on in Ukraine. She’s a jerk, but I believe her.
    Last thing – for anyone curious about what’s going on in Italy since May 1st, here’s the info. The GreenPass is no longer needed ANYWHERE, but… the government has made it very clear that this is “only until October”, which tells me that they’re going to be hitting us with something new or old in October. As far as the dreaded and hated muzzles go, they’re no longer mandatory in supermarkets, cafés, and stores, but are still mandatory on public transportation though I’ve never worn one and have never been hassled on the metro. There are still ONE AND A HALF MILLION PEOPLE who’ve been suspended from work for their refusal to bow down and obey the vax mandates. These people are in dire financial circumstances, for having the courage of their convictions!!! Bravo!! If only everyone were like them!!
    Sorry for my long comment!! Now I’m off to listen to the second half. At least I’m at home now, so I won’t get weird looks when I burst out laughing or make a horrified face! Haha 😂!!
    Thanks VERY MUCH!!!!

  16. Freud and Yung were trained at Jesuit institutions. This is coming up time and time again with all leaders and others with positions of influence all being or receiving education status thru Jesuit education. Don have you ever looked into this?

  17. Listened to you show today and fell half-asleep listening to it. I love you guys, I was awake for 90 of the 120 minutes and loved it. If we can partner with Holding the Line in terms of a podcast I would be very happy, I’ll do my best to be there in person but can’t promise on account of MSM work contract. Do more mint sauce and less deep dives 🙂
    Henry Widdas
    Holding the Line founder

  18. As far as Savile goes, for me, the worst case scenario is also the most obvious.
    He was the ‘fixer’. (we WERE told.) The procurer of whatever the rich, inbred, titled or politically useful fancied. No kink or fetish too depraved. He should know, as he had all of them himself. He was, as such, the man for the job.

    But why especially him? I think he had one quality. His ultimate, unswerving devotion to his mother. Whether or not she actually was linked in some way to royalty or if it was all in his head – she was special to him. I think he transfered this worship to the queen.

    Believing themselves to be royal or of illustrious heritage is quite common in psychopaths and he was certainly one of them. He also believed himself to be ‘one of them’ in the other sense. He was loyal to the royals and their apparatus because he thought he was family.

    And he was. As much dirt was on him, he had MUCH MORE on them. They were stuck with each other. I also think they were genuinely fond of him. I don’t believe the royal family is actually very intelligent, refined or pleasant at all in private.

    The real question is, now he’s dead, who’s taken over? There must be somebody. Perverts In Power will always need buttering up and/or blackmailing.

    The Epstein/Maxwell/Jean-Luc Brunel gang have gone the shape of the pear as well now so who’s running that side of the operation?

    They’re probably known to us already in some capacity. I think we all have our suspicions about a few people. I won’t say who I think now ‘cos I’m a bit scared.

  19. Thanks gentlemen- your deep dives are superb too. These are always worth the wait. Probably the jq is the main issue not discussed so far. Those investigating this are the most persecuted and most censored in the alt media. Tying everything together though is extremely difficult.

    A note for Holding the Line Henry. I would be surprised if the Crown were to prosecute unfortunately those in power driving this agenda are also the ones who developed and control the judiciary…. Damn!

  20. I have alot of respect fro Clive de Carle and have bought from him myself.
    Be aware that saying he’s put alot of work into what supplements he supplies is misleading.
    He is an affiliate for Nature Supplies. I ordered from Clive and got an email saying my Nature Supplies order would be dispatched soon. He gets their products relabelled with his name on them.
    Which is fine. It’s not misleading. But saying ‘he’ developed them is incorrect and I know you guys are sticklers for that
    Keep up the good work fellas (Fellow Yorkshireman – Halifax)

    1. Nice find Omari, I used to watch mrE on ewetube…”look at the giant man skull” ha ha, don’t always agree but something funky going on.

  21. Great show as always. I have noticed quite a few jib jabbed people who now seem to struggle to concentrate on things. My parents seem to now be showing signs of altzimers since Christmas which is odd. My partner now seems to take twice as long to do her work, it’s like she’s struggling with brain power. Very odd.

    On another subject you mentioned, I had a conversation with a girl at work once who had big boobs and always wore low cut tops. The upshot was that she was of the opinion that if a girl wore a low cut top then she wanted blokes to look at her chest and wanted the attention. We then had a discussion about how long was it “reasonable” to stare at a girls boobs before it moved from “admiring” to “perving”. I forget the exact number of seconds she suggested now but it was an interesting conversation to hear the woman’s view point as very often men are not sure whether it would be rude to look or not. As a side, she was definitely not flirting or coming onto me, it was just a conversation.

  22. Hi Chris and Dom

    You talking about TV/Radio and mind-seeding reminded me about something I remember when I used to get up early and turn on Radio 2. The first ‘news’ broadcasts used to contain stories that were not repeated in the later broadcasts. The earlier news containing stories of ‘immigrants’ and other contentious issues. Now my thoughts were who gets up early listening to the radio before going to work? and why do they put these things in these peoples minds but then change the stories later when other people were turning the radio on?

    The monsters in Loch Ness was to do with Aliester Crowley

    “I have been very intrigued by the recent stories concerning the appearance of some fearsome monster, about 30 feet long, with eyes reported to be ‘like the headlights of a motor-car,’ which is alleged to lurk in the depths of Loch Ness. Interested because at one time during the pursuit of my investigations into magic I owned the notorious manor of Boleskine and Abertarff, situated on the south-east side of Loch Ness half-way between Inverfarigaig and Foyers. I say notorious because long before I purchased the Manor it was already the place around which a score of legends had been woven. All of them of a mysterious nature. Thus the head of old Lord Lovat, who was beheaded after the ’45, was believed to roll up and down the corridors of the rambling old place. There was another legend that a lunatic had murdered his mother by smashing her brains out against the wall, and that she returned at times to pick them up again. These alone had sufficed to give Boleskine an evil reputation, and my own experiences there by no means diminished that evil reputation.”



    The reason they can’t give more evidence about these evil people is if you have access to victims it gives you access to truth, it would implicate far more people so they throw them under the bus.

    ‘Is the Satanist mecca Boleskine House being revived under a deliberately false name?’


    ‘The cover of a Process Church newsletter. This issue included an interview with Jimmy Savile – the English TV host who was knighted by the Queen … and who turned out to be a psychopathic child abuser.’


    nimrod had a Ziggurat they did not have the ability to build such a massive structure without using the ‘platform’ method. You build a large platform, then a smaller platform on that larger base and so on until you get a tall stepped pyramid, as all those satanic temples are oh and also the m i 6 building even though they added the glass structures later to try and disguise it but you can still see it.


    ‘Nimrud, ziggurat (demolished by terrorists in 2016)’

    Sorry this makes me laugh a satanic child sacrifice temple destroyed by ‘terrorists’


    Everything you look into comes back to satanic worship which contains the ultimate abomination against God, child sacrifice. 20 God’s number for completion of contract 2020 + 3 and a half year to the abomination + 3 and a half years to the final battle.

    ‘For Surgical Abortions:
    Prior to receiving any anesthetic or sedation, look at your reflection to be reminded of your personhood and your responsibility to yourself. Focus on your intent. Take deep breaths, and make yourself comfortable. When you are ready, say the Third Tenet and Fifth Tenet aloud.

    Tenet III: One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
    Tenet V: Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.

    You may now undergo the surgery. After the surgery is completed and any anesthetic has worn off, return to your reflection and recite your personal affirmation.

    Personal Affirmation:
    “By my body,
    my blood
    By my will it is done.”

    Feel doubts dissipating and your confidence growing as you have just undertaken a decision that affirms your autonomy and free will. The religious abortion ritual is now complete.

    or Medical Abortions:
    Immediately before taking the medication(s) to terminate your pregnancy, look at your reflection to be reminded of your personhood and responsibility to yourself. Focus on your intent, take deep breaths, and make yourself comfortable. When ready, read the Third Tenet aloud to begin the ritual. After swallowing the medication(s), take another deep breath and recite the Fifth Tenet. After you have passed the embryo, return to your reflection, and recite the personal affirmation. Feel doubts dissipating and your confidence growing as you have just undertaken a decision that affirms your autonomy and free will. The religious abortion ritual is now complete.’


    “ EASTER WEEKEND PROMOTION We are running a 15% OFF on all our abortion prices for this Saturday ONLY. You don’t want to miss out! The following centres will be open for the promotion: Tele-Abortion, Cape Town Clinic, Sandton and Gandhi Square Clinic.”


    ishtar pronounced easter, mother/wife of nimrod the satanic child sacrificial cult of babylon.


    1. that woman that Baldwin shot was also working on a film exposing pedo’s in Hollywood

  23. Brilliant and funny as usual. Love these chin wags. Looking forred till tha gets Nesti back on, si thi.

  24. Hello Chris and Dom. Another great Mints Sauce Episode. Always appreciated… Chris, have you seen Hugo Talks’ two videos about the yellow and blue priming? He pointed out that all the Government propaganda – posters etc – have used yellow and blue. Once you see it, it seems obvious. Predictive priming. All planned… Have you seen Patrick Lancaster’s videos from Ukraine? He is still on YT. Not sure how.. but it has been an eye operner. Also, The Duran channel is excellent for updates… Fatty Doris was walking around Kiev which is supposed to be a war torn city which has been razed to the ground by the Russians. All the celebrities and ‘politicians’ who have visited Zelensky have been wandering around the town with this clown. No sign of it being a war zone. Also, Zelensky is fond of the green screen. A complete fraud.

  25. Hey guys, another great chat…..
    Check out Shaun Attwoods documentary on Saville. It’s a lot better than Netflix.

  26. but do they. theyll all be part of the billionaires club.. mayb small independent brewers do filter.. but i certainly wouldn’t trust the big alcohol companies

    1. Fortunately I don’t drink the stuff or soft drinks either, and no I don’t trust them at all

  27. Omg I was getting withdrawal symptoms guys! I’ve missed my dose of laughter and sanity 😜!!! Thank you so much, really appreciated these past few hours 💗

  28. FANGs…. you couldn’t make it up! Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, all getting their teeth into you…. great show guys, love the listen always….X

  29. FANGs….. All the names fit perfectly to the letters, sucking the life out of you…. Great listen as always X

  30. Hi lads, really enjoying your podcasts and videos!
    Dom you’ve watched and read loads of the same stuff I have. Glad to see someone else finds it as interesting as me. I’ve pretty much got no mates left over the past two years, as I’ve either depressed them all from talking about this stuff so they stopped getting in touch, or they think I’ve lost it, haha.

    Just watched this video and thought you’d find it interesting if you’ve not seen it…


    I’ve tried the Bluetooth scan quite a few times now and picked up loads of the arm-speared. Two of my neighbours have had their 3 dart finish, however only one showed up so I’m guessing it’s maybe only certain manufacturers, or there has to be a certain amount of nanotech injected for it to show up. Either way the fact it is at all is pretty fucking mental!!!

    On a side note… if you’ve not tried Majestic wines ‘Definition’ Rioja it’s delicious, Chris!👌🍷


  31. Great work guys as per usual brightens up my day listening love the Malbec too 🍷, who is the guy that sorted Kris with the magnesium treatment does he have a Web page could send a link please ?? would like to try for my sister who is suffering with chronic back pain & is on all sorts of pain killers which are no use nor ornament.

    1. It was Clive de Carl Ryan we did a podcast with him, check the older ones, he sent us some as a gift And I’ve been taking the magnesium tablets…could be a coincidence but my back pain is definitely better…

  32. I like sitting down. I like sitting on a comfortable chair. So many chairs are badly designed.

    chair (n.)
    “a seat with a back, intended for one person,” early 13c., chaere, from Old French chaiere “chair, seat, throne” (12c.; Modern French chaire “pulpit, throne;” the more modest sense having gone since 16c. with variant form chaise), from Latin cathedra “seat” (see cathedral).

  33. What does Russia’s break with the West mean? This is salvation. The modern West, where the Rothschilds, Soros, Schwab, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg triumph, is the most disgusting phenomenon in world history. This is no longer the West of Greco-Roman Mediterranean culture, not the Christian Middle Ages, and not even the violent and controversial twentieth century.
    It is a graveyard of the toxic waste of civilization, it is anti-civilization. And the sooner and more completely Russia is cut off from it, the sooner it will return to its own roots. To what? To Christian, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean… – to European roots… That is, to roots common with the real West. These roots are their own! – the modern West has cut off. But they stayed in Russia.
    Only now Eurasia is raising its head. Only now liberalism in Russia itself is completely losing ground under its feet.
    Russia is not Western Europe. Russia followed the Greeks, Byzantium and Eastern Christianity. And still goes that way. Yes, with zigzags and deviations. Sometimes it get stuck. But it goes.
    Russia stood up to defend the values of Tradition against the modern world. This is the very “revolt against the modern world” is. Didn’t you recognize that?
    And Europe needs to break with the West, and even the US needs to follow those who reject globalism. And then everyone will understand what is the meaning of the modern war in Ukraine.
    Many in Ukraine understood this before. But the terrible frenzied liberal-Nazi propaganda left no stone unturned in the minds of Ukrainians. They will come to their senses and will fight along with us for the Kingdom of Light, for tradition and true Christian European identity. Ukrainians are our brothers. Were, are and will be.
    A break with the West is not a break with Europe. It is a break with death, degeneration and suicide. This is the key to recovery. And Europe itself – the peoples of Europe – should follow our example: overthrow the anti-people globalist junta. And to build a real European House, a European Palace, a European Cathedral.

  34. Hey Dom and Chris,
    Thank you for all your efforts/info, greatly appreciated 🙂
    Have you seen this before?
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-QUuCWNyvv8 – Was Jimmy Savile A Wizard? v1.0 **FULL DOCUMENTARY**
    I’ve not long watched it, thought it was interesting and very possible/probable given his royal/secret service obvious connections/protections.
    I heard Sa-vile’s hair was inspired by Myra Hindley so I typed in ‘was Myra Hindley a Witch’ and some articles have popped up. Interesting and mental times!!
    Big love lads X

  35. Saw an interesting German discussion on Telegram (Charles Fleischhauer) about the Ukrainian sect which was the original satanic sect (in Europe at least) – but then for tactical / camouflage reasons converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. They even named towns after Satan (eg Sataniv in the Ukraine). The core of the WEF’ist oligarchy is descended from this sect. This same sect infiltrated masonic lodges over many years. Suggest you check with Charles – if you can. I know you looked into these wicked Khazarians/Ashkenazi etc people – but were you aware that they appear to be descended from the original Satanists?
    Moreover, are you aware the ‘Seat of Satan’ was moved from the Near East to Berlin (Pergamon Museum) just before (1865) Germany became a country – and paganism / the occult / Satanism are traditional massive driving forces in Germany (even in ancient times) and these same trends underpinned the Nazis. Moreover, the Nuremberg Rally grounds and Hitler’s infamous evil podium there were modeled on the Seat of Satan – and for some reason was never demolished. I had a very strange experience there in Feb 2020 – just before Covid.
    I live in Germany but am from Yorkshire originally. I recognise that there is something most definitely amiss here and occultist / paganist / satanic forces and these people who descended from the original Ukrainian satanist sect play a primary role in all what’s happening now. It is not coincidental that the great evil started again as soon as Berlin took full control over Europe via their new method of stealth (EU) and the Davos WEF (Weird Evil Fascists).
    Most of the core important WEF’ists have US passports today, of course. They paid for the Georgian Guidestones.
    Worth looking at more. They’re not really Jewish, have no allegiance to any country – and that may explain why they also supported the Nazis (Rockefeller, Rothschild, Schwab, etc).
    They are the biggest and most dangerous ‘useless eaters’ – and all our problems relate now to this tiny sect.

  36. As an alcoholic (sober for quite some time now), I can recall never needing a reason to drink, it was just something that I did because I enjoyed it. And when I didn’t enjoy it, I still didn’t need a reason to drink, because, as I said, I’m an alcoholic.

    1. Our mother was also an alcoholic Darcy, it eventually killed her in 2009. That was probably my main reason for not drinking.

      Dom 🙂

  37. Hey Chris that’s awesome re your back! I’ll let Clive know that the magnesium helped 😁 Vicki

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